Health Concerns for Aspiring Fashion Models

models health problem

If you are an aspiring fashion model, you are probably drawn by the prospect of glamour and fame. You want to see your face on magazine layouts and star in commercials. You’re ready to walk the runway. It’s an exciting career that will allow you to highlight your most attractive assets. However, you need to be aware that there is a downside when you choose a modeling career. Models face a long list of health problems if you aren’t careful.

Be aware of the following pitfalls before you decide the runway is right for you:

Models are Prone to Eating Disorders

If you choose to be a model, you are at greater risk of developing an eating disorder. The demand to stay thin enough to escape ridicule and get work is extremely high. As models feel the pressure, they choose not to eat in order to maintain their figures. If they do eat, it is very little or in extremely unhealthy ways. Bulimia is another problem that many models face. They’ll eat only to force themselves to vomit afterward.

Many Models Suffer from Substance Abuse

Drug addiction is a serious problem in the modeling world. A variety of drugs help models to curb their appetites and have the energy they need for a hectic lifestyle. Many take stimulants to rev up their metabolisms. Alcohol use is a problem. Parties after photoshoots and shows are often rampant with drug use. Aspiring models who find themselves struggling with substance abuse need to seek help right away. Those living in California can seek addiction help in Santa Barbara, while those in New York can check into facilities located in Connecticut or Vermont. These facilities are close enough to be accessible but far enough away from the action to give you the space necessary for detox.

Back Pain, Knee Pain, and Aching Feet Come with Package

Models wear shoes that are not practical. Not only are they not practical, but they are not ergonomically correct. The end result is a negative effect on their joints. They typically suffer from back pain, ankle pain, and aching feet. Imagine walking on shoes with heels that could be 10 inches tall with an extremely thin heel. A model’s weight cannot be distributed properly on runway footwear. Years down the line, it’s going to make visits to the chiropractor to try and reverse the damage to the spine.

Depression and Anxiety Weighs Heavily on the Shoulders of Many Models

Women who choose to model are under a great deal of work-related pressure. Many crumble as they suffer from low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. They worry about losing their looks, which are the essence of their success. They are consumed with fear that they won’t be able to measure up to keep getting modeling jobs. Without effective ways to handle the stress of being a model, many will suffer from depression and chronic anxiety.

Sexual Harassment is a Serious Problem

While not technically a health issue, sexual harassment can cause a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety in those who experience it, which can negatively affect health. Women who choose to model often become victims of sexual harassment and abuse. Given the fact models are attractive and in the prime of their lives, it’s almost guaranteed to happen. Be that as it may, it doesn’t mean it’s okay and it certainly doesn’t mean aspiring models have to tolerate it to advance their careers. In the Me Too era, women who find themselves being pressured into sexual acts are able to speak up and speak out in ways they previously had difficulty doing without paying a professional price.

Any woman entering the world of modeling needs to know what lies ahead. They may not feel that their time to shine on the runway is not worth the drawbacks. However, they may be able to steer clear of the struggles models face if they are strong enough to put themselves first, making healthy choices along the way.