HOW DID SQUIDWARD DIE  – While working for Nickelodeon, the intern was asked to view a particular season of “Fear of the Krabby Patties” alongside others.

As opposed to that, it was called “Squidward’s Suicide.” However, the animators continued the story since they viewed it as a gloomy comedy.

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What Is On The Video?

Patrick and SpongeBob’s laughter on the road outside of his house frightened him slightly. Squidward meme insists they both stop laughing since he is practising with an appearance that fails to work.

However, as the audience applauded his horrible presentation, everyone in the room—including Patrick and  SpongeBob—had red eyes similar to those you get after crying for two hours.

Let’s assess your bravery right now: it’s admirable to feel and communicate fear to others. The following is seen in this film:

The subtitle card of Squidward’s Suicide opens the programme. When Squidward plays his clarinettist in the pan, he, too, makes a mistake.

He was a little startled when he heard Patrick and SpongeBob laughing in the street outside his house. Squidward, the meme, begs them both to quit screaming because he is experimenting with a look that doesn’t work.

In his chamber, Squidward is pictured sobbing and lowering him in front of his knees. Instead of sounding like Squidward, the wailing sounded more like a ghost that I couldn’t place sobbing or crying.

The camera can see Squidward’s face throughout the scene. People wonder whether the creator of the video is sane.

As the movie picked up speed, strange voices appeared in the background.

After the shouts subsided, I was unsure if I heard it, yet a deep voice commanded, “Do it!” As the scene fades off-screen, Squidward SpongeBob is in the centre of The camera, holding a gun in his mouth. Then, bang! The camera again shows you the remains of Squidward’s body after he committed suicide.

The individual who made the terrifying video is safe, but we don’t know who they are because the recording shows him having frightening thoughts.

I didn’t mean to end the narrative here, but regrettably, I feel obligated to do so at this point.No. Even though it’s 3:00 in the morning, I’m not concerned. I appreciate your patience.

The Reason for Squidward’s Death

According to legend, “Squidward’s Suicide” was intended to be the season four premiere of SpongeBob SquarePants. But the episode purportedly depicted Squidward meme, a pessimistic octopus, shooting himself in the head with a shotgun instead of making others laugh and chuckle. Yikes!

An anonymous user published his 2005 internship experience with Nickelodeon Studios on 7chan’s /x/ (paranoid) board, where the story initially gained attention. During his internship, the writer claimed to have witnessed the lost episode, and he detailed the production team’s startled reaction as they saw the grisly and eerie video that wasn’t supposed to be on the show.

According to the tale, when the production crew went through the episode, everything appeared to be going according to plan—that is, until the animators & editors discovered some bizarre and horrific pictures that were not intended for the programme. Everyone’s flesh crawled at the sight of these bloody visuals and eerie sound effects.

The Horror Pasta Tale

Therefore, let’s begin at the beginning. Someone published a spooky story online on April 6, 2010, regarding the SpongeBob episode “Squidward’s Suicide.”An unnamed person who purported to have worked with Nickelodeon Studios while completing his animation internship provided the tale’s narration. The episode was scheduled for the season four premiere, but things took a nasty turn, so the tale goes.

The Spread of Squidward’s Suicide

You’re not alone if you think this narrative seems to belong in a horror film. Naturally, the tale didn’t remain confined to the shadowy recesses of the internet. The tale gained so much popularity that animations and videos based on it began to be produced.

A reading of “Squidward’s Suicide” by MrCreepyPasta from 2011 received almost 900,000 views in under three years. Following suit, several YouTubers produced spooky readings and animated renditions of the Lost episodes.

The “Squidward’s Suicide” enigma has made it to TikTok’s well-known social media site. Following a Google search for “How Did Squidward Die?” people document their responses.

We don’t blame them for feeling alarmed; the idea of the beloved Squidward SpongeBob committing suicide is undoubtedly unpleasant.

Author’s Reaction

However, there’s still more. The author of the spooky original story went by “SuicideSquidward” on Reddit in 2013. He acknowledged the piece’s authorship and expressed surprise and delight at its success. He remarked that it was terrific to see anything he produced years later still causing a stir on the internet. We can’t fault him for being proud because his spooky tale has undoubtedly affected SpongeBob fans worldwide.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) What is Squidward’s backstory?

Ans. Stephen Hillenburg, a marine researcher and animator, developed and created the Squidward meme. On May 1, 1999, he debuted in the “Help Wanted” pilot episode. Squidward SpongeBob constitutes an anthropomorphic octopus, even though his name contains the word “squid” and he only has six tentacles.

Q2) When did Squidward pass away?

Ans. Livin’ With The Squid’s thirty-first episode is titled Squidward’s Suicide.

Q3) How was Squidward put to death?

Ans. The crying stops, and Squidward Meme is seen clutching a gun in his mouth as a deep voice cries, “Do it!” from off-screen. A few seconds later, Squidward shoots himself, and just before the programme closes, the camera pans back once more to show his body.