How To Do Home Plumbing Inspection, Diagnosis & Check-Ups

plumbing inspection

Whatever the plumbing solutions you need, whether it is repairs, installation, upgrades, or just plumbing maintenance services, it is important to know all the basic information before you make an appointment for your home plumbing services. There are so many Plumbing service provider companies available in the market that promise to provide satisfactory and expectation services. 

When you book plumbing services from them and call them for your home plumbing repairs and solutions, they immediately respond and can be at your doorstep within 30 minutes. Thus, such companies made plumbing maintenance and services more reliable. They always appear on time and instantly start their work of inspecting and diagnosing plumbing related issues quickly and in an efficient manner. 

Those professional plumbers work on every necessary plumbing related repairs solution. They always quickly tune-up with plumbing solutions and make sure to wind up as well as clean all the area by themselves. Thus, such service providers make the plumbing solution work so easy, and one can easily do find them nearby their home.

As the job gets finished, expert plumbing professionals perform their extremely thorough Check-up of the work they have done as a complementary part. This check-up consists of a thorough inspection of the key areas of the household of your house plumbing system, ranging pipes and fixtures that are attached to the house and toilets drainage system. 

Always Hire Reliable Home Plumbing Service Providers

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What does the professional plumbing services handyman do after the inspection? After the inspection of your home plumbing system by the plumbing technician, they will give you the reports of the inspection they have made. They also recommend the list of plumbing fixes or upgrades if required further that is not included in the services for which you have called them. The check-ups they made are completely free. These inspections are designed in such a way that it will protect the pipes and keep their long-term health in order to keep you safe from any future inconvenience or costly breakdowns in your plumbing system.

The Checklist of House Plumbing Inspection Services 

plumbing inspection checklist

When suddenly any plumbing issues start erupting, the plumbers can help in solving any type of plumbing issue severity that hampers your household plumbing system. Those who take regular plumbing inspection of your key plumbing fixtures can help you spot and correct developing problems before they become such emergencies.

Predictably, the places where you should focus your inspection checklist are those rooms where there are many plumbing fixtures—the bathroom and kitchen. But don’t forget to check around the house for the other appliances and fixtures, ranging from the hose spigots outside the house to the water heater in the basement or utility area.

Speaking of basements, they are a critical part of any routine plumbing inspection. Water leaks, for example, may result in serious problems like mold growth and structural damage when undetected. To protect your investment, check out the best practices from experts on basement remodeling, including plumbing and considering an upflush toilet for the bathroom.

Plumbing Solutions For Bathroom

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In every house, the Bathroom is used by every member, and there is no such surprise that the bathroom most likely requires plumbing solutions.

  • Plumbing Solutions for Bathroom Faucets:The faucet of the sink, shower, and tub in the bathrooms of the house requires more attention than any other. It is important to check their leaks regularly within the frequent time durations. You can replace the cartridges or bad washers to solve the issue of dripping faucets. The water lines that are hidden in the bathroom walls for showers and tub drains can get problematic when these hidden leakages cause inside the walls and damages the bathroom walls even before starting noticing them or any spot appearing on the wall. These tub or shower pipe leakages often appear themselves on the wall with the signs of damage in the bathroom under plumbing pipes. Please pay attention to the operation of tub and shower faucets as you use them to run water. If you find the weak pressure of water or faucets irregular water spraying patterns, it is because of a layer of calcium buildup inside the aerator. One can easily clean and remove the layer of calcium from the aerator manually or can remove the layer by soaking the aerator in the vinegar.
  • Drainage System of Bathroom: Shower, Sink, and Tub drainage system of a bathroom are prone to get clogged by hair and soap. Instead of waiting for the drainage system to completely get blocked, you can periodically try to disassemble the drainage traps and remove the debris of soap, hair, and dirt from them. 
  • Clean and Repair Toilet: Toilets have many small working parts that can be torn off, cause many problems, and require instant repair solutions. To repair, you can remove the lid of the tank of the toilet and check what happens when you flush it. If the toilet flush continues to run instead of shutting off, it may cause the water to waste. 
  • Caulk Seal Of Bathroom: Even though the caulking that is around the showers and tubs isn’t actually “plumbing,” when tub and showers caulking fails, it makes the water of the bathtub get behind the bathroom walls and under the floor. This leads to water damage to the plumbing, which can be catastrophic. You should frequently check the caulk beads that are installed that are along bathroom floors and walls so that you can make sure that it is intact. Seal if there are any gaps with fresh caulking. 

Kitchen Plumbing Solutions

Another place in your house that requires plumbing solutions and maintenance services is the kitchen. As it gets regularly used for rinsing vegetables and fruits, washing dishes, or any other water-related, our kitchen faucets may get damaged, and sometimes the kitchen may require heavy plumbing solutions and fixtures. One must have to make inspections of all the plumbing fixtures of the kitchen and fix any kind of problems twice in a year.

  • Kitchen Sink Drainage System: The sink of the kitchen comes in lots of use by your mom or wife, or whosoever cooks in the house. And the most possible place where the leakages can appear is the sink of the kitchen. Keenly check the strainer where the leak is happening and P-trap the sink as the water drains out. When you use P-trap types of leakage fittings, it is required to be fit tightly, and strainer baskets need to be replaced as it begins to leaking or if it becomes corroded.
  • Kitchen Faucets. A leaky faucet in the kitchen can waste gallons of water every year. Keenly check the kitchen faucets as you use the faucet and operate the lever. If you find any leakages in the faucets, you should repair that instantly. 
  • Shut Off The Kitchen Valves: The shutoff valves helps in controlling the supply of water that comes to the dishwasher, sink faucet, and a water line for a refrigerator that is intended to shut off the water flow completely when they get closed. During the plumbing inspection, you have to close the valves tightly, and also you have to make sure that valves are operating as they intended. If the valves could not shut off the supply of water completely, then they need to be replaced with a new one.
  • Kitchen Dishwasher Solution: At the time of your plumbing inspection tour, take some extra minutes to check and listen to the actions of the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is filling slowly, then there is a problem in the hose that supplies the water or in the control of shutoff valves. And also, the process of draining is slow of the dishwasher or if the water remains in the bottom of the dishwasher after the drainage cycle gets over. In such cases, inspect the discharge of water from the hose for pinching or clogs.
  • Water Supply Lines for Kitchen Refrigerator: The filters of icemaker and water dispenser needed to be clean and replaced frequently. Most of the best manufacturers recommend replacing the filters twice times in a year. If the filters get clogged, it can block the flow of water to the icemaker or water dispenser. You should also check the supply of water from the hose to check the signs of tear and wear; replace the damage one immediately.

House Septic or Sewer Plumbing Solutions

plumbing maintenance

Block or Stoppage to the main sewer line or in the septic system can be a serious problem, and that also poses so many potential risks to health. One should take sewer and septic inspections and keep maintenance regularly, which best method to prevent any damages and require less repairing and plumbing solutions.

  • Regular Maintenance of Septic Systems: If you want to keep your septic system perfectly working and not get any problems, then regularly take the inspection process and take plumbing services regularly. Always turn off the tank system when it gets full. To make sure that the drainage system works well, avoid draining materials like food, bleach cleansers, or any other thing.
  • Maintain The Sewer System: Always take regular maintenance for sewer lines so that any blockages can be avoided in case the municipal lines serve your house lines. For those who face periodic blockages in the sewer lines, it usually happens due to tree roots that grow inside the sewer lines, thus it is important to take yearly snaking by the professional service providers so as to keep yourself away from such problems. 
  • Inspection of Vent pipelines: Vent pipes equalize the air pressure and gases of the vent sewer, they are an integral part of drainage and house sewer system.