How To Clean Leather Furniture Perfectly

How to Clean Leather Furniture

Clean the leather furniture is not a hard task; it is easy to care for and maintain leather furniture. If there is a difficult stain or barring emergencies, it needs professional attention that you can also do by following the below steps. 

If you get the cleaning instructions from your sofa manufacturer, you can follow them, or if you do not have any, then our small guide will help you. Also, remember that different types and qualities of leather are used in manufacturing leather furniture, so each type of sofa may require different cleaning methods. 

To clean leather sofas regularly, use a clean white soft cloth to wipe down dirt. We are using white cloth so that no dye spots of cloth will deposit on the sofa while cleaning. 

Also, vacuum furniture frequently as you do any upholstery things in your house. If you are not cleaning your sofa for a long time, you can clean the leather sofa using a damp cloth to remove all debris, as a wet cloth easily removes the deposited dirt from leather. 

What One Need To Clean Leather Furniture: 

Clean White Cloth

Soft Brush

Microfiber Cloth


Mild Soap

Cornstarch or Talcum Powder

How One Should Clean A Leather Furniture

How to Clean Leather Furniture

To clean leather furniture, one needs to remove loose dust using a vacuum and then wipe out the remaining dirt using a wet cloth and mild soap. Before using any soap, test the inconspicuous sofa area to see whether soap damages or discolors leather.


First, use a vacuum to remove loose dust, crumbs, and debris. If there is not much dirt on the sofa, you can use a microfiber cloth to remove dirt. 

Use Water and Soap

To remove the leftover dirt, damp a clean, soft white cloth in lukewarm water, and wipe out the leather sofa. Use a small amount of soap, and wipe the leather with a soapy cloth circular motion. 


After that, rub the furniture with another clean, dry cloth to clean the soapy surface. There is no need to rinse the soap from leather furniture; it will condition your furniture leather. 

How to Clean Grease Stains From Leather

How to Clean Grease Stains From Leather

A damp cloth cannot remove the grease stains from leather. Follow the steps given below to clean grease stains from leather furniture. 


Blot the grease from the surface as much as possible with a dry cloth. 


Tp soak grease, sprinkle cornstarch or talcum powder on the grease area and leave for 15 minutes. 


Finally, remove the powder using a brush. Check whether the stain is still there or not; if it still slightly remains, repeat the same process again and again till it is complete. 

How to Clean Water Stains From Leather Furniture

How to Clean Water Stains From Leather

On leather, water stains snatch the beauty and make the furniture look ugly, but you easily remove them using the following steps. 


To blot the water from the leather surface, use a clean white cloth. Let the area dry and check whether it leaves any watermark. 


If there is a watermark, damp the cloth and wring it on the surface very well. Do not be harsh or scrub the surface; gently wipe out the mark. 


Rewet cloth if needed, as our goal is to equal the stain all over the surface of leather. 

How to Clean Ink Stains From Leather

How to Clean Ink Stains From Leather

One of the tough stains to remove from leather are Ink stains. To perfectly remove them might need professional help, depending on the severity, size, and type of ink spilled on the leather. 


If you got a new ink stain, blot it immediately using a dry clean cloth. If the cloth soaks the ink, it is working, but if not, then do not rub the ink so it won’t spread all over the surface. 

Try Another Cloth

To remove the dried ink stain, use another dry cloth with a little amount of mild soap. Rub the area in the direction of the stain in a small circular motion so that it will not spread. Remember not to use alcohol or spirit as it might damage the leather. 


Buff ink-stained region using a dry clean cloth if all ink has been wiped out. It is ok to leave the soap and not rinse it off, as soap will condition the leather.

Call Professional Leather Cleansing Expert

If you have a large or severe stain on your leather furniture, you can ask for professional help. They use professional kits and know it much better to remove any stain from the leather surface.