How to Use Samsung Smart View to Mirror Your Android Device?

How to make smart view full screen

How to make smart view full screen – The all-new SMART VIEW 2.0 app is screen mirroring, also called screen casting – mirroring your phone’s screen to your Samsung Smart TV. It will allow you to view pictures, videos, and other media that are playing on your Android phone on a big-screen HDTV. People usually wonder how to make smart view full screen. 

If you have a smartphone or tablet that supports screen mirroring, you’ll be able to view all the content on your screen on a larger display. People are always concerned about making full-screen optimistic views; follow the below-mentioned portion to know more. 

To see if your device supports screen mirroring, visit the manufacturer’s website or contact its support line. You’re ready to go if your tablet or phone can send screen content wirelessly. If not, you’ll need to connect it to an HDMI-equipped TV (or AV receiver) using an MHL-to-HDMI cable – these cables are available for purchase directly from Samsung and are also sold at many retail stores and, of course, Amazon. Com.

The most current version of Mirroring technology from Samsung is Smart View 2.0. 

Bright View 2.0 can be used on many Samsung devices and allows for a customizable interface for your mobile device, making it easier to use features such as:

1. TV Power and volume buttons now work on any device that supports this

2. Automatically switches to HDMI mode when mirroring mode is engaged (Works for TVs that support this feature) 

3. Allows connection between TVs and smart devices or PCs when no WIFI or Bluetooth connection is present, allowing sharing of pictures, videos, etc… 

4. It Shuts off when you put your device down. 

– Allows background recording. 

5. people can view the TV Guide, All information on a PC or smartphone (Allows access to Guide on PC and Smart Device) 

6. Can connect multiple smart devices to a single TV 

7. Screen mirror message allows you to adjust your mobile device from the TV screen allowing for quick access to the functions of your mobile device independently of a smartphone or tablet screen 

8. Remote access for using the mobile device in direct control of the TV (Call actions, control volume, etc…) 

9. Smart view function + Smart assistant function allows you to use a “smart assistant” feature.

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Why should you screen mirror your android device?

With this feature, you can use your Android phone or tablet to watch the video on your TV on a larger screen, mirror the content, and display it on your smartphone or tablet. You can also choose to control content playing on the TV with your Android device.

1. The content played on TV is mirrored onto the mobile device’s screen in real-time (with some slight delay), as if it were playing on a large, high-definition monitor. The mobile device’s features, including apps and notifications, are still fully functional while mirrored on the big screen. 

2. You can use the screen mirroring feature to mirror content from your TV directly to your Android device and then use any of your favorite media apps to watch that movie or show. You can do this without powering down the TV or taking up a second device, even while another function runs on the big screen. 

3. Screen Mirroring enables you to access your information on the big screen without taking up precious mobile device space while watching a video on your mobile phone. Of course, your data and sensitive files will not be visible while using this feature, but you can use it to post pictures on Line or send instant messages with those friends who are hard to reach when you are at home watching a show together. 

It is incredibly convenient because you don’t have to rummage through the couch cushions for lost remotes. Rather, your mobile device acts as a wireless controller so that you can access TV channel lists, program guides, and any other info on your TV screen with a quick tap. 

5. Using Screen Mirroring with the Smart View app, you can control your TV by entering text on your mobile device’s keyboard and saving used commands in advance.

How to Use Samsung Smart View?

– Install and run the Smart View app on your phone or tablet. 

– Select ‘Screen Mirroring’ from the menu list, and you will see a list of available devices to connect to. 

– The TV should be selected if you have turned on-screen Mirroring from the TV’s menu. If not, select the TV and press OK. If the TV is not displayed in the list, check that your mobile device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV. 

– The mobile device screen will appear on your TV after a few seconds.

Does Samsung mirror work on all devices?

Screen mirroring may not work on all devices, depending on the version of the Android operating system (OS), firmware, and device type. Samsung Smart TV screen mirroring requires a specially designed Samsung Smart TV app and a supported smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS or Windows) 

The Samsung Remote app can be downloaded free from Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple App Store for iOS devices. You will also need to install the “Smart View” app on your smart device from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Samsung’s Smart View app has many settings to allow additional control of the device while mirroring. The App also allows you to toggle and adjust the volume on your TV or connected device. 

The remote can be used as a mouse pointer to click on items and can be disabled in settings. If your mobile device is running android 4.4 or higher, the screen can be mirrored as an extension located at the bottom of the screen for easy access. Otherwise, it is located in the notification bar.

Use Wireless Display Mirroring With a Smart TV

This feature allows you to enjoy your favorite apps, images, videos, and games on your TV. The wireless display feature will mirror the contents of your smart device to a connected TV.

While the wireless display is enabled in the Smart View app, you can enjoy the following:

* Play any compatible video and multimedia content on the giant screen of your TV

* Display and control your phone’s contacts on TV

* Control games, apps, music, and other media with remote control 

– Use a wired connection or Wi-Fi Direct to mirror what’s playing on your phone or tablet.

* You can easily share your favorite photos, videos, or contacts with friends by selecting and sending them using Smart View.  

* You can touch and control the TV screen directly with your fingers. 

* The most convenient way to mirror and share your smartphone or tablet screen onto an intelligent TV while on the same network. 

Screen Mirroring is still a relatively new feature, but hardware manufacturers are slowly adopting it for use on devices with different operating systems. Android has had mirroring capabilities for several years now. The portion mentioned above clearly shows how to make a bright view full screen. 

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