Health Benefits of Vaping Cannabis


As marijuana continues to become legally available in an increasing number of states, new and veteran users alike are becoming curious about the potential health benefits of cannabis. This is especially true for vaping cannabis since vaping has long been touted as a healthier, smoke-free alternative to traditional pipes or papers.

You may be surprised to hear that there are a number of health benefits of consuming cannabis, including some specific to vaping. We’ll run down some of the best health benefits of vaping cannabis in this article, including physical and mental health benefits.

1. Vaping Cannabis Avoids Harsh Smoke

The most obvious health benefit of vaping cannabis is that you avoid the problems associated with smoking it. Smoke can be a lung irritant, as it carries tiny particles of marijuana, tar, and residue in the smoke.

Vaping avoids problems associated with inhaling smoke because no smoke is produced! It’s a difference between combustion and convection heat that removes the health drawbacks of inhaling smoke. With classic combustion heating, which just means a substance is set on fire, harsh smoke is produced.

With convection heating, the cannabis is superheated but never brought to the point of catching fire. While it doesn’t get hot enough to produce smoke, a vape pen does get hot enough to create fumes or vapor that can be inhaled and enjoyed. Many who can’t tolerate the harshness of smoke turn to vaping to continue to enjoy cannabis.

2. Vaping Cannabis Can Ease Anxiety

While research is still pretty early, it is quite promising in terms of helping users treat mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. Cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid found in most varieties of cannabis but primarily in hemp, has been shown to potentially be able to treat anxiety and depression more effectively than traditional anti-depressants.

Some users have reported positive results by using cannabis with higher concentrations of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive cannabinoid that is responsible for marijuana’s classic high, though you do run the risk of classic side-effects like paranoia or increased anxiety.

Not only can using cannabis with a box mod vape help treat anxiety and depression, but the effects of treatment can also begin as soon as the first few hits. This is because CBD and THC quickly bind to your cannabinoid receptors. It’s great for acute anxiety attacks and can possibly start helping treat depression within just a few days.

3. Vaping Cannabis Can Treat Chronic Pain

Vaping cannabis has been shown to be an effective treatment of several kinds of chronic pain. CBD has promising research that shows it may be a powerful anti-inflammatory, which can treat several different kinds of muscle conditions and auto-immune disorders, like Krohn’s.

THC has been shown to help mitigate chronic or acute nerve pain, and THC used in conjunction with low-dose opioids may offer better pain management than high-dose opioids. This is appealing since the adverse side effects, and the highly addictive nature of opioids are well-known.

While users can build a tolerance to THC and subsequently its ability to mitigate pain, there isn’t a risk of chemical addiction or painful side-effects like there is with opioid use.

Vaping cannabis for chronic pain management not only provides relief but also offers unparalleled convenience. With the STIIIZY Starter Kit and similar devices, users can experience the benefits of CBD and THC without the hassle of traditional methods. The ease of use, portability, and discreet nature of vaping makes it an incredibly convenient option for individuals dealing with persistent pain. Unlike the complexities of measuring doses with pills or injections, vaping allows for quick and precise administration, enabling users to manage their pain on the go, whether at home or outside. 

Entourage Effect

Not only are CBD and THC possible treatments for chronic pain but using the two together might be more beneficial than using one by itself. While there are limited evidence and research of this phenomenon, the entourage effect has been widely reported by many scientists.

The more promising factor of the entourage effect may not be more powerful pain relief but a reduction of THC’s psychoactive component. In the same link above, there is some evidence that CBD may reduce how incapacitated you get from THC without reducing the pain-relieving benefits.

If you have struggled with the psychosis or paranoia that THC can cause, then taking THC and CBD together might be a solution for you!

4. Vaping Cannabis Can Help You Sleep

Aside from helping ease pain that might be inhibiting sleep, vaping cannabis can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The THC found in marijuana has been shown to reduce the amount of REM sleep you get (which is when you’re sleeping lightly and dreaming) and increase the amount of deep sleep you receive.

REM sleep is necessary for healthy brain function, so high doses of THC over long spans of time could start to negatively impact your sleep. However, low doses of THC could help treat insomnia, and the reduction of REM sleep could help those with nightmares associated with PTSD.

5. Vaping Cannabis Can Help Improve Your Workouts

Vaping cannabis can help give you an edge in your workouts on numerous fronts. The pain-relieving element can help you push harder and longer on workouts since you register less pain. There are also anecdotal stories of THC assisting runners in moving through the monotony of using a treadmill or other repetitive cardiovascular exercises.

Of course, you need to take special precautions, so you don’t hurt yourself while high, and you may want to avoid marijuana use during exercise if you have a preexisting heart condition. However, for those that are healthy, vaping cannabis may prove to be an effective tool for helping push your body further for better workouts!


Vaping cannabis offers many potential health benefits. Research is promising on how it can help treat anxiety and depression, how it can help mitigate acute and chronic pain, how it can be an effective sleep aid, and how it could even take your workouts to the next level. Vaping cannabis can help provide benefits like these without having to endure the harsh, hot smoke from traditional pipes or papers.

While many health benefits are promising, it is important to remember that research is still early in how cannabis impacts the body, especially in regards to marijuana and THC. As research continues to mature, we’ll have a better idea of exactly how cannabis benefits the body. We’re likely to see new benefits that we aren’t currently aware of!