AnyUnlock Review 2024: Does AnyUnlock Really Work?


Anyunlock – Losing your iPhone or iPad passcode may be inconvenient, but getting through biased reviews of iOS unlocking software can be more annoying. Rest assured, you are going to get an impartial review on AnyUnlock. 

Having tried it personally on over 50 different iPhone locks, my experience makes me capable of offering a genuine review. It should be noted that every tech review posted on our website goes through the same careful research process to provide our audience with correct and honest information.

In this article, I thoroughly analyse the AnyUnlock software, discussing the most common questions like pros and cons and introducing the best alternative.

What do you understand by AnyUnlock?

AnyUnlock is a third-party software in terms of iOS unlocking that includes a variety of features. These features include the unlocking of the lock screen and screen time passcode from iDevices as well as the deletion and retrieval of passwords from iTunes backup.

Further, AnyUnlock can remove Apple ID, bypass remote Mobile Device Management MDM, and help find, view, and export iOS passwords.

Is AnyUnlock Free to Use?

AnyUnlock is not free of charge when unlocking your iPhone or iPad, but you can freely download it to your Windows or Mac operating system. It allows to quickly familiarise with its interface to determine whether or not the site supports a phone of a particular model.

Download for Free

It is easy to get access to the free version of AnyUnlock. Firstly, you should download the software. Two options are available: the AnyUnlock Mac and the AnyUnlock for Windows. Go to the main page of iMobie AnyUnlock and select “Free Download”.

Purchase Full Features

AnyUnlock full features can be accessed through a purchase. iMobie Unlock presents different plans divided by terms- one month, one year, or even a permanent subscription.

Is AnyUnlock Safe?

iMobie Unlock is safe and secure to use. With a 4-star average rating based on reviews posted on its official website, AnyUnlock is a trustworthy option.

Pros and Cons of AnyUnlock

Pros of AnyUnlock

User Friendly: AnyUnlock boasts quick and easy steps, enabling easy use by people of all skill levels.

Cross Platform Compatibility: AnyUnlock works for Mac and Windows users, a more universal solution for a wider audience.

iOS Versatility: AnyUnlock works with full compatibility in all versions of iOS.

Speedy Unlocking: It is a very quick process to unlock your iPhone or iPad, no more than 20 minutes.

Cons of AnyUnlock

Data Loss Risk: AnyUnlock can delete everything on the device while unlocking it.

Occasional Crashes: Sometimes, some users have reported the unlocking process to cause occasional crashes.

What is the Best Alternative of AnyUnlock?

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to satisfy your urgent needs, iToolab UnlockGo is the best alternative to AnyUnlock.

Why is iToolab UnlockGo the Best Alternative of AnyUnlock?

iToolab UnlockGo is the Best Alternative to AnyUnlock because it has features such as Multi-function, Fast to Unlock, and High Success Rate.

How to Use iToolab UnlockGo?

Connect the iPhone to the Computer.

Download the Latest Firmware.

Initiate the Unlocking Procedure.


With its easy-to-use functions and fast unlocking performance, AnyUnlock is a trustworthy solution for unlocking iPhones and iPads. Users need to be aware that there is a chance that they could lose data, and the phone might crash from time to time while unlocking. So, AnyUnlock can be considered as a real option for people looking for efficient and easy-to-use iOS unlocking software.


Can you really unlock an iPhone without a passcode?

The first way to unlock an iPhone without a Face ID or a passcode is by using a computer. Try to Restore your iPhone in Recovery Mode. Once done, you can set up your iPhone and set a new passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID, or choose to use your device without any of these.

Do iPhone unlockers work?

While some reputable companies offer utilities that can unlock your iPhone, be aware that the app may be sending data back to the developer, which could violate your privacy and device security.” Consensus: Stick with their recommended methods or visit your local Apple store to get help.

Can you unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes?

To unlock the iPhone passcode without an iCloud or iTunes account, you will need an unlocking tool such as the EaseUS MobiUnlock. It puts the phone in recovery mode and unlocks your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch without the Face ID, lock screen password, or Touch ID.

Does the iPhone Unlocker cost money?

Thus, there is no universal cost to unlock an iPhone. IMEI is the unique identification number of your iPhone, and many service providers will ask for the IMEI number to check your eligibility. You can find the IMEI number on the iPhone box or the device back.

Can I unlock the phone for free?

Yes, it is often possible to unlock a phone from a network for free if you meet the requirements. Trying your carrier first or using a free third-party unlocking tool/service can unlock some models at no cost.