How to Shop for a Winter Wardrobe while on a Budget


Buying a whole new winter wardrobe isn’t always easy when you’re on a budget, but it is possible. Here’s how to look your best without wearing a hole in your wallet.

Two Cardinal Rules to Shopping for Winter Clothes

Before you get to the money-saving tips below, let’s go over three fundamental financial rules you should follow.

1. Gain Some Perspective

If you’ve had your winter wardrobe for decades, it may feel like you have a fashion emergency on your hands. Updating it to something trendier may be your priority, no matter what, even if you don’t have the cash. This desperate mindset can convince even the savviest savers that borrowing direct lender installment loans for bad credit is a good idea.

The only time taking out direct lender installment loans for bad credit make sense is if you face an extraordinary situation. What does this mean? Suppose your dog destroys your winter boots or someone steals your winter jacket, and you don’t have enough savings to replace them. If you need these items to stay safe, you may borrow directly from an online direct lender.

2. Treat Credit Like Cash

A credit card is a convenient backup when you don’t have the cash you need on hand, but it can be a slippery gateway for overspending. That’s because by tapping or swiping, you remove the hardest part of shopping: giving up your money!

Without seeing money exchange hands, it’s easy to overlook just how much you’re spending until you’ve maxed out your cards.

Tying up your credit limit this way is a bad idea. It leaves you without a safety net should you need to put an unexpected expense on credit!

Now, amidst pandemic, you’re probably buying clothes online more often than ever before, and you need a credit card to do this. So, in situations when you have to use a credit card, treat it like cash. Only ever charge a purchase when you know you have the budget to pay off the entire purchase before the due date.

3. Set a Budget

The only way to ensure you know how much you can afford to put on a credit card is by setting a budget. Track your expenses and compare them to your income. Once you crunch the numbers, you’ll know what cash you have on hand to put towards clothes. You’ll also be aware of expenses you can cut to boost your shopping budget.

Money-Saving Tips to Help Offset the Cost

Try these tips below to stretch your budget and get more for less.

1. Use Apps and Extensions

There is a whole world of shopping apps and extensions that help you save money while shopping. Take a look at this list and this guide to see what you should download to find the best coupons, monitor price fluctuations, and cash-in on rebates.

2. Comparison Shop for Incentives

If you already have to invest in something big, look for stores that incentivize their customers to make this purchase with them. In most cases, this incentive comes in the form of a discount, but sometimes, they may offer up a gift card to use at a participating retailer. That’s practically free money!

3. Use Your Credit Card Rewards

Depending on your credit card account, you may earn reward points or discounts when shopping with specific retailers. If you already have to use your credit card, you might as well cash-in to these perks.

Shop Smart!

Shopping for a whole new winter wardrobe can be tough, but it’s easier when you keep these tips in mind! Happy shopping!