How Old Is Loki?

loki age

Like all superhumans, Loki is known to age slower than other humans. Even though he is 1,000 years old, he looks young. When Thanos killed Loki in Infinity War, he was 1054 years old.  

How old is Loki in Thor Ragnarok? 

1500 years old

What is Loki’s age? 

Loki’s birth year is declared to be 965 A.D and s 1500 years old.

How much older is Thor than Loki in human years?

Loki ages 12 years faster than other Asgardians. This means that in every 300 human years, he gets 6.25 years older whereas thor ages five years for every 1200 years in human age.

Who came first, Zeus or Odin? 

If speaking chronologically, scholars say that Odin was made first than Zeus.

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Is Loki Genderfluid mythology?

Even though Norse gods are genderqueer folx at times, Loki is known as the gender-bender. Loki can change his sex which acts as chaos for enemies and friends. 

Is Loki Odin’s son or brother?

Loki derives his character from Loki of Norse in Movies and comics; however, in the Marvel Universe, he is shown as Thor’s adopted brother and Odin’s son.

Who is the strongest child of Thanos?









Who is older, Odin or Zeus?

As Odin is known to have a hand in the creation of the world, he can be said to be older than Zeus.

Who is stronger, Zeus or Odin?

Every time Thor and Odin used to fight, they had to wipe the floor. The fact that Thor could speak against Zeus is strong enough evidence that Odin is more powerful than Zeus.

Who is Loki’s biological mother?

Loki’s adoptive mother is Frigga. According to Norse Mythology, laufey is shown as the original mother of Loki.

When did Loki become Odin?

After faking his death, Loki casts Odin’s spell, banishing him to New York City while masquerading as Odin and ruling Asgard himself. While he had eventually recovered from the spell placed on him by Loki, Odin chose to remain in exile in Norway and would ultimately reach the end of his extremely long life.

Who is the most powerful member of the Black Order?

– Ebony Maw.

– Supergiant.

– Proxima Midnight.

– Black Dwarf.

– Corvus Glaive.

Who is stronger than Odin?

Buri is the most powerful of all and is the Progenitor of Asgardians. Bor, his son, the Architect of Asgard, is the second most powerful. Then comes Odin, the son of Bor.

Is Loki older than Odin?

Loki is the stepbrother of Odin. They did not spend childhood together and were not adopted when kids were, so who is older is unknown. 

How old is Loki in human years?

In human years Loki is 17 years old. 

In Avengers, Loki is 1048 years old. In human years that’s around 17.

How old are Asgardian years?

The average life of Asgardians is 5071.4 Years.

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