How to get that festive feeling on your next Cornwall holiday


As the holiday season approaches, you’ll notice that plenty of locations around the UK are beginning to transform into a wonderland filled with festive cheer.

You can encounter some of the most magical experiences in the UK county of Cornwall, where you can indulge in its stunning landscape and vibrant culture.

If you’re planning on a range of holidays in Cornwall during this festive season, then here’s how to get into the spirit this year…

  • Experience Christmas by the sea

Cornwall’s beautiful coastline has an extra layer of magic during the festive holiday season, sprinkled with some beach fun.

During this period, you can take some leisurely walks along the numerous beaches that are adorned with sparkling lights.

You could even join a guided coastal tour where you’ll be shown the spectacular cliffs and coves that cover this county.

And with so much more to explore during this festive season, what’s first on your to-do list?

  • Visit the Christmas markets

As well as exploring the beaches during this festive time, there are plenty of other things to get you into the festive spirit.

Cornwall hosts a range of gorgeous Christmas markets and fairs that are sure to get you into the holiday spirit, as they simply offer everything you could ever wish for – one to add to your list is Truro’s big Christmas market!

You can explore the various stalls that are full of handmade crafts, unique gift ideas, and local produce – whatever festive items you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find them!

As you walk through the stalls you’ll get scents of hot chocolate, mulled wine, and freshly made Christmas treats, all with a backdrop of stunning lighting and music.

There’s no better way to prepare for Christmas than a Christmas market whilst you’re on holiday and Cornwall is the place to go for some of the best ones around!

  • Try out some festive Cornish traditions

Whilst you’re on holiday, you may want to fully immerse yourself into the location you’re staying at, and there’s no better culture to immerse yourself in than in Cornwall, especially during the festive season.

You can discover the local folklore and stories that surround Christmas festivities in this county, like the one that revolves around eating Stargazy Pie.

And with plenty more stories coming from the rich history that surrounds Cornwall, you never know what you might learn whilst on holiday!

  • Enjoy the Christmas comforts

After a day of exploring the festivities that transform the county of Cornwall, there’s no better feeling than heading back to unwind within your chosen holiday accommodation.

You can choose from caravans, lodges, and much more, which you can decorate to really bring out the festive feel!

Take in the picturesque views of Cornwall as you cosy up with your loved ones, ready for another day of festive explorations…

There are many ways to get that festive feeling during your next getaway, so will you be spending this year’s Christmas season within a Cornwall holiday resort?