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Hello, my little worms. I’m glad you’re back, an average being. Today, we’ll discuss the most endearing Horimiya characters that viewers like.

If you don’t already know, Horimiya characters constitute one of the finest slice-of-life anime series. Everyone who has watched it has fallen in love with it. Horimiya is a type of anime which will purely smooth and amuse you.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you missed out on a lot of pleasure.

Because each character in Horimiya characters is distinct and relatable, it features one of the best casts of any anime.

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They all have cute qualities, yet they each have their own. It immediately became well-liked because you can’t detest anyone in this anime.

This anime is an excellent choice for teen entertainment because of its fantastic plot, storyline, and animation. Horimiya characters don’t have a convoluted plot to deal with, either. This anime is a straightforward slice of life that everybody may appreciate.

To begin with, Hori and Miyamura are well-liked students & the centre of attention throughout high school. She encounters Miyamura, an introverted boy who struggles to interact with people. What will happen if these two start falling for one another?

Let’s discuss the top 10 Horimiya character’s personalities, what makes each special, and what drives fans wild.

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1. Motoko Iura

Syu Iura’s younger sister is Motoko Iura. Motoko is a reserved and melancholy person in general.

She won’t be your friend and treats her brother severely because she abuses him frequently.

She can be described as Syu’s twin in every way. Motoko has become quiet, whereas her brother likes to meet new acquaintances and is boisterous.

She sought admittance to a specific school in the anime. She even sought instruction from Kyoko Hori, but she was unsuccessful. She ultimately decided to enrol in her brother’s school, nevertheless.

Aside from that, she was a diligent young woman who aspired to do better.

Motoko Iura

2. Yuriko Hori

The mother of Kyoko, Yuriko Hori, is a stunning 38-year-old woman. Even though she dislikes cooking, this woman remains a fantastic mother who adores her kids more than anything.

Kyousuke Hori, her husband, said. Although Yuriko appears friendly, she has a nasty side.

What about Yuriko is adorable, all else aside?

Well, that’s just how she is with everyone. She was kind to Izumi Miyamura as she first met him and didn’t mind if her daughter spent time with him.

Later throughout the series, Yuriko can be seen actually adoring and respecting her daughter’s relationship with Miyamura.

 Yuriko Hori

3. Kakeru Sengoku

The chief of staff of the educational council of Katagiri high school, also known as Kakeru Sengoku, is knowledgeable.

He excels in school and is a talented athlete, but let me share something interesting with you.

By nature, Kakeru is a timid person who quickly becomes humiliated. Hori bullied him while they were little.

As they transitioned to high school, the cat-and-mouse game evolved, and Kyoko began assisting him with the student council duties.

Fans especially adore Kakeru and Remi Ayasaki chemistry together. They are profoundly in love despite the differences in their personalities.

He truly cares about his friends and fellow council members as president of the organization, and he appeared a little depressed when Sakura sobbed.

In general, Kakeru Sengoku was a handsome young man as he could be a confidant and guide you to the best course of action in trying circumstances. Not to mention that He is attractive; therefore, Kakeru can attract women.

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Kakeru Sengoku

4. Sota Hori

The younger brother of Kyoko Hori, Sota Hori, is a 10-year-old boy.

We can infer that Sota is why Hori & Miyamura are currently dating. Thanks for putting on such an excellent performance, young man.

Sota was pursued & attacked by a dog the first time he encountered Hori and Miyamura outside of school.

Miyamura thankfully intervened and brought the child back home. Sota could recall his address despite all the chasing & biting, which I find to be rather astonishing.

The tiny boy cherishes and cares for his sister Kyoko.

In addition, Sota admires Miyamura and refers to him as “Big Brother.” The youngster is polite throughout the series and enjoys hanging out with Miyamura.

Sota truly comprehends the bond between his sister & Miyamura for someone his age; thus, he makes an effort to respect their solitude.

He even discusses complex subjects with Miyamura that Hori was unable to. We all like Shota because, via his endearing actions, the youngster is the strongest supporter of Hori & Miyamura.

Sota Hori

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5. Kouichi Shindou

Unlike many other people on this list, Kouichi Shindou attends Yasaka High School.

Kouichi first accepts Izumi Miyamura for who he is in the series.

Even though Miyamura had numerous piercings and tattoos, he never considered himself a freak. This was the turning point for Miyamura’s friendships with other students in middle school.

After middle school, they started attending different high schools, but their friendship remained unchanged.

Kouichi has endured abuse from Miyamura, who frequently knocks him out over trivial offences. But they consistently show up and have a fantastic time, just like all good friends.

Kouichi is a charming boy with remarkable orange hair, but the way he speaks has the power to draw others to him.

He is a cast member who sincerely cares about Miyamura and regards him as a best friend.

Kouichi Shindou

6. Sakura Kouno

Being wise, Sakura Kouno is a good choice for the student council’s vice president position.

Sakura is a gentle teenager who prefers solving problems through conversation rather than force.

Despite being attractive, she feels insecure and believes her friend Remi is cuter.

Sakura is the only one of the main characters who does not get a happy ending. There’s nothing wrong with her, but the only reason is that she consistently puts the needs of others before her own.

Tooru Ishikawa was the object of Sakura’s affections, but she could not express them.

She attempted several methods to declare her love, but none were successful. Sakura gave up when she observed Tooru being content with Yuki Yoshikawa.

You better believe that was a tragic time as she couldn’t help but sob uncontrollably. Anyone could start to care about her after watching this one scene alone.

If you asked me, Sakura represents one of those girls every guy fantasizes about but never gets.

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Sakura Kouno

7. Tooru Ishikawa

Hori and Miyamura are classmates with Tooru Ishikawa. Despite being close friends, Tooru and Miyamura initially didn’t get along.

Tooru had a severe infatuation on Kyoko Hori at the start of the series and was resentful when Miyamura & Hori started dating.

He isn’t someone you’re able to lose, even though he could not articulate his feelings and accidentally injured Miyamura.

He has come to fully comprehend the Hori and Miyamura bond as the series progresses, turning into a true protector of the couple.

Tooru is the sort of guy who experiences jealousy but hides it from others. He is pretty tall, attractive, and adapts to the circumstances.

Although Tooru and Yuki appear to get along well later in the entire series, they are not yet engaged in a romantic relationship.

Tooru Ishikawa

8. Akane Yanagi

Akane Yanagi constitutes a beautiful man. I mean, among the reasons that girls swoon over this guy is because he has a K-pop idol-like appearance.

Despite his renown and charm, Akane is surprisingly seen as socially awkward as he cannot express himself clearly. Nevertheless, he makes an effort to get together with everyone.

Another intriguing quality of Akane is that, although appearing innocent, when he lacks sleep, he goes wild.

He occasionally becomes rather harsh and angry when he doesn’t get enough sleep. It’s entertaining for fans to witness this aspect of his personality.

Akane Yanagi previously proposed to Yuki Yoshikawa, while he thought she would be perfect for him. However, Yuki rejected him outright.

Later, he joined his friends, including Hori and Miyamura, and began socializing with them. Akane is an enjoyable character to view overall, and his awkwardness only enhances his cuteness.

Akane Yanagi

9. Syu Iura

Miyamura and Hori are classmates with Syu Iura. He loves to play practical jokes and has a loud personality.

Syu’s loud personality makes him highly bothersome to everyone in the gang. This is another factor in why girls dislike him. Sometimes, though, it’s the complete reverse.

Anyone around him will feel better; girls are drawn to him since he receives so much attention.

Syu possesses two distinctive personas. He is lively and talkative at school yet chilly and silent at home. Despite his sister’s icy attitude towards him, he continues to care about her and works to support her in every way he can.

Syu can sometimes be a little dramatic, which sets him apart from the rest.

Syu Iura

10. Remi Ayasaki

Student Council member Remi Ayasaki is Kakeru Sengoku’s girlfriend and the chief executive of the educational council.

Sincere to say, Remi acts and behaves in a childlike manner. Yes, this girl is quite illiterate and continuously compares herself to Miyamura by posing the question to others.

She is direct with her words but frequently makes jokes with others.

Since Remi is not very independent, she frequently relies on others for assistance. She frequently makes mistakes and then sobs afterwards, as demonstrated at the series’s start.

She is skilled at reading people’s emotions but keeps herself buried and tries not to let others see it.

She might be chilly when it hits her, which could be the one drawback. Putting everything else aside, people can’t help but like Remi because she is kind and adorable.

Remi Ayasaki


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) Who are Horimiya’s two central figures?

Ans. The two lead characters, Kyoko Hori & Izumi Miyamura, are the source of the name Horimiya.

Q2) Do Miyamura and Hori share a bed?

Ans. As the plot develops, they grow to appreciate one another, and Hori ends up dating Miyamura. When they’re alone in her room in Volume 37 on a wet night, she realizes just how much she or he loves Miyamura, and the two decide to spend the night together.