Steps To Clear The Cache On Android Phones

how to clear cache on android

How to clear cache on android – The storage of android phones quickly fills up, and temporary files named as a cache are the fundamental reason behind this. A cache is a location on a user’s device that holds old versions of documents, programs, and data in case there is a file that the new version doesn’t correspond with. In addition, the cache keeps things in memory, so the device doesn’t have to load them from external storage.

 While the Android cache is designed to speed up access to files, it can also dramatically slow down the device. Accelerating your android device will help you. The cache is not merely found in android phones, and many people wonder how to clear the cache on android; the cache also takes up a lot of space on our computers and other devices. Clearing cache can be beneficial in improving the performance of a device. The process is simple, and it is better done with the help of a specialized tool.

System Cache is the cache used by your android system to store temporary files created by some applications installed on your phone. If you delete these files, you may experience an error in specific applications dependent on them.  

Modifying the settings could also improve performance, but you must acknowledge how to clear the cache on android. This action may also interfere with certain apps that depend on the cache’s current state when they run.   This cache is used by the android applications to store data and save its settings. Deleting this cache will not affect your apps and settings. Most android applications use a local cache to store files for quicker access. You can clear an app’s cache from within its settings by going to “Storage” and “Manage Storage”. 

 What Is Cache On A Phone?

Cache data are the applications and third-party library files installed on your device. It is a temporary inbuilt storage of apps that contains the previous version of the data/files when you upgrade or install a new app on your phone. This cache is created to save data that tends to change often and prevent them from being flushed out every time they change.

 Example: If you want to play Clash of Clans, it will ask for an update from Google Play Store as it needs to access the latest resources using which you can play the game smoothly. This data is stored locally, so it is not sent from your phone to the Play Store.

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Some famous Cache Clearing Applications:

The Cache Cleaner is a smartphone memory management tool for android. It allows you to delete cache files and clear caches in several ways, such as by category, application, or offline data. In addition, it allows to see the details of cached files and provides real-time results of caching removed. 

Cache Clearing Tool is another app that allows you to manage cache files on Android devices. It is a free tool that can be used to remove the cache and display the cached files. It is not a sophisticated tool as it doesn’t provide many intuitive options for managing cache files, but it provides a reasonably simple interface for managing cache files. Finally, the cache Cleaner from Playstore has some unique features that you can use to clean your cache without removing anything from your phone.

Steps to Delete Cache on Android?

1. Go to Settings of the Android device.

2. Select the “Apps” option.

3. Select the app you want to clean the cache of and tap on the “Data Usage” option as shown in the following image:

4. Go to Cache Storage (it will be visible when you tap on data usage). 

5. Tap on “Clear Cache”. 

6. After this, you will see an option to clear the cache for apps like Gmail, Google Play Store, etc., but these services are not required for playing games properly

Try to wait for some time before starting a new game or installing a new app, as sometimes different apps have different cache files, so clearing the cache may also result in problems with other apps.

What Happens After Clearing Android Cache?

While clearing the cache on android, many things happen. Most apps will show a message “Cached data from _____ is cleared” at this time. Sometimes it may take some time for the cached files to clear, so don’t panic about seeing the app continue to ask for an update or resources even after clearing the cache. 

You will see that all your previous games and apps run more smoothly than before and are even faster. On the other hand, some games like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga will ask you to restore cached files after clearing the cache. 

Clearing cache may sometimes cause errors in your device, so try doing it only on your first boot. You would know whether it caused any problem by restarting the phone or playing games if you experience an error or crash. So don’t precise data on android without knowing about these permissions.

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Perks of Clearing Cache on Android

Clearing the cache on the Android phone helps your device stay stable and run at its best. In addition, once you clear the cache on your android phone, it will help faster processing of apps, games, and other services that are using data.

 Clearing cache also helps in reducing unnecessary data consumption by apps. The time required for loading and opening apps will reduce if you know how to clear the cache on Android phones after clearing the cache of your phone device, as there is no need to keep unnecessary files in memory. 

Clearing the cache can remove any files of the Android device that may be causing errors in your Google Services. However, it is to be noted that clearing cache will only clear files cached on the phone or other devices through an application. 

If you clear the cache for your Google account or other apps, you may experience issues on Google services like Gmail and Play Store, as these are cached from the server and not your phone. So, if clearing the cache will cause errors like app crashing or problems with restarting an android device, avoid doing it for some applications. 

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Should You Clear Cache Regularly?

The best way to keep your Android device running well and fast is to clear the cache when installing apps, games or whenever you feel the device is not running at its full speed. For example, if you are facing problems with opening an app or loading a particular game, clearing the cache can help you eliminate such issues. 

The ideal time to clear cache is right after you install a new game or app, as it will help you to open the app even faster. Cache Files are for your Android device and can be found on your internal storage (internal memory), i.e. inside the system folder. Cache files are created automatically when you use your Android phone and contain data about apps, games, and other services that run on your phone.

Frequently asked questions regarding clearing cache on android

Is There Any Way To Android Clear Cache All Apps

Clearing cache may delete cached files of some applications, so you should know how to delete cache on android. However, you need to contact the application developer before clearing the cache. Also, suppose your device has only internal memory (internal memory is not removable).

In that case, you can choose to clear the cache of one particular application and hold on to your data by switching on the “developer options” and unchecking anything related to “Clear Cache”. 

What is an appropriate time clear cache on an android phone?

It is advisable to clear the cache of your Android device at the time of first booting of the phone. It will help reduce unnecessary files from memory and run at its peak speed. If you have a slot for an external SD card or micro SD card, then there are no problems contacting the developers. You can provide them with clear instructions for manually removing cached files.

What is the time interval to clear the cache on an android phone?

Cache files are created automatically in the background when an application or game is open, and these can be cleared whenever you want. If you face any problem with running apps, games or services, then if you know how to clear cookies and cache on android, it will benefit you. Also, if a game or app you have recently installed asks for updated resources, it is an excellent time to clear the cache as it will help in the faster loading of games and apps. 


Clearing the cache on your Android phone device is not at all a very tough task. However, if you want to play high-end games on your Android smartphone, you should know how to clear the cache on android, which will help speed up your phone. 

Clearing your device’s cache memory helps remove any unnecessary files that may be causing errors in playing games or running apps. There are often errors due to cache files from other applications; clearing the cache will solve this problem. 

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