Common Types of Facial Plastic Surgery for Women


Plastic surgery is getting popular each year as two million surgical procedures taking place in the United States. Now not only women but also men are showing interest in plastic surgery. there are many common types of facial plastic surgery procedures.

Who went through the plastic surgery?

Women, who are conscious about their beauty and want to reach their beauty goals, went through facial plastic surgery every year. It can tighten and improve overall skin texture and face shape.

Enhancing beauty might not be the only case facial plastic surgery may also be used to recover from an accident.  Many people had accidents, and as the result, they got ugly permanent facial scars. To get rid of these scars they underwent such surgeries.

Facial plastic surgery is famous for women as they become significant and dominant part of society. They want to look perfect where ever they go. If you are looking for internationally trained Surgeon Please check Orfaniotis Plastic Surgery.

Following are some common facial plastic surgery to enhance features and face structure.

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Rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure, which helps in the uplifting of a face. It removes extra facial fat; tightens the facial muscles, firm facial appearance. The process may apply on either face or neck.

Who needs a facelift?

The most appropriate candidates are those whose neck or face skin began to sag. But the procedure can only be applied to women, whose skin still has some elasticity. It also works best on people with a strong bone structure.

Forehead Lift

It is surgical removal of extra or fat skin from the forehead and tightening of forehead skin. It makes sagging brows and deep furrows between the eyes correct.

Appropriate candidates

It can help people of any age who are facing the same problem. Mostly the old age women underwent such surgeries to look young. Women who have frown lines and furrows developed on their forehead due to stress, weak muscles or inherited conditions need this surgery. It is usually performed on women age 40-60.

Eyelid Surgery

People lose the tone and shape of the eyelid over time. Eyelids often loosen and sag with time. Blepharoplasty or eyelid uplift can correct it.

Suitable Candidate for This Surgery

Candidates for this surgery can be men or women who are:

  • Age 35 or above
  • Physically healthy
  • Stable psychologically

Ear Pinning

Ear pinning surgery is also called otoplasty. It is used by the people who usually have larger ears or in setting ears close to the head. It is also applied to the following conditions.

  • Lop ear
  • Cupped ear
  • Shell ear
  • Stretched or bigger earlobes

Good candidates for ear pinning surgery

It’s is usually appropriate for the women who are facing above mentioned problems.


It’s a right for every woman to look chic and perfect. It also helps in boosting confidence. There are many harmless facial surgeries that can benefit you. You must know your facial skin is susceptible, don’t play with it. Always consult with some authentic cosmetic surgeons, as NYC plastic surgery is considered safe and reliable.

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