How to customize a solitaire engagement ring to make it unique to the wearer


Buying an engagement Solitaire ring is a special and emotional decision for anyone. However, when doing so, one can make it extra special for the wearer by customizing it as it includes options for personalization such as engraving, adding a halo or accent stones, or choosing a unique metal or band design.

The question is how to customize it for the wearer. The post below highlights numerous ways in which one can do so to make the moment extra special.

 1. Personalize

 Why not add a personal message or a symbol on the ring?

 With engraving, one can add a message, a symbol, or even the couple’s initials on the ring. While an engagement ring is pretty unique, such customized engraving makes it even more valuable and memorable.

By personalizing it, one also differentiates the ring from countless other widely available rings. Sites like Rare carat allow such customization options when ordering Solitaire engagement rings.

 2. Setting style

The Solitaire engagement rings at Rare Carat can be customized in different settings options to choose a unique ring. Even in Solitaire rings, the setting style will vary as per the size and shape of the stone. Purchasing a ring with the Solitaire set in a halo style makes the ring unique.

 When one presents such a ring to their partner, she will undoubtedly value it more and realize the amount of thought put into selecting such a ring.

 With numerous setting options available, one can easily pick the setting according to the finger size of the wearer, type of stone, type of metal, and so on. That is why the aesthetics of the ring are certainly enhanced when one chooses a unique setting style.

3. Unique metal

Traditionally Solitaire engagement rings are offered with white gold. It is the classic metal combination with Solitaire. However, that doesn’t mean other metal options are not available. If the purchaser truly wants to customize the Solitaire ring, choosing a different metal like yellow gold, rose gold, or even platinum is better.

 Yellow gold adds contrast to the ring. When it comes to platinum, it is even more valuable than gold, and therefore the ring becomes even more precious. On the other hand, rose gold Solitaire rings are in trend making them much more feminine.

 Thus, adding any other metal to the ring makes it much more special than the white gold Solitaire rings.

4. Different band design

Most consumers aren’t aware that there are options when it comes to band design as well. Traditional bands are entirely round and do not have any kind of gap. However, band options are available that consist of engraving or some design. Thus, rather than the band being entirely plain, it adds to the aesthetics of the Solitaire engagement ring.

 Sites like Rare Carat offer bands encrusted with stones as well. With such design options, the band is no longer an ignored part of the Solitaire engagement ring but rather the highlight due to the stones encrusted into the band. Besides that, the twisted band design is another unique band design.

 In fact, Rare Carat allows filtration according to the band color. That way, the consumer does not have to search for a ring with a suitable band.

Thus, band design is another excellent way to customize the engagement ring.

5. Different Diamond Shape

 A solitaire can have different shapes. By choosing a unique shape, one can customize the ring as per the wearer’s preference. Some popular shapes offered by Rare Carat include:

 Round: It is the most popular solitaire shape.

Princess: Princess solitaire is usually cut in squares and looks very good in small and large options.

Emerald-Cut: Emerald Cut solitaire is rectangular. It has subtle cuts.

Oval: An oval shape is an excellent option for a comparatively large stone size.

Heart: When buying an engagement ring, the heart solitaire conveys the message well.

 There are other solitaire shapes like pear and Asscher, but these are the most popular ones.

 One can choose between these shapes depending on the aesthetics or according to the wearer’s preference.

 In fact, Rare Carat directly allows the consumer to select the diamond shape and accordingly displays the results. Thus, the consumer gets to know all the options in a particular diamond shape.

 Buying a solitaire engagement ring is a special occasion for any consumer. Make it even more special by customizing it for the wearer by following the tips above. Going with such a personalized ring can make the event even more special for their partner.