Know All About Hitman Freelancer

Hitman Freelancer

Hitman Freelancer – Whether you have played Hitman Freelancer forever or just started, the new Freelancer mode is here to make you humble, regardless of your gaming skills.

This mode is like the final challenge in the revamped Hitman trilogy. It is super tough in new ways, and the whole setup is different from what we are used to. It is a good way to wrap up the Hitman experience, especially if you are craving a fresh challenge without new maps.

In the past, every mission was separate. What you did in one did not affect the next. However, in Freelancer, if you die, things get serious: you lose all your stuff, half of your hard-earned money, and might even have to begin again from the beginning.

Succeeding in Hitman Freelancer is not too hard, and it is not as tough as it might seem initially. It is mostly about figuring out what matters and what does not. If you just jump in without help, it could take hours to get the hang of it — a fun experience, but not everyone has that time.

If you want to skip the figuring-it-out period, we have got eight tips for you as you and Agent 47 go on your missions.

Freelancer is like the hard mode.

Even though it skips a bothersome part of Master difficulty (where bloody kills ruin disguises), Freelancer is tough right from the start, and it gets even tougher as you go along. In the beginning, you will see that guards are super alert and react more to killings than usual.

By the third set of missions, security cameras are everywhere, and if you are holding a letter opener in public, guards will quickly take you down.

Not trying to scare you off from trying the mode. We just want to emphasize that you have got to respect the challenge. Freelancer mode is still enjoyable, but you have got to be serious about it if you want to go far.

Focus on what is important.

In Hitman Freelancer, there are lots of distractions—bonus tasks, safes to open, couriers to handle, loot to snatch, and so on. However, in the end, all that stuff does not really matter. What matters is taking out your target and making sure you do not get taken down in the process. That is the key!

Survival is the top priority.

Sure, having better weapons and more money is cool. However, in this mode, where you cannot load or save your game, a mistake might mean restarting the whole campaign. Your survival is way more important than going after a safe guarded by disguise-piercing guards.

Luck is a big factor in reaching the end.

Starting Hitman Freelancer, be ready for this: you might lose campaigns even if you played perfectly. Sometimes, it is just bad luck or bugs. 

You might spawn in a hostile zone with a guard staring at you. Alerts spread super fast in this mode, making that kind of situation often deadly.

Losing a long run feels bad, no matter whose fault it is. So, accept that not every failure is your fault. Luck plays a role.

Silenced guns are crucial:

We did not realize how much we relied on our default silenced pistol until we did not have it anymore. Seriously, it shifts your mindset when you enter a mission with absolutely nothing.

Initially, it is a good challenge, helping you adjust to the increased overall difficulty. However, as the difficulty keeps rising throughout a campaign, having a silenced weapon becomes a game-changer.

Ways to grab a silenced gun:

You can get a silenced gun in five ways: earn it as a reward for boosting your Freelancer Mastery, get it by defeating a Syndicate, buy one from an arms dealer mid-mission, snatch it from a guard carrying it (like the penthouse guards in Dubai with their silenced SMGs or assault rifles), or loot it from an assassin during a mission targeting a Syndicate leader. However, remember, you can only keep one of each kind.

Bring your gadgets along:

Even though you get to keep your guns between campaigns, gadgets are a different story. They are guaranteed to be lost when your campaign ends. 

Gadgets are “lose them or use them,” so go ahead and use them. While you might want to save the really rare things for specific objectives, in Freelancer mode, it is better to fill your pockets with as many different gadgets as possible when heading out on a mission.

Get ready for tricky spawn points:

One thing about Freelancer mode is that with a disguise you will not start any mission, and the game randomly selects your spawn point. Like, you might spawn in Marrakesh in the military base’s back, trespassing with armed NPCs all around.

Most maps have spawn points like these, and Colorado is pretty much all like that. It is something you have to accept and figure out how to handle. It is usually not super hard if you are ready to go as soon as you load in and stay calm.

Leader suspects stick to the listed traits:

When tracking down a Syndicate leader, Diana gives you a number of traits for the exact target: 4 physical features and three behaviours. The correct target will have exactly the listed characteristics and nothing more or less. So, if the target is a tattoo and the suspect you are checking out does not, that suspect is not the target.

However, it works the other way too: if the person who is your suspect has a tattoo, but the target’s description does not mention a tattoo, that suspect is not the target.

Dealing with tough targets:

There are times when you are unlucky, and your target is in a busy crowd with no easy way to take them out without causing chaos and risking your own demise. That is when the Napoleon Blownaparte gadget comes in handy. You cannot keep it, but it is a pretty common and unique item found in the new Freelancer chests scattered around each level.

Some FAQs

Is Hitman Freelancer mode good?

If Freelancer feels too challenging, it’s actually a good thing. Playing more will make you a better assassin, even if you’re a casual player. In short, Freelancer is a decent game mode, though it has some bugs.

Is Freelancer in Hitman hard?

Hitman itself is already a complex and difficult game, and the rules in HITMAN: Freelancer add to this complexity level.

Is Agent 47 a human?

No, Agent 47 is not a typical human. He’s a genetically-engineered assassin created from the DNA of the world’s five most dangerous criminals. His name comes from being the 47th clone in a secret cloning project, forming the plot of the first Hitman game, Hitman: Codename 47.