How to Get Compensated for Personal Injuries Caused by Dog Bite? 


Dog bite laws may differ from one state to the next. Dog owners may be held financially accountable for bites or other injuries that occur when their dogs are allowed to run uncontrolled in violation of municipal leash rules or when their canines are considered to be potentially dangerous.

What Is the Common Dog Bite Rule in the USA?

According to the dog bite law in most states of America, dog owners have a legal obligation to keep their pets under control. They are strictly accountable and may be held financially liable for injuries caused by their uncontrolled or leashed dogs, regardless of whether or not they were aware that the dog could cause harm to another person in the first place.

Along the sides of caring for your physical and emotional rehabilitation from your injuries, the dog bite law ensures your financial recovery as well. So, this means that if you or your loved one is bitten and injured by a dog, a Georgia Dog Bite Lawyer can efficiently help you hold the negligent dog owner responsible for your medical bills, lost incomes, as well as other damages related to the attack. In addition to providing expert legal representation, such an attorney can bring a personal touch to their client’s cases.

A Dog Owner’s Liability for a Bite or Attack 

We commonly hear that a dog is a man’s best friend, but that isn’t necessarily true in many cases. Poorly raised, abused, or territorial dogs can inflict significant injuries on its victim. If ever you came across an aggressive dog and were attacked, you may be entitled to compensation from the dog’s owner. 

For a successful dog bite claim, you must show: 

  • The dog was allowed to attack you
  • You suffered physical and/or mental harm, as well as financial loss, as a result of the attack.
  • Compensation may be able to make up for your losses.

The personal injury law is based on the idea of comparative negligence, which means that the court will consider the amount of contribution you made to your injuries when determining your damages. If it is found that you are at fault partially, the amount of compensation awarded by a jury will be lowered in proportion to your share of the responsibility. If you are judged to be partially responsible for your injuries, you may still be entitled to financial compensation.

An expert dog bite lawyer would dispute the claim’s facts and attempt to lessen the impact of any evidence that implicated you in the wrongdoing. The majority of dog bite claims are resolved through talks with insurance companies.

How Dog Bite Compensation Works

If the dog’s owner is an acquaintance, you may be hesitant to bring a dog bite case. It is perfectly normal to feel this hesitancy as the widespread fallacy is that when you file a dog bite lawsuit, you are suing the dog owner, and they will have to pay out of their pocket. But that is not how the compensation system works. People with dogs often acquire homeowner insurance that includes coverage for their dogs while living in the home. When things go wrong, insurance policies step in and take care of the situation by covering damages, including those caused by dog bite injuries. So rest assured that the money does not come from the owner’s pocket.

Once you file the claim, the compensation amount will be calculated, keeping several elements in mind. Your medical costs, any lost wages, and your pain and suffering will be the most important considerations in determining how much compensation you will receive. In addition, you will be reimbursed for any expenses incurred due to the dog attack. This could involve physical therapy, psychotherapy, and other services.

One of the best effective ways is to follow some general rules for evidence collection to ensure you receive a full and equitable settlement. You must call animal control or the police to the site to make a detailed report about what occurred. Animal control will obtain additional information about the dog, including whether or not the animal has been vaccinated. It’ll also help keep the contact information of any witnesses who can testify on your behalf. Also, remember to take pictures of everything that you think is important, such as the dog, your injuries, and the surrounding environment, for your records.

Gather all the evidence available and bring your case to the attention of a professional dog bite lawyer as soon as possible. It only helps to start work immediately as you only have two years from the date of your dog bite to file a lawsuit. So, you don’t wait to file your complaint any longer than necessary.

How Can a Dog Bite Lawyer Help After an Attack?

Do you know that approximately 4.5 million dog bite incidents occur in the States each year? If a dog has bitten you, an informed dog bite lawyer can help you recover compensation for your injuries.

A professional dog bite lawyer will:

Identify the parties who are liable (usually this is the dog owner or the person responsible for keeping the dog under control)  

  • Assess the full extent of your dog bite injuries
  • Gather evidence to make a compelling argument
  • Calculate the amount of compensation according to your losses
  • Negotiate a settlement amount
  • Represent you in court (if necessary)  

Most importantly, a lawyer files a dog bite lawsuit within the statute of limitations two years from the attack date. In case you fail to file your claim within this time, your case will be rejected without any second thought to your losses and expenses. But when you hire an attorney, they take prompt legal actions and ensure you get your rightful dues.  

How to Find out If Eligible for Dog Bite Claim?

If you are one of those unfortunates bitten by a dog, you have the right to sue for damages. Claiming compensation for a dog bite injury, on the other hand, is not always easy. The dog owner or the insurance company may try to deny the victims the compensation they are entitled to. Contact a dog bite lawyer immediately to help you establish your eligibility for compensation and work with you on your case.