Should You Help Hakon or Not

help hakon or not

Help Hakon or not – After what seemed to be a death blow, gamers must decide whether to help Hakon or not. There are significant plot holes because what occurs in either scenario will significantly impact the remainder of the narrative.

Would you save Hakon or let him die?

Gamers in Dying Light 2 will face numerous choices throughout their gameplay. Most of these decisions—if not all—have merely divergent effects on the narrative.


If Aiden allows Hakon to pass away, the gamers will resume their assignments as normal, and Aiden will stop speaking. Despite Hakon’s help, Aiden would have to depend on his remarkable parkour skills to find the shooter. Hakon lives despite being believed to be dead.

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He will reappear later in the match, but chaos is already setting in. He will inquire as if he were a small-time more interested in protecting his objectives than being a buddy. He’s a compelling antagonist, so this is a great option if you want to see him in action.

Most importantly, if Hakon dies, there is no way to have the finest conclusion. Despite considerable variations, all of the conclusions are unfavorable in some sense. The city will be obliterated, and Lawan will suffer.

If Hakon Survives 

Hakon will point Aiden in the direction of the shooter even while making an effort to make amends for his falsehoods and efforts to blame unarmed bystanders for terrible crimes.

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It would be a long pause after leaving the old Villedor with a choice. He reappears, appreciative of Aiden, but finding the strength he needs to safeguard the town, Lawan, and himself will be tough.

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