Things to Know Before Going to the Beauty School

beauty school

Have you’ve been lately thinking of transitioning into the beauty industry and going to school to get educated and become a beauty specialist? Many amateur stylists and makeup artists fall in love with the idea of doing it professionally after seeing thousands of inspirational posts on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media.

However, not everything is as glamorous and easy as it may seem from the first look at the beauty sector. Here are some revelations to expect during beauty school and after you start working.

1. You’re More Than a Stylist to Your Clients

As soon as you start working with clients in salons, you’ll understand that you’ll become a source for venting to most of your clients. Get ready to hear a ton of personal information, drama, and other things that you’d prefer not to hear.

Want it or not, but just sitting for an hour (or more) isn’t a very engaging activity, so talking with your stylist/makeup artist is an inevitability. You must embrace this communication and connect with people. This way, you’ll create a loyal customer base that will like you not only for your skills but also for your personal traits.

2. Social Media Make It Look Easy

Studying in a beauty program isn’t the same as taking a look in an hour or two to post to your Instagram account. No, you’ll be studying intensely everything that goes into creating a holistic look. Many graduates of such programs indicate just how hard it is to keep up with all of the information thrown at you that you have to synthesize and apply to your hands-on practice swiftly.

After the beauty school is over, you will need to get a job in the industry and work with real clients. Practicing in the workroom is one thing, but applying your theoretical knowledge to your client will pose a big challenge to you initially. Only after months (or maybe even years) of professionally working will you become completely confident in your skills.

3. Makeup Is Incredibly Intricate, Personal, and Difficult

If you’ve never really explored the technical aspects of applying makeup, you’ll be really surprised how many factors can decide which colors and types of foundation, concealer, primer, mascara, eyeshadow, and other makeup items you will end up using. To name a few major deciders, they are the skin’s proneness to becoming fat, the skin’s color type, the heads shape, how thin the skin is, the color of eyes, the hair color, etc.

What’s more, you’ll get to experience how hard it is to apply makeup on several other people in a row. Hand precision and agility will play a big role too in how good of makeup artist you are. In the end, you’ll need to develop your patience, practice applying makeup, and experiment with various combinations of makeup products to become a proficient makeup artist.

4. Going to Beauty School Is Like Working Full-Time

Most of the educational beauty programs are very intense. Throughout your education, you will be doing one of the 3 things: intricately going through theory in the classroom, practicing (or almost drilling) technique over and over, or working with clients under the close supervision of your instructors.

You’ll be spending most of the workdays on this program, so, working a full-time job isn’t really a possibility. Still, in your free time, you can work side gigs before you fully transition to the beauty industry. Some of the easy freelancing options that any person can quickly take on to make a buck when you’re not studying, like working as a tutor, essay writer, SEO professional, or virtual assistant.

5. You’ll Meet Wonderful People

You will be spending almost every other day with your instructors and classmates, so you will inevitably bond with them and develop great relationships. Instructors were students some time ago too, and they completely understand what you’re going through in class; they will become your source of reinforcement and encouragement.

Your classmates will be the ones to share the beauty school experiences with you. So, don’t be surprised if, after finishing the curriculum, you’ll find yourself continuing to spend time with the people you met at the school.

It’s an Unforgettable Experience

Any way you put it, in the beauty school, you will live through tons of interesting moments, face completely new challenges, and create beautiful looks for and strong bonds with other people. If your love for makeup and styling is strong, then going to such a program is a no brainer!