Semicolon Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings

semicolon tattoo

A semicolon tattoo is like a small drawing with a big message. Lots of people like them because they stand for hope and good feelings. They are great for showing support to those who might be feeling down. Also, these tattoos look really cool and simple.

People often get semicolon tattoos if they have faced tough times or lost someone to suicide. But why? Let me explain. The person who started Project Semicolon, Amy Bleuel, says it is like when a writer could finish a sentence but decides not to, using a semicolon. This simple idea shows why these small tattoos are important. In this piece, we will show you some lovely semicolon designs and what is the semicolon tattoo meaning. So, choose one and get it inked:

Best Semicolon Tattoo Meaning, Designs, And Their Importance

Here we have discussed 15 awesome designs of semicolon tattoos. Have a look:

Lifeline Semicolon Tattoo:

Many find it hard to talk about suicide, it is a topic that’s kept hush-hush. However, for those dealing with mental struggles or feeling depressed, it might feel like the only way out. This semicolon tattoo spreads the message that ending your life is not the only choice; there is more to discover. If life seems tough, this tattoo is like a sign of hope, reminding you that happiness is just around the corner. The heartbeat semicolon tattoo is usually on the wrist, but some other preferable places to get it are on your ribs, finger, shoulder, or ankle.

Tattoo for Being Aware of Suicide:

This tattoo tells a story if you really pay attention! The semicolon tattoo, placed near scars from blades, is like a soft message saying, “You do not have to do it again.” Like how a semicolon connects two sentences, it shows that a better life is on its way, and you should keep holding on with hope.

Special Semicolon Tattoo:

Do you enjoy fancy and detailed body art? If so, you should take a look at this tattoo design! It is carefully made, and if you look closely, you will see roses growing in the shape of a semicolon. The blossoming roses inside the semicolon show that you are wishing for strength through mental health struggles.

Project Semicolon Tattoo:

Project Semicolon is about making people aware of mental problems, feeling down, and suicide. This ‘hope’ with a semicolon tattoo is just right and easy. It tells you to believe the next part of your life will be good and full of joy. It is all about bringing positive thoughts and feelings with your tattoo. If you like this design, you can choose a font and get it done anywhere on your body.

Lovely Heart Semicolon Tattoo:

Here is one of the coolest and most beautiful semicolon tattoo ideas! It shows a heart and a semicolon is a part of its outline. Maybe it is there to say, “Always remember to love yourself, even in tough times.” For those who have faced depression or tough moments, a semicolon tattoo is a strong reminder of the distance they have travelled.        

Tiny Semicolon Tattoo       

A small semicolon tattoo does not require a fancy design to look great because its meaning is powerful on its own. Can you believe something so small carries such a big message? This is a tattoo you should definitely consider getting. You can place this little semicolon tattoo anywhere on your body – ankle, shoulder, ribs, finger, neck, or foot. 

Adorable Lotus Semicolon Tattoo

When it comes to making a semicolon tattoo, you can do a lot to make it special. Adding the lotus outline above the semicolon gives the tattoo a special charm. The lotus flower is a symbol of lifting yourself up and overcoming challenges. This design has a simple outline which makes it look fantastic on the back side of your neck. However, you can also show off this tattoo design on your upper arm, back, leg, or shoulder.

Tattoo for Beating Suicide

“I kept living.” These words tell a powerful story! If you have faced depression or tried suicide and made it through, this tattoo is a meaningful symbol of your strength. There is no shame in acknowledging the mental challenges you faced. This tattoo is a tribute to your strong will and power that got you through the hardest times. It has a lovely watercolour splash featuring a written sentence on it, and the semicolon tattoo is the main focus.

Beautiful Watercolor Semicolon Tattoo

This lovely burst of colour in the semicolon tattoo is a cool twist on the usual design. Even if the tattoo is small, you can make it exciting with a splash of colour! The watercolour backdrop works well with the dark ink, making it look lively. It might just show that you are ready for a colourful life ahead, so keep going. This wrist tattoo catches attention with its striking colours and the noticeable semicolon design.

Butterfly Semicolon Tattoo On Wrist

Look closely at this semicolon butterfly tattoo, and you will see its special meaning. One butterfly wing is black and white, and the other is colourful. This shows that even if things are tough now, there will surely be a brighter tomorrow.   

‘Just Breathe’ Semicolon Tattoo 

This semicolon tattoo captures exactly what the semicolon movement is about. The ‘Just Breathe’ tattoo, paired with a semicolon as the ‘J,’ is a simple way to support the cause. It suggests that if someone is facing mental health challenges, they should hang in there, take a breath, and think through the tough times instead of making quick decisions. 

Cat Semicolon Tattoo:

Here is a sweet idea: a semicolon tattoo with a dot on top shaping a cat’s face. It might be a way to honour a dear pet who supported you in tough times. Cats also have special meanings in various cultures, they are seen as guardians of the underworld, bringers of luck, symbols of transformation, and hopeful wanderers.

Heart Semicolon Tattoo:

This beautiful and simple tattoo features a semicolon with a heart, and it looks really nice. It is so attractive that you might feel tempted to get one for yourself. If you want to show support for the cause, you can add your own touch to the tattoo, and this design lets you customize it however you like.

Cross Semicolon Tattoo

Those who follow Christianity and have overcome suicide struggles sometimes add a cross to their semicolon tattoo. The cross represents Jesus Christ’s sacrifice to protect his followers. It is a way to strengthen a Christian’s faith in God and make them remember that they are not alone.

Word Semicolon Tattoo

This is a lovely way to show not just the semicolon tattoo meaning but also what the entire semicolon tattoo movement is all about. The word ‘continue’ is divided in half, and a semicolon is placed in the middle to encourage you to keep going for a brighter future. 

Semicolon Tattoo On Finger

A popular choice for a semicolon tattoo is on the finger. Because the semicolon tattoo carries such a meaningful message, the person wearing it might want to keep it subtle. You can also include other cute symbols on all of the fingers. Fingers are often seen as the perfect spot for tattoos that represent commitment and the things we are passionate about.

Some FAQs

What are the meanings behind the semicolon tattoo?

The semicolon tattoo signifies that the person wearing it has triumphed over challenges in their life. It has become a symbol of hope for individuals who have faced depression, anxiety, addiction, and other mental health issues.

Where is the ideal spot for a semicolon tattoo?

For a simple and especially beautiful representation of hope, you can place semicolon tattoos on your wrist, behind your ear, your finger, or anywhere you prefer. It is your body, after all. Every time you glance at this meaningful tattoo, it serves as a reminder that you and others with semicolon tattoos persevered and made it through.

What is the meaning of a butterfly semicolon tattoo?

The butterfly semicolon tattoo serves as a symbol for individuals dealing with suicidal thoughts and depression. This symbol is often incorporated into butterfly ink designs.

What does a black semicolon pin symbolize?

Initially representing the choice to continue one’s life story, the semicolon now embodies suicide awareness, prevention, and support for those grappling with anxiety, addiction, and depression.

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