Tree trimming, stumps & removal in Toronto


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When you find and contact arborists for tree services and stump removal, you might find that there are a variety of companies ready to provide you with services. The difference is that you have to look out for companies that are ready to offer great deals or packages. You might have to research a lot in case you want to experience expert and hassle-free tree trimming, stumps & removal in Toronto. Well, we are here to help you and give detailed information about everything you want to know regarding such services. We have the perfect guide to tree trimming, stumps & removal in Toronto. 

How much do tree services cost in Toronto?

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Just like many other local cities of Ontario, Toronto is the perfect destination for homeowners, landowners, and estate owners who love to plant trees. It is quite obvious for people living in such places to undertake tree trimming, stump removal, and pruning activities. Hence, it is very important for people living there to trust and hire a company that would provide the best services at affordable prices. So, let us see how much do tree services cost in Toronto?

How much does tree removal cost?

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As we have mentioned earlier, people who are too much into growing trees and maintaining them are the ones who require these services. Finding anything has become so easier as you just have to search it on the internet, so just search for ‘Tree removal near me,’ and you’ll get a list of service providers to choose from. There are a few factors which influence how much does tree removal cost? The factors might be the size of the tree, whether there is the presence of electricity lines near the tree, whether you want the stump removed too, etc. The type of tree is an important determining factor related to the price of the tree. The average cost would vary between $170-$1000. 

How much does stump removal cost?

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Companies have two criteria for charging stump removal and grinding services they provide – the cost of labor and the cost of equipment. Regarding the cost of labor, they usually charge on an hourly basis, but when it comes to the cost of stump removal on the basis of equipment, it might vary according to the type. The cost of stump removal might also vary based on the type of tree, like its size, diameter, type of soil, age of the tree, etc. How much does stump removal cost? A cost of removal of a tree stump of medium size might vary from $75-$130, while a large one can cost you around $80-$150. 

The average cost of tree maintenance in Toronto?

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Maintaining a tree or an estate is not an easy task as you have to take care o a lot of things like the irrigation facilities, trimming, regular spraying of pesticides, regular use of fertilizers manure, and protecting them from tree diseases. Either you perform it on your own, or you might have to hire an arborist to do the same for you but at an affordable price. If you are a tree lover, then you would definitely do anything to maintain your garden or orchard. But what would be the average cost of tree maintenance in Toronto? An arborist might charge you around $500-$800 for the entire work.

Tree service tips and regulations 

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You cannot get a tree removed, planted, or trimmed according to your desire; there are certain tree service tips and regulations. If at a time you want to get rid of or do anything with a city tree, you would have to take consent in writing by the General Manager of Parks, Forestry and Recreation. Then their team comes for inspection in order to decide for the removal of the tree, and on the consent, they get it removed on a specific date. The best part being they would plant another tree in exchange for the removed one. 

There are certain months that are favorable and unfavorable for the cutting of trees. The best months are that of March and April, while the worst time falls in the dead of winter as then the task of removal or grinding becomes cumbersome, time-taking and tiring.

Though there are no restrictions on planting trees near electricity lines or any other power line, one must take care to leave a safe and certain amount of gap between the treetop and the wire linings. Cutting of trees during snowfall should be preferred only under emergency situations. 

Toronto provincial and most common trees

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The Eastern White Pine is considered as the provincial tree for Ontario while the most popular yet, common trees of Toronto happen to be the Eastern White Cedar, Silver Maple, Norway Maple, Siberian Elm, Manitoba Maple, Little Leaf Linden, and the White Mulberry. 

The tallest tree of Toronto is the Little Leaf Linden, which grows up to 40 meters, and the shortest trees are both White Mulberry and Eastern White Cedar, which grow up to 15 meters. 

Toronto provincial and most common trees are on one side and the delicious fruit trees on the other. The most common ones among them are the apple, pear, and cherry trees. 

Tree diseases

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Trees require consistent maintenance so that they do not catch dangerous diseases. The most dangerous disease in Toronto is the Dutch Elm disease, and to know whether your trees are affected, you could check whether the leaves are turning yellow or wilting. Some other diseases are Anthracnose and Maple Wilt.