4 Ways to Put Your Newly Finished Basement to Good Use


The decision to call in the professionals and have the basement finished was a good one. Thanks to the recommendations made by the team from Penguin Basements, the space is now ready to be used for all sorts of purposes. Which one would work best for your family? Here are four suggestions to help you get started.

The Family Room You’ve Always Wanted

Every household needs space that can be a little more casual than the rest. You do like to keep the main rooms in order just in case someone should drop by. At the same time, it would be nice to have space where the family could relax and not feel the need to tidy up when someone is on the way for a visit.

This is where the basement comes into the picture. Convert the space into a family room where it’s fine to have snacks out while watching television, keep throw pillows for playing games on the floor, and in general enjoying some down time. If guests do drop by, you can visit with them in the living room where everything is in order.

A Place for Guests to Sleep

What happens when you have overnight company? Do they end up sleeping on the sofa in the den? Maybe one of the kids doubles up with a sibling so the guest can use a bedroom. While this may be okay for a night, it gets old when the guest will be around for a few days.

You could take your finished basement and convert it into a guest bedroom. With the right colors and furnishings, it becomes a cozy and inviting place to sleep. If your guest tends to keep different hours from the rest of the family, a guest room in the basement means the visitor can remain up and enjoy television while the rest of the household sleeps.

Space to Work on Your Home Business

Many people like the idea of generating second incomes but find committing to a part-time job difficult. That’s especially so when the your full-time job means working different hours every week. One solution is to create your own home business and work it around your primary job’s schedule.

Things are a lot easier when you have space set aside to work on that home business. It’s not unusual for homeowners to finish basements in Cambridge and then set up offices in those spaces. The result is that you have a place to work that’s removed from the other rooms. That provides the peace and quiet you need to get work done and begin to generate that extra income.

A Game Room for the Kids (and the Adults)

If the kids like games but there’s not a lot of spare room in their bedrooms, consider setting up the basement as a place where video game equipment can be set up permanently. A large screen plus places to keep games and controllers organized will do the trick. Some comfortable seating for the kids and they can entertain themselves for hours.

The adults don’t have to miss out on the fun. If you and your friends like board and card games, set up a table or two in the basement. While the kids are enjoying the video games at one end of the space, you and the other adults can be playing whatever game you like at the other end. Consider setting up a kitchenette so everyone has access to beverages and snacks without having to go upstairs.

These are just a few examples of what can be done with a finished basement. Think about how the space could benefit your family and start outfitting the space. Before long, you’ll wonder why it took so long to call a professional and have the basement finished.