7 Best Crime Junkie Episodes That Will Give You Goosebumps

best Crime Junkie episodes

Are you looking for the best Crime Junkie episodes? Over the past decade, podcasts have witnessed a steady increase in their popularity, mainly due to people getting busier day by day. Nothing can be more relaxing than an audio story playing behind you while you do menial works like cooking, cleaning, or even driving back home after a long day at the office. Crime is one of the most popular podcast genres that is getting very popular among the audience, especially when it comes to podcasts with mind-numbing episodes like Crime Junkie Episodes.

Crime junkie host Ashley Flowers has become very popular in the true crime community, and the number of her fans is steadily going up. The main reason behind her increasing popularity is her excellent storytelling abilities and smooth voice that takes you to another world when you hear the best Crime Junkie episodes.

First aired in 2017 by the hosts Ashley and Brit Prawat, crime junkie comes with a new episode every week on Monday. The podcast show has risen to one of the best true crime podcasts and has covered many topics in its episodes, from serial killer stories, unsolved mysteries, unknown investigations, etc.

If you too want to become a part of the show’s loyal fans, then dont forget to check this list of 7 Best Crime Junkie Episodes.

Discover the best of Crime Junkie with this list of 10 Best Crime Junkie Episodes That will give you full-body chills.

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This is one of those episodes that unfolds in flaps and leads you to a conclusion very slowly in the end.

In “MURDERED: THE POWELL FAMILY,” the character Susan Powell goes missing on a day in early December of the year 2000, and Josh, her husband, becomes the prime suspect for the police because of his confusing stories about the case and careless attitude towards his wife’s sudden disappearance.

After thoroughly digging up for this case of the Powell Family, when the police are all set to declare Josh responsible for his wife’s disappearance, that is when the tragedy strikes, making the jaws of the listeners drop open.

Listen to the full podcast of this Crime Junkie Episode to know more about the Powell Family’s tragedy.


Discover the best of Crime junkie with this two-part crime series, where the hosts Ashley and Brit deeply dive into the horrific murder of Laci Peterson and the baby in her womb.

The case is set in the year 2002 when Laci Peterson went missing, and later her husband Scott was arrested and sentenced to death for murdering her own wife. But this case that is considered open and shut by many isn’t that simple. Scott’s family has maintained their and their sons innocent throughout the case, and the story reloves around the question, “was Scott really responsible for the murder of his wife, Laci.”

The thorough analysis of this show by the hosts will make these crime junkie episodes your favorite.


The Long Island Serial Killer is an unsolved case that is not solved till today.

 After the disappearance of escort Shannan Gilbert, the police began searching about the case. They found multiple bodies on the south shore of Long Island, making the cops realize that they were probably not dealing with a single murder case, and there was so much more to it.

The episode has many stories about the possible killers of the bodies at long island. Still, the theory that the place was being used by two different serial killers as a dumping ground is the most relevant one.

Listen to this podcast to give a thrilling experience to your boring life.


Reported as one of the most unforgettable episodes by many crime junkies; this one is a must to hear. In 2013 Bryce disappeared only two weeks after returning to university, and his behavior before going missing had been very strange, and on the day he disappeared, he had spent almost 13 hours in his car and refused to explain the reason behind this strange behavior.

Listen to the podcast to know what exactly went wrong with Bryan before he went missing. Did somebody kidnap him? Was he alive? Where did he go? 


The episode begins with the discovery of the dead body of 17-year-old Kendrick wrapped in a gym mat at his school. While his death was ruled as an accidental one by the police officials, his family refuses to agree and considers it to be murder.

After a second investigation in January 2022 at the local level, no evidence is found that would prove it to be a case of murder.

Was this an accident, or is the police missing something? Find the answers to all your questions by hearing one of the Best crime junkie episodes.

  B.W.B.R.S.A.: Operation Fireball

The episode is all about an incident that happened when a young woman met a man, and he invited her for dinner at a nearby restaurant. After that, he texts her that he’s running a bit late and asks them if she could order them two shots of Fireball. What happens during the course of this simple-looking episode is going to make you feel very uneasy.

We’ll not give you any spoilers, so go and listen to it yourself.

WANTED: Killer on the High Bridge

This one is about the murder of two teen girls near Indiana; though it is an unsolved mystery, the recordings in one of the victim’s phones might lead the police to arrest him.

No one knows who he is and why did he murder the two girls.

Listen to the episode and let us know what happened next.

Discover the best of Crime junkie by watching these best ones. We hope you liked reading the article and are now all set to hear these mind-numbing crime stories. Let us know how you liked these episodes.

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