All The Deets About Harold Wadlow Jr

Harold Wadlow Jr

harold wadlow jr – The tallest man in recorded history, Robert Pershing Wadlow, had a brother named Harold Wadlow Jr. The Giant of Illinois and the Alton Giant were other names for his sibling.

On July 15, 1940, his brother Robert passed away at 22. He stood 8’11” tall (2.72 m) and weighed 439 lb (199 kg) at the time.

As we learn more about Robert Wadlow, the tallest man on Earth. This article will discuss Harold Wadlow Jr.’s parents, age, wife, profession, net worth, and other relevant details.


United States citizen Harold Wadlow Jr. was born in Alton, Illinois. He was one of Harold Franklin and Addie May Johnson Wadlow’s five sons.

  • Helen Lone, Eugene Harold, Robert Pershing, and Betty Jean Wadlow were his siblings’ names. He enrolled in Alton High School after growing up there.
  • He had a straight zodiac sign and was a devout Christian. Wadlow was also a citizen of the United States and a member of the White race.
  • In addition, Harold Jr. was a Cancer by birth.

About Robert Wadlow, the brother

Robert Pershing Wadlow, a well-known figure from the 1920s, is renowned for being the tallest man in America and the world. They had to create a separate desk for him to use in class when he was studying.

He was 8’4″ tall when he earned his high school diploma. The tallest individual, who had minimal feeling in his legs and feet and required leg braces to walk, never used a wheelchair.

Following his 1936 tour of the United States, he rose to fame with the Ringling Brothers Circus. The star began a commercial tour with the International Shoe Company, which gave him free shoes in exchange.

One year earlier, Robert had surpassed John Rogan, becoming the tallest person ever.

 Physical characteristics and more-

Wadlow Jr. was born in Upper Alton, Madison County, Illinois, on August 12, 1932. Like Harold Wadlow Jr., he was 68 years old when he passed away.

On December 31, 2000, Harold Wadlow Jr. passed away.

The Harold Wadlow Jr. height is unknown. Additionally, add weight and physical dimensions. He also had brown eyes and white hair.

Obituary for Harold Wadlow Jr.

Harold is primarily recognised as the tallest man in the world’s brother. Nevertheless, he received the most respectful memorial after passing away in 2000.

His family and loved ones paid great attention to his obituary. The cremation ceremonies were performed at Oakwood Cemetery in Madison Township. He is currently being lived by children and their type.

About private life

  • The American man had dated Kimma Ann Wadlow, his sweetheart, for a few years as we move through his relationships.
  • The date of the couple’s wedding is not specified, although they did get married. Kimma, his wife, passed away on August 3, 1996, four years before he did. She was born on October 19, 1948, and she was 48 years old.
  • Although the couple may be the proud parents of their kids, we were unable to learn their names.


after obtaining a degree at the American University in Alton, Illinois. The sibling of an American movie star had performed specific labour for several businesses.

Harold and his wife, Kimma Ann, worked to meet their fundamental necessities and desires. They cannot live as fully as they would like to without a job.

Additionally, the pair declined to disclose where they were employed. They kept everything in a shaded area.


What about Harold Wadlow jr social media? 

No social media accounts were available for Harold Wadlow Jr. on websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Instagram. He has always loved keeping his personal and professional lives under wraps.

Robert Wadlow’s weight and height when he was five years old.

At the age of five, Robert Wadlow was 211 lb (96 kg) and 6’5″ (1.96 m) tall.

When he passed away, how tall was the record holder for height?

Robert Wadlow was the world’s tallest individual at 8’11” (2.72 m) and 439 lb (199 kg) at the time of his passing.

At the time of his passing, Harold Wadlow Jr. was how old?

Harold Wadlow Jr. was born on August 12th, 1932, and passed away in Upper Alton, Madison County, Illinois, on December 31st, 2000, at 68.