Elden Ring: How To Use The Erudition Gesture


Erudition gesture – In Elden Ring’s The Lands Between, there are various well-hidden gestures to discover and gather, some of which are considerably more complicated than others. You’ll never come across some of the rarest gestures until you try to explore the optional, secret places or go back for NPC tasks.

One is erudition, concealed behind a strong wall of detours for Thops’s quest and a somewhat challenging tower rooftop jumping task. However, obtaining the item required for this gesture has a dark payoff, as is typical for any FromSoftware game. You’ll have to decide whether your action is worthwhile at the expense of a man’s future.

One of the best ways to play FromSoftware titles like Elden Ring is to co-op with pals. An excellent method to travel across the Lands Between is to overcome challenging dungeons and mind-boggling boss battles together in, to paraphrase an old buddy, “jolly cooperation.”

The various emotes that players can utilise and locate strewn about the world are one factor that further enhances this experience. These emotes are frequently tucked away or even locked behind quests the player must complete.

What do you want? Spread Out, The Ring, and Fancy Spin emotes are among the most used. But there’s one that many players want to use but can’t seem to locate.

Locating Thops

At the Church of Irith, close to the Lakeside-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace, just outside Stormveil Castle, you can find Thops. After speaking with him, he will inform you that he requires a Glintstone Key to access Raya Lucaria. Once you’ve located one, you can try to give him your Glintstone Key, but he won’t accept it unless you also have two. You will therefore require two Glintstone Keys; the second one is located in Raya Lucaria Academy at the resolution of a tower puzzle.

Another Glintstone Key

You must defeat the Red Wolf of Radagon in the Debate Parlour to access the second key. From the Debate Parlour Site of Grace, enter the gardens and face the deteriorating staircase to the west. Climb up here, killing the countless enemies if you want the extra Runes, then jump over the railing to the left of the door to get to Rennala’s room more quickly. Conquer the sorcerer standing immediately behind you to unlock the shortcut entry in case you need to return later.

Go west once you’ve passed the sorcerer at the top of the stairs. Leap over the railing onto the rooftops.

Some marionettes can be seen over here. Continue past them to the ladder that will take you to the bridge above, where an ambush awaits you from a sorcerer with the Shard Spiral spell and several flying marionettes on lampposts. You can opt to ignore them and keep running.

Once you’ve gotten past the sorcerer, turn around to face west, then jump onto the rooftops below. As you fall towards the Marionette below, leap off the cliff to the west. When you turn the corner and notice a semicircle being watched by another Marionette, climb onto the rooftop. To stop it from attacking you throughout the next brief platforming part, defeat the lone Marionette.

The Glintstone Key is on the first chandelier on the room’s southernmost side, however, you can get something from the corpse in the centre. Position yourself carefully, just a little bit on the eastern side of the first rafter you climb up and then step off. You may find the Glintstone Key below. 


The Erudition Gesture: How to Use It

The Erudition Gesture in Elden Ring is a timelapse emote in which players salute the sky in a V shape while posing upright with their arms inward. With the NPC Thops, this emote is locked behind a questline.

Thops, who is in trouble, can be located at the Church of Irith. He is trying to re-enter Raya Lucaria Academy. But he needs a Glintstone Key to do that. The key required to access the Academy differs from this one. Instead, you can find this version within the Academy. 

What about Glintstone Key’s location

Beginning outside the Raya Lucaria Academy’s Debate Parlour Site of Grace, proceed to the open area with the big staircase and turn left.

Join the sorcerers as they ascend the steps, then jump over the railing to the next platform. From here, hop over the next fence to the Academy’s rooftops. Keep moving forward.

An enemy with wings and a sorcerer will greet you as you ascend the staircase. To reach the following rooftop, defeat them or evade them by moving to the right side of the skyscraper. Jump down to different roof eaves as you move towards the rounded, sloped rooftop.

How to complete Elden Ring’s Converted Tower puzzle

In order to solve the riddle on the Converted Tower and Converted Fringe Tower in Elden Ring, players must utilise the Erudition emote in front of the statue. Finding the emoticon in the first place is the main issue.

We must locate a second Glintstone Key in Raya Lucaria Academy to obtain the Erudition emote. One demands us to travel across the academy’s rooftops and is hidden in the rafters of the Church of the Cuckoo.

Elaborate upon Purchasing erudition and putting it to use. 

Return to Thops at the Church of Irith with your second Glintstone Key. Allow him to finish talking before handing him the Glintstone Key so he can give you the Erudition gesture. When you’re ready to utilise it, open your menu, replace an existing motion with Erudition, and choose it.

You now have the option of either carrying on with Thops’s questline or choosing to leave the area blissfully unknowingly while holding your brand-new emote.