Questions to Ask a Locksmith before Hiring

Questions to Ask a Locksmith before Hiring

Reaching home after a long day of work and realizing you have locked the car keys in your car, and now it’s too late. Yes, we all have been there at some point in our life.

You will have to hire a good locksmith but have no idea how to. What questions to ask before hiring a locksmith? How to know whether you can trust this locksmith and he is a reliable locksmith and also whether the locksmith is charging fair price? Where to find a locksmith service near your place?

Hiring a locksmith can be overwhelming and scary because you are not only letting him help with a major problem but also handling him your personal property and security. Finding an experienced locksmith or a professional locksmith company is important. To make the best of their services below are some of the questions mentioned that you should ask before hiring:-


Are you bonded, licensed, and insured?

When you are looking for hiring a trustworthy locksmith, it is important that he is insured in case something goes wrong. The locksmith will be working around your most prized possession. In case something happens to your car like a scratch, the uninsured locksmith will leave it to your expenses adding along with his bill. If the locksmith is working for your house and in case he falls, that means a lawsuit. It is always a good idea to work with someone who is insured.

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Are you a local locksmith?

If you are in a hurry, you would not want a locksmith from far away area and to drive down miles to come and help you. Try to find a local locksmith by checking online websites to check the address or call their number.


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Do you work with transponder keys?

Transponder chip keys access almost 70% of the cars manufactured today. These are standard on new cars, and not every locksmith has the required skills to replace them. If your keys are locked inside, then the car door lock cannot be opened by any locksmith. You will have to find a locksmith who knows how to work with transponder chip car systems.

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Do they offer a guarantee and warranty period for their work?

Any professional locksmith company will always provide a guarantee for their work. Always make sure to ask about the guarantee and warranty period.  You want a locksmith who takes complete responsibility for their work. Stay away from a warranty period of fewer than 30 days. A reliable locksmith will make sure to keep a tab on their work during the warranty period to make sure you do not encounter any problem. They give a guarantee of the service provided to make sure the customer is satisfied with the results.


What are your skills?locksmith opening car door

There are many locksmiths available to choose from, so how to narrow down the options?  Ask about their skills. You will need an auto locksmith if you want to get into your locked car. An experienced auto locksmith will assist in replacing broken or lost keys, unlocking the door of the car, help with your transponder key problems, and many more.


Are background checks conducted on locksmiths?

Many states require the locksmith to undergo background checks which are state-regulated before they start offering services legally. Locksmiths have acquired skills to enter into any building, cars, and a background check helps in determining whether the person is trustworthy or not. However, there is no guarantee of anyone’s trustworthiness, but hiring someone who has undergone a background check ensures a sense of safety.


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Do you offer emergency services?

If you are locked out of your house or car, you will need a locksmith right away to help you get in as soon as possible. These situations mostly arrive when you are in a hurry and have no time to wait for 4-5 hours for a locksmith to arrive. Find a locksmith who handles emergencies 24*7. These situations do not come at one’s comfort, it can be 2 in the morning, and you are locked out of your house, you will need a locksmith to help you immediately.