How Our Fast Fashion Habit “Killing the Planet We Call Home”?

fast fashion problems

Do you feel like most of the clothes in your wardrobe are no longer in trend? Have you ever purchased something quickly and later realized you don’t like it?  Or have you purchased clothes only because of the exciting deals? I am sure that we all have encountered these scenarios more than once. Unfortunately, these are the outcomes of fast fashion industry, which is for varied reasons environmentally and socially unsustainable. There are various fast fashion problems which make you change your habit of fast fashion.

In the contemporary era, fashion is the second most polluting industry on the earth, and ‘fast fashion’ is the prime contributor to fashion pollution. The fact is that as a result of fast fashion trend, we are producing, consuming and discarding clothes at a faster rate. Undoubtedly, we won’t be able to keep this trend up in future without irreparable consequences.

Now you might be thinking what exactly fast fashion is? Fast fashion refers to the trend of easily consumed and discardable fashion that is produced and priced at lower cost and it does not last longer than a season.

At the present time, there is yearly production of 150 million new units of clothing. Most of these clothing articles are produced unethically and are transported utilizing coal-based machinery. Moreover, these articles are discarded and disposed off with zero environmental consciousness. Below mentioned are some of the facts related to fast fashion problems which will help in comprehending “how actually fast fashion is destroying our planet?”

  • On an average an individual throws away 37 kg of clothes every year
  • 60% of all the clothing articles produced are disposed off within a year of production
  • Popular luxury brands destroy unsold clothes and accessories instead of selling them at lower price only to protect brand’s value and exclusivity
  • A single jeans and t-shirt you wear is produced using 20,000 liters of water
  • CO2 emission by the fast fashion industry is expected to rise to approximately 2.8 billion tones every year by 2030

The remarkable fact is that the fast fashion industry is the prime consumer of non-renewable resources. It is essential for us to remember that just to aesthetically please ourselves. There are various fast fashion problems and through our habit we are contributing to a trend that is harming our present and future. In such a crucial time Sustainable Fashion cannot be just a philanthropic project; it has to be a norm to protect our planet.