ELECTRO CRYSTAL LOCATIONS : Where can i find electro crystals?


It’s simple to pass by Electro Crystal locations on your travels because they’re among the resources in the game that aren’t used very often. However, you never know if you might want them to make a couple of electroporation. In Genshin Impact, Electro Crystal genshin impact is a common resource, although depending on where you are in the game, they could be hard to find and gather. We’ll demonstrate how to break Electro Crystals and where to look for them.

Since its premiere in September, Genshin Impact has swept the globe. The cooperative game, which supports four players, is freely playable on PC, iOS, Android, PS4, the upcoming PS5, Nintendo Switch, and other platforms. You can see what you should anticipate from the game by comparing it to Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

As a result, the game emphasizes gathering resources to make food, weapons, and other things.

‘Electro Crystal genshin impact’ is a common resource, although depending on where you are in the game, they could be hard to find and gather. With Electro Crystals, you may specifically forge or create the following things:-

  • NRE (Menu 30): a carry-on pack of food Increases each party member’s ability to use gadgets.
  • For 300 seconds, electro-resistance will increase by 25%. 
  • Shocking Essential Oil—for 300 seconds, all party members’ electro damage is increased by 25%.


Electro Crystal: What Is It? 

In the Modstadt region in Cape Oath, Electro Crystal is predominantly located beneath mountain cliffs. 

You ought to transform into a fire elemental character, like Amber or Xiangling, to break the rocks and obtain the Electro Crystal. 

The following objects can be forged using the Electro Crystal: 

The Best Places:-

Oath of Cape 

Cape Oath is among the most well-known places to find Electro Crystals. It’s going to be simple to follow because there are many Electro Slimes, there is a strong breeze, and it is near the Electro Hypostasis. 

The abode of Stormterror 

One of the best places to find Electro Crystals is Stormterror’s Lair. It can also be difficult to stay calm in this area, but keep going by following the ledge as it’s circular.

Official MiHoYo Interactive Map 

It should be no surprise that the official MiHoYo map is the finest resource for precise Electro Crystal locations/placements.

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What Is The Location Of Electro Crystal genshin impact? 

In the Modstadt region in Cape Oath, Electro Crystal is usually located beneath mountain cliffs. 

You have to transform into a fire elemental character, like Amber or Xiangling, to smash the rocks and obtain the Electro Crystal.

  • Only an Overloaded Reaction can be created to obtain Electro Crystals. Overloaded is activated when the Pyro and Electro components are combined, causing a significant AoE detonation. 
  • In addition, you can utilize the Anemo Swirl talent to start Overloaded when you have a Pyro supply nearby the Electro Crystals. 
  • You’ll have such a great time if a Hilichurl comes rushing towards you with a blazing club, and they also happen to find an Electro Crystal genshin impact along the way.
  • Then when you’ve found the crystals, keep your distance from them unless their static electricity will hurt you in a circle around them. 
  • Electro slimes have also been reported to be drawn to electro crystals. Have one or more pyro characters ready to battle slimes and collect crystals if you wish to harvest these particular crystals.

Electro Crystal Monstadt Locations

Around Monstadt, many Electro Crystal locations are found reasonably close together. Because of its friendly terrain and pleasant climate, it’s the simplest place to farm the Crystals because it’s simple to see the shining Electro from a distance.

Electro Crystal Liyue Locations

Even though Liyue doesn’t have many Electro Crystals, it still offers a pleasant farming environment if you want to be in the area. 

A vendor by the name of Changshun may be found in Liyue Harbor, next to the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. She replenishes her inventory daily and sells five Electro Crystal for 1,500 Mora apiece.

Inazuma Electro Crystal Locations

Although Inazuma has a fair amount of Electro Crystals, farming there can be more difficult due to the region’s dynamics (certain Crystals are stuck inside obstacles) and the region’s staggering landscape. 

Alternatively, you can speak with Qiuyue, the Branch Manager of the Chuyu Trading Firm in Ritu. The stock is refreshed every 3 days, and she sells five Electro Crystal for one thousand Mora each.

Methods for Mining/Breaking Electro Crystal!

Electro Crystals cannot be extracted with Geo or powerful Physical Attacks, unlike other ores. Instead, trigger the Overload Response with a Pyro Elemental Skill to break the Crystals for looting. 

If your world has run out of Electro Crystals and you urgently need more, you can go to a friend’s and steal from them. But remember to acquire approval beforehand!


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about “electro crystal locations”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

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Q1) what is the best place to find electro crystals?

Ans- In the Modstadt area in Cape Oath, Electro Crystal is found mainly beneath mountain cliffs.

Q2) Who sells electro crystals in genshin?

Ans- In Genshin Impact, there seem to be various electro crystal locations. Additionally, certain NPCs market Electro Crystals.

Q3) how do you break an electro stone?

Ans- 1. Bring Amber into your group. 

2. When you spot a crystal, you can use amber elemental assault by pressing R on a computer or L2/LT on an Xbox or PlayStation 4. Aim for the crystal’s center.

Q4) Are Electro Crystals Resuscitated? 

Ans- Electro Crystal seems to have a slower respawn period due to its rarity.

Q5) How many electro Sigils are available? 

Ans- Nevertheless, you may receive 5 Electro Sigils for every Domain you clear, for a total of 25 Sigils, as part of these rewards.