How can I end my no-risk trial of YouTube TV? You Can Stop Two Different Ways!

how to cancel youtube tv
POLAND - 2019/11/22: In this photo illustration a Youtube TV logo seen displayed on a smartphone. (Photo Illustration by Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

How to cancel youtube tv – YouTube is a widely-used website for streaming videos linked to your favourite material, and the youtube tv login TV channel was created so that you may watch programmes and content based on your preferences. We may assist you with terminating your YouTube TV Free Trial if you no longer want to use the service. 

In the United States, you may subscribe to YouTube TV. With this package, subscribers get access to both live and on-demand programming. You may watch TV from anywhere without a set-top box by subscribing to an online streaming service. Many people ask how to cancel youtube tv as youtube TV is one of the famous OTT platforms around the globe. 

You can end your YouTube TV trial or subscription on your mobile device or PC. You may need to learn how to cancel youtube tv at any time by logging into your account on the website or mobile app. 

How can I end my no-obligation trial of YouTube TV?

If you’re done with your YouTube TV free trial and don’t want to continue paying for a subscription, you may do so quickly and effortlessly from your mobile device or computer.

First, either use the YouTube app or go to and log in there. 

Select Purchases and Memberships from your profile menu (in the screen’s upper right corner) 2. 

You may find the YouTube TV Free trial on the list of subscriptions you already own. 

To cancel, make changes, or upgrade your YouTube TV free trial subscription, go to your account page and click the Manage Subscription button. 

When your free trial ends, you may cancel your subscription by tapping the Deactivate option next to your membership and then accepting the cancellation in the following confirmation screen. 

Click Continue To Cancel again, and you’ll be asked to specify why you’re ending your subscription. 

Tap Yes, and Cancel seven times to confirm the operation. Let’s discuss how to cancel youtube tv in a more detailed way. 

How Do I Stop Paying for YouTube TV on My Computer?

Step 1: Launch YouTube TV on your computer’s default web browser. 

After logging in, choose the Profile icon on the right side of your screen. 

Third, choose Settings from the drop-down menu, and fourth, visit the Memberships tab to see your subscriptions. 

After selecting your membership plan, click the Manage option and the Cancel button to end your subscription. 

Choose the appropriate reason for cancelling your youtube tv login from the drop-down menu and then click the Continue Cancelling button to finalize the cancellation. 

Re-select Option 6. Cancel it, and you’re done? Sure thing.

YouTube TV: How Do I Pause It?

First, download the YouTube TV app or go to the website on your web browser.

2. Go to your account’s Settings by logging in. 

Next, go to Memberships and halt your YouTube TV subscription.

The membership data will be shown on the following page once you click the Manage button located next to the membership.

Click the Pause button on your account page to suspend your membership temporarily. 

Six, verify the action, and you will be finished. 

FAQ about Ending Your Free Trial of YouTube TV

Cancelling YouTube TV during the trial period is a no-brainer if you don’t intend to keep the service after that, but still, many people keep asking how to cancel youtube tv. Cancelling your subscription before your free trial period ends is required to avoid being charged the full membership fee. 

Does YouTube TV’s Free Trial Cost Anything?

Only new users may take advantage of youtube tv cost no-risk trial period. If you sign up for YouTube TV and are immediately charged, your account may have already utilized a trial period for the service and is thus ineligible. If you are a first-time user charged, know this is an authorization hold rather than a fee. 

Will YouTube TV provide a refund?

You will not get a prorated or full refund if you cancel your YouTube TV subscription before the conclusion of your trial term. If you terminate your membership before your current payment cycle ends, you will continue to enjoy all membership advantages until the end of your cycle. However, if you find that YouTube TV has charged your account without your permission, you may request a refund by visiting the YouTube TV Support page and clicking the button. 

What’s the deal if I can’t terminate my YouTube TV membership?

The procedures for cancelling a YouTube TV subscription are laid out on the site, but how to cancel youtube tv still needs to be clarified for many people. If you have tried to cancel but have been unable, please double-check that you have followed the abovementioned procedures. If you’re having trouble cancelling in the app, you may always access YouTube TV on a web browser. 

To Sum Up

If you’re not happy with youtube tv free trial, services during your free trial time, you may terminate your trial by following the procedures outlined above. Follow the procedures above to cancel your membership; however, if you are a paying member and no longer want to utilize it. You will not be eligible for a refund, but you may keep using the service until the conclusion of the current monthly cycle.