Is Levi Ackerman best from the Attack of Titans?

how tall is levi

How tall is Levi? – Levi Ackerman is a significant character introduced in the Attack on Titan series. How tall is Levi? He is a former member of the Survey Corps, ranking number five among its top 10 graduates, and people later revealed that he was the captain of its Special Operations Squad. The son of Keith and Faye Ackerman, Levi lost his entire family to Titan attacks at an early age. This event led him to deeply resent humanity’s dependence on Titans for their well-being, as they are what he believes to be humanity’s true enemy.

In Part One:

Levi is first introduced during Eren Yeager’s trial for murder as one of the five judges on the tribunal convened for his judgment. Despite being the one to sentence Eren, he is later shown to be one of the few in the room who sympathize with him and his situation, as well as among the few who are shaken by his angry outburst and attempt to attack half of humanity. He, along with Mikasa Ackerman, Christa Lenz, and Armin Arlert, watches in horror from outside Jean Kirstein’s chambers as Jean executes Eren in front of Mikasa at gunpoint for crimes against humanity due to his Titan powers, refusing to kill Eren despite his free will. After taking Eren’s sister Krista hostage, Jean orders Levi and Mikasa to go after them as they escape from Trost.

How tall is Levi Ackerman?

Levi Ackerman’s height is 5ft 9in, according to Wookiepedia. However, Levi appeared shorter than Eren Jaeger in his Titan form. Eren was 5ft 10in when he was in his 15-meter Titan form. So, Levi Ackerman’s height should be 5ft 8in or less than Eren Jaeger’s. He grew up in a town named Shinganshina until the Titans destroyed it.

Why does Levi Ackerman hate the Titans?

The reason is explained in the manga. It is explained that he lost his family and friends to the Titans. It led to him hating Titans with all his heart. Levi’s primary weapon is the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment or Vertical Maneuvering Equipment III (V-GUN), which also makes him a “Spiegel” Anti-Titan specialist, as per Eren’s request in Part One. The V-Gun has a long tube running through it and can be used as an anti-Titan weapon or a taser.

Why does Levi Ackerman work for the Survey Corps?

In the Attack on Titan anime, Levi’s working for the Survey Corps because he needs to re-establish trust with humanity. He also wants to make up for lost time because he grew up in a town that the Titans destroyed. Finally, he wants to ensure that order is maintained, and if he makes it in the corps, he’ll be able to do that. In Part One, almost every member of the Special Operations Squad joined as a private soldier. Also, Eren asks him if his age shouldn’t be a problem since they are all older than him; Levi replies: “In my heart, I will not grow old.

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1. What is Levi Ackerman’s age? How tall is Levi?

Levi Ackerman is very young. He says he killed a few Titans in their twenties when he was 15. Levi is more of a prodigy than Eren.

2. What does Levi Ackerman like?

Mostly, Levi likes to keep everything to himself. He shows no emotion (except hatred and anger) towards most things around him, but it is said that he hates Titan Attacks the most because they killed his mother and made him an orphan at the age of 3, which resulted in him being raised by his drunkard father and his stepmother. It led to him becoming the cold and cruel person he is now (in part one).