Who is Lexi Rivera dating?

Who is Lexi Rivera dating?

Who is Lexi Rivera dating? American social media superstar Lexi Rivera, located in Los Angeles, has 6.80 million subscribers on YouTube and 18.5 million on TikTok. Lexi Rivera, who is 19 years old, has a height of 5’6″ and a weight of 52 kg. John Rivera and Laura Rivera are the names of her mom and dad.

Her mom is a stay-at-home mother, while her father owns a shop. Four siblings who are well-known social media personalities are named Blake Rivera, Brent Rivera, and Brice Rivera. Lexi’s hips measure 32 inches; her hips measure 25 inches, and her chest measures 34 inches. Her hair color and emerald eyes are a beautiful combination.

 Lexi Rivera’s boyfriend

According to rumors, influencer Andrew Davila is connected to Lexi Rivera. The pair know each other since a long time and routinely collaborate on social networking sites’ clips, even if the claims are never confirmed. The fact that Lexi posted a video on her YouTube channel titled “My Ex Meets My New Boyfriend” gave people the impression that she was seeing Andrew. 

In 2018, when Amp Studios was established and artists were partnering with the business, Lexi met Ben Azelart. Ben claimed that they remained silent for the initial six months after the meeting. But in 2019, they realized they adored one another and began a relationship. The two made appearances in each other’s posts on social media during 2019 and 2021, as well as in Brent Rivera’s videos.

There is considerable conjecture that they might see one another due to these few factors. Two weeks ago, Lexi posted a clip to her YouTube account titled “MY EX MEETS MY NEW BOYFRIEND,” tricking her ex, Ben Azelart, into believing she and Andrew were dating. Mind you, given that they are all pals; this could be stunning information. But we must admit that they behaved pretty convincingly! Perhaps it was nearly too plausible? The pair have been recording together on TikTok recently, with people asking whether there is anything going on, even though she says they are simply “very good friends” at the start of the video.

In the film, she reportedly played a practical joke on her ex, Ben Azelart, by making him believe she was seeing Andrew.

Additionally, she claims that regardless of the hoax, the pair are merely buddies at the beginning of the clip. Since he frequently records TikToks with Lexi for their profiles, supporters say they are dating.

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Lately, Lexi ended her relationship.

Ben and Lexi dated for a few years. Ben is a social media influencer who also uploads humorous videos on TikTok and YouTube. Ben and Lexi discussed their decision to break up in a video titled “We Broke Up” that Lexi posted on her YouTube account in December 2020. The footage has so far received over 6.5 million hits. 

Are Ben and Lexi still dating? 

They are not, though. Relationships usually have one defining characteristic: they either succeed or fail. In December 2020, they made their breakup public on YouTube.

How old is Lexi Rivera now?

A well-known TikTok and YouTube sensation goes by the name Lexi Rivera, although her real name is Alexa Brooke Rivera. The well-known online celebrity publishes videos of herself and her brother, Brent Rivera, performing athletics.

20-year-old Lexi is well-known for sharing swimwear peeks with her 7.5 million Instagram followers. Since she is both skilled and beautiful, her male supporters are concerned about her present social relationship. Therefore, in the following paragraphs, we’ll cover everything you want to understand regarding their connection.

 Are Lexi and Andrew dating? 

Her ex-boyfriend, Ben Azelart, works as a social media personality.

He has nearly 8 million subscribers on YouTube and over 5.7 million Instagram followers. They reportedly partnered intermittently starting at 16, announcing their breakup on YouTube with a documentary called We Broke Up.

In reaction to their separation, Ben said, “I believe what was tough was that we wanted to keep your fans happy and, in addition, to make ourselves happy.” However, I think we fell short of doing both in the end. Additionally, he said that they each required “individual” space.

In the comment board of the viral video Lexi uploaded, several fans couldn’t realize Lexi was just not seeing Andrew in actual situations. One YouTube user commented, “Started realizing how every video she teases Ben, like something flirtatious or whatever, she constantly uses Andrew lol.” “Lexi and Andrew are only friends, yet you never know how love may end,” said another. “Oh my, they’re in love.”


Lexi Rivera is said to be single as of 2022, but she supposedly dated YouTuber Ben Azelart from 2019 to 2021. She has also been connected to Andrew Davila. Considering the nature of her work, there isn’t much regarding Lexi Rivera that we don’t know. 

The social networking celebrity, who has almost six million subscribers on YouTube and over five million subscribers on both TikTok and Instagram, has always been open and honest about what is going on in her existence. She frequently features her parents in her work. She has also not kept her followers in the shadows about relationships, so that’s another aspect.

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Frequently asked questions:

What is the income of Lexi Rivera?

It’s estimated that Lexi Rivera is earning $2.6 million. A well-known Youtuber and social networking site influencer, Lexi Rivera. She currently has seven million followers on the platform, which is a sizable number. She also enjoys a sizable following on TikTok and Instagram, which increases her chances of making additional money.

What is the age gap between Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera?

Since Azelart was born in February 2002 while Lexi was born in July 2001, the age gap between them is 9 months.

Why did Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart split up?

Azelart and Rivera split up because they no longer found their romance joyful and felt like they were acting for the cameras.