How To Remove A Dishwasher & Install A New One

remove a dishwasher

Although replacing a dishwasher with a new one seems like an easy-to-do task. However, there are some steps involved. If you want to know how to remove a dishwasher properly, this post is for you.

Before You Begin

Before you start the process to pull out a dishwasher, find the power cord and unplug it from the wall outlet usually located under the sink. Now shut off the water and locate the valve to control the waterline. This is mostly attached to the hot water pipe and has a two-way shutoff valve to control water. If your dishwasher has been plumbed without any fixture shutoff valve, then you will have to turn off the main water at home before disconnecting the waterline.

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  • Disconnect the Water Supply
  • Before you go on to disconnect the dishwasher, you will have to pull out the two pipes that connect the plumbing system. The first one is the water supply tube which is made of plastic tube or small copper covered with wire mesh running from dishwasher to fixture shutoff valve. 

Suppose your dishwasher is plumbed without a fixture valve. In that case, disconnection will include unhooking compression fitting and coupling nut that will join the dishwasher water supply tube to a hot water pipe.

If your dishwasher does not come with a fixture shutoff valve, it will be great to install it now. Current plumbing codes need shutoff valves, and installing one will make sure that the installation is in compliance. 

  • Disconnect the Drain Line
  • The dishwasher is also tied to the plumbing system via the drain line sometimes. Locate the rubber hose and trace the end connection. It may also run upwards to connect to air gap fitting mounted to countertop or sink. 
  • What Is an Air Gap?
  • The air gap is a safety device made to prevent wastewater from going back into the dishwasher and contaminating the clean dishes. You will need good plumbing practices for air gaps, but sometimes it gets omitted.

If you do not make noise, then that drain hose has been looped to the top of your base cabinet under the sink. This helps in preventing back siphoning however it is not as effective as an air gap. When installing a new dishwasher, you will also have to install the air gap fitting.

  • Unfasten the Mounting Brackets
  • The dishwasher is usually held in places near metal mounting brackets screwed into the bottom countertop over the dishwasher. Open the dishwasher door and find brackets under the kitchen counter. Remove the screws that hold the dishwasher in place.
  • Lower the Dishwasher
  • Before moving the dishwasher out of its location, lower it by unscrewing the dishwasher legs. Remove the faceplate located on the lower part of the dishwasher. The mounting screws help to hold it into place. 

In some dishwashers, the faceplate is removed, and you will start to see the legs of the dishwasher. Twisting threaded legs clockwise will lower down the dishwasher. You can lower it down to create spaces between the top part of the dishwasher and also the bottom countertop.

  • Remove the Dishwasher

Slide the dishwasher out of the cabinet by pulling it out of the cabinet straight. You will have to fit it to clean the edge of the floor by covering the dishwasher as it sits over the subfloor. It can also help ask someone to assist with the sink feeding the water supply tube carefully, drain the hose through the hole in the cabinet and pull out the appliance from the countertop.

Avoid scratching the floor by lifting slighting to pull the dishwasher out of the cabinet. You can protect the flooring with a canvas drop cloth when you remove the dishwasher.

Now you are ready to replace a new dishwasher and install a new one.

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When to Call a Professional?

In rare cases, your dishwasher might be hard-wired into an electrical circuit and is not plugged into an outlet. In such cases, to disconnect a dishwasher, you will have to turn off the circuit breaker controlling power then disconnect the circuit wires inside the connection panel of the dishwasher. Unless you are experienced with electrical work and are sure of your skills, this may be best to hire a professional.