Healthy delicious chocolate desserts- look at the delicious desserts that are chocolaty as well as healthy

healthy delicious chocolate desserts

Are you sacrificing your chocolate desserts just because you are getting fat? Oh! That’s not an option. First, let us clear some facts about dark chocolate. This is insane to know that they contain more cocoa and less sugar. You will be shocked to know that dark chocolates also help in preventing certain diseases and are also a cure to many of them.

Not only this, but it also helps you to reduce your weight. So why sacrifice chocolate if it has so many benefits? Why not eat healthy, delicious chocolate desserts that are chocolaty as well as healthy. Here are some delicious chocolate desserts for you to give a look at and cook some for yourself.

  1. Chocolate pudding cake

This pudding cake is cross between a moist, dark chocolate cake and an ooey-gooey pudding. These desserts will tumult your sweet tooth all the time. Garnish your cake with beautiful berries of your own choice for a fresh flavour. Doesn’t it sound like a healthy, delicious chocolate dessert?

  1. Sour and sweet chocolate bark

It is an amazing dark chocolate treat sprinkled with crunchy almonds, tart cherries, and a bit of ginger to give a heating effect. You can serve it as a midday confectionary or a light dessert before any meal. Dark chocolate is always considered as healthy chocolates.

  1. Carrot cake pops covered with chocolate

Ummm… this sounds healthy. You will be shocked to know that one glass of it contains 190 calories. Also, its recipe is as simple as its name. These pops are party-worthy. So next time, if you organize a house party, don’t forget to add this delicious chocolate dessert to your menu. Don’t you think that this is too much of a healthy, delicious chocolate dessert?

  1. Dark chocolate pudding

This sounds like a healthy, delicious chocolate dessert. This is the creamiest ever heard chocolate pudding made excellently with heart-healthy and smooth soya milk, adding some Chocó chips and a lump of sweet vanilla. It makes us feel like eating it.

  1. Maple caramel bars and Dark chocolate

It is a healthy, delicious chocolate dessert topped with maple caramel bars and syrup, including a bar of rich, spiced chocolate in it, giving the flavours of the appetizing dark chocolate.

  1. Vanilla, cherry compote with chocolate yoghurt mousse

Boom! This dessert is for your special one. The perfect dessert for your valentine’s night. The chocolate mousse in it gives an ideal fit to the tang, and it’s vanilla cherry compote acts like a cherry on the cake. This sounds like a healthy chocolate dessert.

  1. Sour cream chocolate cupcakes

What do you think about a moist, almost-flourless cupcake? Ever heard of it? Don’t worry; it has a very easy recipe. 2 whipped egg whites plus one whole egg for its framework and a pinch of whole wheat pastry flour for its proteins and structure is enough to make this healthy delicious chocolate. Also, you can add healthy chocolate (dark) to get more tasty flavours.

  1. A chocolate superfood bar

Superfood here means high powered food, which includes cocoa, ginger, and goji berries. The fusion of these three ingredients in an immoral chocolate bar will give you the benefits of high antioxidants and anti-inflammatory advantages. This seems too much of healthy chocolate.

  1. Cherry drops dark chocolate

What if you add luscious drops made up of healthy delicious chocolate, chewed berries and slightly crushed almond crunch on your healthy chocolate cookie recipe. This sounds yummy.

  1. Vanilla cream cheese icing with double dark chocolate brownies

Can you believe that such desserts could also be healthy? Having such significant frosting on the healthy chocolate brownies is like being on cloud nine. Why not try it out yourself to check how it feels to eat a healthy icing with a healthy brownie.

  1. Chocolate-double fudge pops

It feels like a true dream for chocolate lovers. These are old-school fudge pops created with a mixture of dark healthy chocolate, whole milk, and creamy cocoa powder. This can be treated in the category of healthy, delicious chocolate desserts to eat.

So isn’t it insane to see that even chocolates could be healthy and they could create such healthy delicious desserts to eat and enjoy without being health conscious? Now you can cook your healthy chocolate desserts with a smile and not fat.