How to Lower Cholesterol Quickly and Naturally? – Here are Amazing Natural Ways to Reduce Cholesterol Levels

how to lower cholesterol quickly, foods that lower cholesterol fast

Seeking how to lower cholesterol quickly? Here is all you need to know regarding high cholesterol symptoms, causes, and natural ways to lower cholesterol levels. We have also got a list of foods that can help you lower cholesterol fast.

 Higher cholesterol levels mean a higher risk of heart diseases. Nevertheless, the good news is that you can control your cholesterol levels easily. You can reduce your bad cholesterol that is LDL cholesterol, and can increase your good cholesterol that is HDL cholesterol. All you need to do is manage a healthy lifestyle by making some simple changes. 

What is Cholesterol? 

Cholesterol is a type of fat that is found in the blood. Cholesterol is needed by our cells to function normally, and our body produces cholesterol. However, we get extra cholesterol from oily and fatty foods. When the amount of cholesterol increases more than the required amount in the body, it begins building up the arteries. This condition refers to atherosclerosis, which further leads to issues like strokes, heart attacks, and blood clots. The condition of having higher cholesterol is medically known as hypercholesterolemia. Mainly two types of cholesterol are found in the body.

  1. HDL (High-Density Lipoproteins) – HDL is the good cholesterol found in the body, and it reduces the risk of developing strokes and heart disease. 
  2. LDL (Low-Density Lipoproteins) – LDL refers to the bad cholesterol present in the body, and it increases the risk of strokes and heart diseases. 

What are High Cholesterol Symptoms?

A higher cholesterol level does not have symptoms, but it can increase the risk of conditions like high blood pressure, stroke, angina (chest pain due to heart disease). 

In most of the cases, people do not know about high cholesterol until they get themselves tested. In some of the cases, people find about their higher levels of cholesterol only after suffering from a heart attack or stroke. 

What are the Causes of High Cholesterol?

There could be varied causes of high cholesterol. Below mentioned are some of the common causes of high cholesterol. 

  1. Family History – Individuals having a family history of high cholesterol are prone to high cholesterol levels. 
  2. Foods loaded with Trans and Saturated Fats – Consuming foods having higher levels of trans and saturated fats increase bad cholesterol or LDL levels. 
  3. Age – After the age of 20 years, cholesterol levels usually begin to rise.  
  4. Inactivity – Being inactive and not exercising sufficiently increases the LDL and HDL levels.
  5. Overweight – Being overweight can reduce good cholesterol levels and can increase bad cholesterol levels. 

How to Lower Cholesterol Quickly?  

If you are thinking about how to lower cholesterol quickly using natural remedies, there here is a list of natural ways to lower cholesterol level. 

  1. Vitamins 

Vitamins C, B3, and E are known to decrease serum cholesterol levels. Vitamin C is highly beneficial to reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol. Additionally, vitamin B3 and E helps in combating the symptoms of atherosclerosis by decreasing the buildup cholesterol present in your arteries. Foods loaded with these vitamins include green leafy vegetables, almonds, tuna, sweet potato, and mushroom. These foods are at the top of the list of foods that lower cholesterol fast and are one of the best foods for good heart health.



2. Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is beneficial to enhance the levels of good cholesterol in the body, which in turn helps in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol. Coconut oil also helps in providing protection against heart diseases by keeping the weight under control. 


All you need to do is add coconut oil in your favorite salads and dishes. You can also directly consume a tablespoon of coconut oil in the morning. Additionally, you can use coconut oil for cooking your food every day. It is one of the best natural ways to lower cholesterol levels. 

3. Yogurt

Probiotic yogurt is loaded with good bacteria that are known for improving gut health. Probiotic yogurt plays an essential role in reducing the levels of cholesterol naturally. 


how to lower cholesterol quickly, foods that lower cholesterol fast

All you need to do is consume a bowl of probiotic yogurt every day to get the best results. 

4. Garlic

Garlic is loaded with a compound, namely allicin, which is released when you crush the garlic. Allicin is known to decrease the levels of cholesterol naturally. Garlic is one of the best foods that lower cholesterol fast naturally. In order to consume garlic, add cloves of minced garlic to your salads. You can also add garlic cloves to your everyday meal. In addition to this, you can chew peeled garlic cloves.


5. Fish Oil

Fish oil is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming fish oil on a regular basis is one of the most effective ways to reduce the levels of cholesterol in the body. It is a perfect solution to how to lower cholesterol quickly. Fish oil also reduces the risk of heart diseases. 

natural ways to lower cholesterol levels

In order to consume fish oil, you can eat tuna, salmon, sardines, and mackerel as they are a rich source of fish oil. You can also consume fish oil by taking fish oil supplements

  1. Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit juice is a rich source of proteins and a wide range of nutrients that contain amazing benefits. It provides the body with fiber, vitamin C, and minerals such as potassium and magnesium. The excellent nutrition compositions, along with robust antioxidants, are highly beneficial to lower the cholesterol levels in the body. 

natural ways to lower cholesterol levels

All you need to do is consume a glass of fresh grapefruit juice after every meal. It is an effective natural way to lower cholesterol levels effectively.

  1. Pomegranate Juice

It is one of the effective foods that lower cholesterol fast. Pomegranate is a rich source of antioxidants and has higher levels of antioxidants as compared to red wine and green tea. These antioxidants help in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol. Pomegranates also help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

natural ways to lower cholesterol levels


In order to consume pomegranate, all you need to do is drink a juice of pomegranate juice every day at least 1-2 times for better results. 


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