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ICE HEART DREAMLIGHT VALLEY – Disney Dreamlight Valley is another masterpiece from Gameloft after “asphalt” and many more. The game, which debuted on September 6, 2022, falls under the category of both adventure and life simulation games. The game is playable on a variety of platforms, including the Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch consoles. If you want to learn a bit more about the game itself, notably the Disney Ice Heart Dreamlight Valley, then this tutorial is for you.

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The Final Trial of Merlin

When your relationship with Merlin reaches a level of 10, he will provide you with The Final Trial, his last mission. If you finish it, you’ll be able to upgrade the watering can and eventually clear the valley’s huge areas of mushroom growth.

This will be useful in eliminating the mushroom clumps blocking the Glades of Trust. You should be aware that one of the places in which you may obtain emeralds is the Glade of Trust. We strongly advise reading our comprehensive guide on Disney Dreamlight emeralds if you want to learn more about emeralds.

In either case, Merlin will instruct you to make 5 cleansed night shards as your first task. You must utilise 25 Night Shards & 5 Dream Shards at the crafting station in order to accomplish that. Take WALL-E the five pure night shards, and he will grind them into powder.

Once that is finished, Merlin will instruct you to collect the three items you need to make the enchantment. The necessary items are listed below:

  • 25 Mushrooms
  • 1 Frozen Heart
  • 1 Falling Water

The moment you give Merlin the spell, he will improve your watering can.

Where Falling Water Is Located

It’s possible that the word “Falling Water” would make you panic and make you believe that you must undertake a difficult journey to obtain it. That isn’t the case, though. Instead, obtaining this item is relatively simple.

All you have to do is go to the waterfall near the Glade of Trust’s southern boundary. Well, we were all aware that the search for “Falling Water” would undoubtedly lead us to a waterfall. When you arrive, take a seat next to the water that flows close to the stone bridge which connects with the waterfall.

You may see a form of gold shimmering in the water when standing there. You will be given the chance to examine it by way of a prompt that requests that you do so. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have the copy of Falling Water you’ve been searching for all this time.

We strongly advise that you read our in-depth tutorial on how to catch worms in Disney Dreamlight before continuing. If you are having trouble with the Maui quest, it will assist you in finishing it. You can find all the information in the guide to finish the task and get the worms.

The Glades of Trust region is a great place to go foraging if you’re looking for the 25 mushrooms, which are also rather simple to acquire.

Disney’s Ice Heart Dreamlight Valley location

As we’ve already said, getting Falling Water & Mushrooms is not difficult. However, if it comes to an icy heart, things get a little complicated. You should be aware that, unlike Falling Water, the ice heart cannot be simply collected. You must instead develop an icy heart.

It might appear a little challenging. However, don’t worry because our Disney’s Dreamlight Valley ice the Heart guide has you covered.

Be sure that you’ve got the Frost Heights region activated before we go into the specifics of obtaining The ice Heart at Disney Dreamlight. The said region will cost you roughly 10,000 Dreamlight to unlock.

If you already did that, your next task will be to travel there using the Ice Tears Seed that had been contained in the magical book that Merlin gave you as part of his quest line. Basic gardening is all there is left for one to do once there.

Just dig a hole at the ground using your shovel. After that, insert the Ice Tears Seeds into the gap. The seeds must then be thoroughly watered through your Royal Watering Jar Tool in order for them to develop to an icy heart plant.

The plant will start to grow right away after the seeds are watered. Harvest the plant after it reaches its full size if you want the ice heart to be in your backpack. You should be aware that the plant won’t grow again after it has been harvested. But it is not a cause for concern as our knowledge of the game indicates that ice heart is only useful for Merlin’s Final Trial quest.

Last Words

Following the acquisition of the following items: twenty-five Mushrooms, Falling Water, or Ice Heart. At the crafting station, you can create the Royal Watering Could Switching Ointment. Merlin will apply this cream on the watering can if you give him the ointment. By doing this, you will be able to upgrade the watering can and finish the Final A trial quest.

This takes us to the end of our thorough and educational guide on Disney Ice Heart Dreamlight Valley. Let everyone know in the feedback section below if you appreciated reading this tutorial or if you found it to be useful. Also, take a look at our other aids on Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, including those on all animals, getting seaweed, seafood platter – Moana’s quest, where to find and grow hardwood, and many more.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) What does Disney Dreamlight Valley’s ice heart represent?

Ans. The coldest ice is used to create this heart. During the quest, the item Ice Heart is obtained. The ultimate test.

Q2) What does Dreamlight Valley’s Falling Water & Ice Heart represent?

Ans. The Glade of Faith is the location of Falling Water. The Ice Heart Seeds that Merlin gave you must be planted in order to produce Ice Heart. 

Q3) How do you acquire water in Dreamlight Valley’s centre?

Ans. Throughout the quest entitled The Heart of the Dreamlight Valley, a quest item called “Water from the Forgotten Lands” can be found on the ground next to a pond in the Forgotten Lands.