How to choose a fashion watch for men?

guide to men's wristwatch

The choice of a mens watch is not like the choice of a male windbreaker, or a pair of shorts. There are different types of watches for men or various types of watches brands. Buying right watch for men requires some technical knowledge about the look, quality and type of watch. The choice of a good watch should not be made without taking into account these important points. Wondering how to choose watch for men? Here is the guide to men’s wristwatches.

The external appearance

First, and most important point of guide to men’s wristwatches is like any other article of masculine tendency, it must be taken into account that the watch must be selected according to its external appearance. This criterion generally depends on the image of the brand and the product it intends to offer. In terms of branding, more than half of the watchmakers around the world come from Switzerland. In relation to the visual aspect of the watch, it is the size of the dial and the clock in general that later should be considered. For this, it will be necessary to refer to the size of the wrist of the man who will wear it.

Fashion watch brands for men generally provide various sizes depending on the standards in force. You can find iwc portuguese, Rolex Cellini and many more. Therefore, there are clocks that adapt to each type of person. There are men who also prefer large watches and can find the most suitable size. In addition to size, there are other visual parameters that must be considered such as the style of the watch, its shape, colors, strap, and so on.

The mechanics of operation

We can distinguish mechanical clocks from electronic clocks. Mechanical watches work thanks to a spring system and other modern mechanical watches work through quartz. The mechanical clock settings can be manual or automatic.

Electronic watches work thanks to increasingly developed microprocessor technologies, physical memories and very complex screens. It is clear that a male look does not usually take these parameters into account. However, it is classic to wear a specific watch for a specific event.

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The watch category

On the other hand, wearing a specific watch for a specific activity or event generally depends on a male fashion culture, that is, there are special watches for golf, for the marathon, for big events, and so on.

The manufacturer

A watch is not bought in any way. Despite having some intuition, our board opts to select several types of watches brands taking into account their criteria of competence and excellence in terms of manufacturing. For example, Tissot, Tag Heuer, or Festina are considered as watch brands called sports. The most casual type of watches brands are Fossil, Hamilton and Boegli. It is advisable to learn about the values ​​of the brand through the opinions of the best experts.

The belt

Another essential point of the guide to men’s wristwatch is selecting the correct belt. The strap defines the look you want to give the style of clothing. If the metal is chosen, a safe virility is chosen. But if you are looking for resistance and a practical side, it is best to opt for the rubber strap that offers a slightly more sporty look. For a more chic look, leather or skin is ideal. In any case, do not forget that it is usually quite easy to change the watch strap for another.

The movement

There are three different types of movements, automatic, mechanical and finally quartz. The most widespread in the market is the movement based on quartz. With the help of a battery, the quartz movement is very effective, and above all very simple. Simply buy a new battery once the old one has been used up. The great watchmaking houses of the world use the automatic movement that is also the most expensive.

The mechanical movement brings several complications such as the third functions of the watch that can be deregulated if it is not worn every day. Our advice is to opt for a mixed clock, that is, a combination of mechanical movement and automatic movement.