How To Get From Vancouver To Victoria: Which One Is Better?


Travelling from Vancouver to Victoria and then to other cites, is a dream for everyone. When someone talks about Canada, the first thought of cities that comes to mind is Vancouver and Victoria and how to get from Vancouver to Victoria.

Undoubtedly, Canada is an amazing country in all aspects. However, in order to settle in these two cities is a different story. You have to check a lot of factors before moving there. However, both are good cities, in different aspects.

However, both Vancouver and Victoria have their charm and beauty. Therefore, it is not easy to choose one of them if you decide on a Canadian province or a city to live in.

Before choosing any country, you should make priorities, preferences, and long-term goals. In case you are stuck between the two British Columbia Cities, Victoria and Vancouver, you need to compare their economic conditions:

  • Educational opportunities
  • Health care
  • Real estate price
  • Cost Of living
  • Other considerations. 

If you are looking for an answer to the questions: where are Vancouver and Victoria? What is their living standard? Then you are on the right page here. We will provide you with all the information and clear your doubts. Afterward, the decision should be yours. Learn about these deciding factors:

All you need to know about Vancouver

Vancouver is located on the Western coast of Canada, the mainland of British Columbia. It is only 50 KM north of the U.S. border.

Being one of North America‘s most livable and charming cities, there are not enough words to define the beauty of Vancouver.

As per Mercer, a data provider of International Employment, after Austria, Switzerland, Zurich, and Vienna, Vancouver is the third best city in the world in terms of standard of living.

A mixture of people from different cultures, ethnicities, and racial backgrounds made it a densely populated country. It ranked the third most populous city in Canada. According to the UN Population Projections, Vancouver’s metro population is 2,581,000. 

Deciding factors in Vancouver

Now, it’s time to discuss the deciding factors for Vancouver like: 

  • Economy
  • Educational opportunities
  • Health care
  • Real estate price
  • Cost Of living
  • Other considerations

Stay tuned till the end of the article to gain all important information.

Economic Factors:

Vancouver is a developed city with a booming economy, according to InterNation Go, the relocation service company.

There is no shortage of jobs for living in the field of healthcare, technology, education, finance, and many others.


Vancouver has the most competitive salary in the country of Canada, which makes Vancouver the first choice for a person to live.

The average annual salary of the city of Vancouver is 41,140USD or 56,000CAD.

Whereas, for skilled workers, the average wage of a metro area is 15.36USD or 20.90CAD (per hour wage). And for those who are not skilled enough, the average wage can be low, with a minimum wage of 10.30USD or 14 CAD/ hour.

Hence, Vancouver is considered an expensive city in Canada to live in. Apart from the salary, you are taxed higher than your earnings. As per the data of 2019, the income tax on the average income of 40,000CAD in British Columbia is 5.06%.

Real estate price:

Vancouver has a very overpriced real estate market and housing. Therefore, it is somewhat difficult to manage if your pay is low and you will lose half of your savings in rent.

Otherwise, you must live in the outskirts of town, an hour-long distance from your workplace. 

Currently, the average rent of a single-bedroom apartment in the city is 1900-2000 CAD, which means 1400-1500USD.


In Vancouver, health care ranks high internationally; it is very extensive. As long as you are a resident of Canada, you will get a Universal Public Health Care System. It is not free, however, they pay through their taxes.

Education System

The education system of Vancouver is excellent. It is also a hub of education for international students. In some institutes in the city, education is free and ranks high on the international level.

Other Considerations:

If you are a nature lover, Vancouver is the best place to live in. It has North shore mountains, beaches, and other beautiful sites

Crime Rate:

Vancouver has a safety index of 63.35, a fairly safe city. On the other hand, the crime rate is 36.65, which is quite high. Also, violence against women and the use of drugs on the street is quite common in Vancouver.

After a detailed discussion of the city of Vancouver, let us know some facts about the city of Victoria.

All you need to know about Victoria

Victoria, the capital of British Columbia and the city of gardens, with a perfect climate, had 3.4 billion blooms in 2018. It is located on the south-most tip of Vancouver Island, the country’s pacific coast. 

It is one of the best sites and places in terms of economy, work, climate, life-standard, and amenities. 

If you decide to move to Victoria, it is the safest and most tranquil city in Canada. 

According to the Canadian Census of 2022, the Victoria region has a population of 3,94,000.

If we talk about the climate, then it has the mildest climate. In other words, it has warm summers with an offshore breeze. 

Unfortunately, there is less rain, and the spring comes earlier after the winter in most of Canada. In the whole year, you can enjoy around 308 rain-free days.

Deciding factors in Victoria

Economic Factors:

As per the data of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, the city economy of Victoria is diverse and has small and medium businesses.

The leading industry in Vancouver is technology, with annual revenue of USD2.31 billion or CAD3.15 billion and even more.

Victoria’s education, health, agriculture, marine, and construction sectors are gradually rising. If we talk about the tourism industry, it has an annual contribution of more than CAD 2 billion to the region’s economy.


The wages are lower than in Vancouver. The minimum wage in Victoria is USD 10.73/hour or CAD 14.60/hour.

Overall, the average salary is USD 43,344 or CAD59,000.

Real estate:

Victoria’s cost of living is high, considered one of the top-most five most expensive cities in Canada. The other four cities are Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and Quebec City. 

A one-bedroom apartment costs around CAD 1400 or USD1000/month. Hence, living costs you higher, and your earnings are comparatively low.

Education system:

Surprisingly, this city has a higher number of international students. Living in Victoria gives you access to a high-quality education system in Canada.

Health care:

The health care system of Victoria provides high-quality prevention and treatment. If you are a resident of the country, you can get free treatment in public hospitals. 

Crime Rate:

In terms of crime rate, Victoria is compatible with Vancouver city.

Victoria has a safety index of 66.65, whereas the crime index is 33.36, which is not good.

Other considerations:

Victoria city is known for its architectural heritage and stunning gardens. Apart from all these beauties, dining and shopping options are great.

Final Words: Victoria or Vancouver?

We have elaborated on all the deciding factors of Vancouver and Victoria. Now, we will make a favorable comparison between Vancouver and Victoria. 

Victoria has a calmer pace of life than Vancouver. Also, Victoria has a calm, more pleasant environment than Vancouver.

Rent prices, dining prices, and groceries are higher in Vancouver. Undoubtedly, living in Victoria is relatively cheaper than in Vancouver. Also, the purchasing power in Victoria is higher.

Vancouver is a populated city, hence busier. It is more culturally diverse and less conventional. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the capital of British Columbia?

British Columbia’s capital is Victoria, also known as the city of gardens. 

Where is Vancouver?

Vancouver is a city located on the Western coast of Canada, the mainland of British Columbia. It is only 50 KM north of the U.S. border.

What city in Canada is known as the city of gardens?

Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is known as the city of gardens.

Is Vancouver expensive?

According to the Demographia International Housing Affordability Report of 2020, Vancouver is the 2nd most expensive city in the world. Hence, it is expensive to live.


In this article, we have discussed how to get from Vancouver to Victoria and everything about the differences between the cities. Both cities are great in terms of living, cultural density, natural beauty, transit, and all other aspects. Therefore, if you decide to move to Canada, it should be your choice after reading this article. If you have any doubt regarding this article, you can ask in the comment box.