List Of Hottest Instagram Models 2023

hottest instagram models

Hottest Instagram Models are becoming the most common search among youngsters. Instagram models have become the best medium for reaching millions of individuals as well as disseminating aesthetically appealing material in the digital age. And there is no better way to showcase the grace and beauty of the human body than through the eyes of attractive and sexy models?

Thanks to their unstoppable confidence and eye-catching appearances, which have drawn millions of followers and countless likes, these most popular Instagram models have grown into social media sensations.

Whether they are travelling the world, showing the newest fashion trends, or documenting their fitness journeys, such Instagram models have made themselves known as the top influencers, gaining sizable followings & inspiring millions via their picture-perfect posts. 

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2023’s Top Hottest Instagram Models

By exposing their stunning moments to a large audience, these sexy models, whose range from fitness experts to fashionable individuals, have been the queens of the platform. Check out our ranking of the sexiest Instagram models! These women have it all: amazing appearances and unbelievable bodies, and an absolutely stunning online entertainment presence.

Whether you’re looking for fashion inspiration or just want to appreciate some incredibly beautiful women, these sexy models are going to make you breathless. So relax, take a seat, and get prepared to fall madly in love with all of these gorgeous women.

1 . Kendall Jenner:

Kendall Jenner, one of the hottest Instagram models and sexy models with the greatest popularity in the world who has revolutionized the fashion industry, has been walking the catwalk since she was a young teen and has amassed over 270 million Instagram followers. But she is more compared to simply an appealing appearance as well as an attractive and sexy figure—she has proven to be a savvy businesswoman, a social media influencer, and a trendsetter. She is the creator of 818 Tequila and is the epitome of a girl boss!

When she turned 14 years old, she started her modelling career, and she became a top  Instagram model very quickly. With her bubbly nature, amazing beauty, and carefree sense of style, Kendall has won innumerable followers across the world. Since she was a young child, she has appeared on the hit reality series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” as a cast member.

She is a vocal proponent of several important topics, including bringing attention to mental health, preserving the environment, and advancing social justice.

Thanks to her beautiful appearance, outgoing personality, as well as and unwavering commitment to making the world a better place, Kendall Jenner has established herself as a true fashion as well as an entertainment icon.

gigi hadid

2. Gigi Hadid: 

Gigi Hadid, the most beautiful Instagram models with a fascinating personality, has taken the world by storm with her flawless style and stunning looks. With more than 68 million Instagram followers, she has established herself as a global phenomenon & a social media celebrity, inspiring numerous fans with her stylish looks and approachable demeanour.

When she’s not functioning on campaigns as well as walking the catwalk for some of the most renowned fashion houses in the world, Gigi loves to spend time with her family, indulge in her love for cooking, and travel. Gigi always pulls off a stylish look, whether she’s donning the newest high-end designer attire or putting together a more relaxed, casual ensemble.

Because of her gorgeous looks, alluring attitude, and unquestionable ability, Gigi Hadid constitutes a genuine celebrity in all senses of the term.

3. Emily Ratajkowski:

Model, actor, & social media influence Emily Ratajkowski is the hottest Instagram model and an internationally recognised name in the fashion & entertainment industries with almost 27 million Instagram followers. She is well-recognised for supporting body positivity and women’s empowerment, and she routinely uses her platform to express her views on important social problems.

Apart from her sexy modelling job, Emily has established a reputation for herself in the world of acting. She has had appearances in a number of films and TV shows, such as “I Feel Pretty” and “Gone Girl.” She has also collaborated on projects with prestigious fashion houses including Paco Rabanne, Versace, and DKNY. Along with working in the entertainment as well as fashion industries, Emily is a skilled writer who has contributed essays as well as opinion pieces to a number of publications.

Thanks to her stunning appearance, courageous demeanour, and unwavering commitment to using her platform for good, Emily Ratajkowski has established herself as a true icon in the entertainment and fashion worlds.

Adriana Lima:

4. Adriana Lima:

Adriana Lima is one of the most beautiful Instagram model and actresses Adriana Lima hails from Brazil and is renowned for her unmatched achievement in the fashion world as well as her beautiful beauty and alluring charm.

Adriana, who has over thirteen million Instagram followers, has worked with brands like Victoria’s Secret, Maybelline, & Miu Miu, among others, she has appeared on the covers of several international fashion magazines. She has appeared in a number of films and television programmes as cameos, and she has hosted a number of high-profile events, which includes the American Music Awards.

5. Miranda Kerr:

Australian sexy model, entrepreneur, and author Miranda Kerr are internationally renowned for her beautiful beauty, amazing business savvy, and commitment to fitness and health. With over twelve million Instagram followers, Miranda is an established social media personality who serves as a role model for many and no wonder she is among the hottest Instagram models. She has worked with numerous prominent fashion companies, including Victoria’s Secret, Balenciaga, and Reebok, and has appeared on the covers of numerous fashion magazines.

Besides contributing to her sexy modelling career, Miranda established herself as a successful entrepreneur. She started the organic skincare business KORA Organics in 2009. The company has achieved great success and a wide reputation as a result of its emphasis on natural, non-toxic products.

In addition to working in the fashion & beauty industries, Miranda is a dedicated supporter of health and wellbeing. She has authored many books on the topic, including “Treasure Yourself: Power Ideas for My Generation,” and she “has been an outspoken advocate of mental health or well-being-related causes.

Thanks to her stunning appearance, entrepreneurial spirit, as well as an unwavering commitment to health and wellness, Miranda Kerr has established herself as truly an icon in the beauty and fashion sectors.

Chrissy Teigen

6. Chrissy Teigen:

Chrissy Teigen is an American sexy model, novelist, and television personality who is renowned for her captivating personality, quick wit, and outspoken disposition. In just a few years after beginning her sexy modelling career in 2006, Chrissy rose to the top of the field.

A popular Instagram model and social media influencer, Chrissy is appreciated for her real messages and approachable humour. More than 34 million people follow her on Instagram. Among other well-known fashion brands, she has worked with Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated, and BECCA Cosmetics.

Along with her successful modelling career, Chrissy has established herself as a TV personality by hosting a number of programmes, such as “Lip Sync Battle” and “Chrissy’s Court.” In addition to her career in the entertainment sector, Chrissy is a skilled author. Two of her cookbooks, “Cravings” and “Cravings: “Craving More,” have been released.

Chrissy Teigen’s contagious charisma, approachable humour, and persistent commitment to using her celebrity for good have made her a true fashion & entertainment icon.

7. Irina Shaykh:

Irina Shayk, a Russian sexy model, is well-recognised for her stunning beauty, successful modelling career, and notable romances.

Irina is a renowned social media personality and Instagram model who is beloved for her gorgeous appearance and alluring charm. More than 14 million people follow her on Instagram. She has worked with brands including Versace, Givenchy, and Victoria’s Secret, and she has also graced the pages of numerous international fashion publications.

She has also been a proactive philanthropist, supporting programmes aimed at lowering poverty and enhancing children’s health, education, and access to healthcare. In addition to her career achievements, Irina has garnered attention for her high-profile romances, such as her previous union with star Bradley Cooper, with whom the actress shares a daughter.

Irina Shayk has become a true icon for her captivating personality, stunning appearance, and notable contributions to media and design, inspiring admirers all around the world to pursue their desires and accept their unique qualities and talents.

8. Kelsey Merritt: 

As the very first Filipina sexy models to walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Kelsey Merritt, a Filipino-American sexy model, is renowned for breaking stereotypes and making history. At the age of 15, Kelsey started her modelling career and swiftly rose to the top of the industry in the Philippines and became the hottest instagram models.

Kelsey is an upcoming star in the modelling world having over 1.5 million Instagram followers. Kelsey is adored for her amazing appearance and genuine nature. She has collaborated with many leading fashion companies, such as Maybelline, H&M, plus Calvin Klein, and she has been featured in a large number of fashion magazines.

In addition to having a successful modelling career, Kelsey has promoted inclusivity and diversity in the fashion business. She has advocated loudly for issues like women’s rights, mental health, and body acceptance, and she has utilised her platform to motivate young girls in the Philippines as well as across the world.

Kelsey Merritt has paved the way for an era of inclusive and diverse models with her outstanding accomplishments, breathtaking appearance, and an unrelenting dedication to making an impact in the world.

9. Sommer Ray:

American fitness and sexy model Sommer Ray is also an entrepreneur, a social media influencer, and a celebrity on various platforms. She is well known for having an amazing physique, an alluring personality, and an entrepreneurial energy.

A popular social media influencer, Sommer is well-known for her inspirational messages, fitness tips, and personal behind-the-scenes photos. She has more than 26 million Instagram fans. She has enjoyed a fruitful career as a model of fitness, making appearances in fitness publications and working with numerous fitness businesses.

In addition to her modelling career, Sommer has started her own activewear brand, Sommer Ray Collection, that sells fashionable and useful fitness attire. She has advocated for causes relating to mental wellness, body positivity, & women’s empowerment, using her platform to disseminate lessons of confidence and self-love.

With her tremendous accomplishments, stunning figure, and steadfast dedication to uplifting women, Sommer Ray has grown to be a true inspiration to innumerable followers throughout the world, motivating them to go after fitness goals and lead their best lives.

10. Karlie Kloss: 

Supermodel, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Karlie Kloss hails from the United States. She is renowned for her stunning beauty, prosperous modelling career, and resolve to make a difference in the world.

A famous social media influencer, Karlie is noted for both her attractive appearance and her uplifting messages making her one of the hottest Instagram models. More than 9 million people follow her on Instagram. She has worked with many prominent fashion labels, including Chanel, Versace, and Victoria’s Secret, and has appeared on the covers of numerous fashion magazines throughout the world.

Along with her successful modelling career, Karlie has also started her own business. These include Karlie Kloss the Variables x Adidas, which is a collaboration with the sportswear juggernaut, and Kode in Klossy, a nonprofit that aids girls in learning to code.

Karlie Kloss’ gorgeous appearance, business spirit, and unwavering commitment to changing the world have made her a true symbol and inspiration.

Candice Swanepoel

11. Candice Swanepoel:

South African sexy model Candice Swanepoel has a reputation for her stunning beauty, her flourishing modelling career, and her commitment to advancing body positivity and self-love.

A respected social media influencer, Candice is valued for her propensity for speaking to and inspiring her followers. Over fifteen million individuals follow her on Instagram. She has worked with Victoria’s Secret, Givenchy, & Tom Ford and has been featured in a wide range of upscale fashion journals globally.

Candice has used her modelling profession as a platform to encourage women to embrace their inherent self-confidence and beauty while also promoting body positivity and self-love. She has made advantage of her position to spread the word about crucial topics including animal welfare, environmental preservation, and women’s health.

Along with her professional successes, Candice is a loving mother to her two sons. She has been open about her experiences with depression following delivery and has used them to help fight stigmas associated with mental illness.

12. Winnie Harlow:

In addition to busting down boundaries in the fashion industry by being one of the hottest Instagram models, Winnie Harlow, a Canadian glamour model, activist, and entrepreneur advocate, is well-recognised for raising awareness of the vitiligo ailment she suffered from since she was a little child.

Popular social media influencer Winnie is praised for her relatable messages. Over eight million individuals follow her on Instagram. She has cooperated with a number of prominent fashion labels, as Nike, Dior, and Victoria’s Secret, and she has been featured in a few of the finest fashion publications in the world.

Winnie has utilised her position to advance vitiligo awareness campaigns as well as topics connected to diversity, inclusivity, and self-esteem. She has made advantage of her position to inspire young girls all across the world to value their unique beauty and self-assurance. She has been a strong supporter of women’s rights, body positivity, and mental health.

Thanks to her stunning appearance, fierce attitude, as well as unwavering dedication to changing the world, Winnie Harlow is truly an icon and role model.


Because of their amazing appearances, engaging personalities, and inspirational messages, these sexy models on Instagram have garnered the admiration and attention of millions of people worldwide. 

Through their platforms, they have encouraged young women throughout the world to be self-assured, accept their inherent beauty, and to lead their best lives by promoting mental wellness, body positivity, or healthy living.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) What purpose do Instagram models serve?

Ans. The Instagram model is essentially a man or a woman who uses Instagram as a modelling platform. There is a lot of flexibility with this modelling approach. You do not need to look for modelling agencies or work with any sort of middlemen.

Q2) Who is Instagram’s top model?

Ans. Kim Kardashian, who has more than 333 million followers on Instagram, is the model with the largest following.

Q3) How much money do Indian Instagram models make?

Ans. An influencer often makes US$2,970 (about Rs. 2.44 lakhs) per month. However, there are sizable variations in each account’s income, particularly in relation to the total amount of followers. Micro-influencers who have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers often earn $1,420 USD (about Rs. 1.17 lakhs) per month.