Impact of the Casinos on the World of Fashion: The History of Casino Cooperation with Fashion Brands

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Casinos have always been known as places of high-stakes gambling, but they are also places where fashion and style are important. Casinos have played an important role in the fashion world, and many casino brands have collaborated with famous fashion brands to create exclusive collections. Some casinos have even created their brands. And some casinos, such as Captain Cooks Casino, are already planning future collaborations.

In this article, we will look at the history of casino cooperation with fashion brands and how it has impacted the fashion world.

Casinos & Fashion Brands

The beginning of the casino and fashion relationship dates back to the 1950s when casinos were first opened in Las Vegas. During this time, Las Vegas was a glamorous and luxurious destination, attracting wealthy people from all over the world. The casinos were designed to provide an experience of luxury, and fashion was an important part of that experience. The casino owners understood that fashion was a way to attract high-end clientele, and they began to incorporate fashion into the casino culture.

Сlothing brands, in their turn, began to create unique collections dedicated to the theme of the casino. For example, Versace released a collection where there are shirts with card prints or roulette wheels.

Stardust Casino and Edith Head

The first casino to collaborate with a fashion brand was the Stardust Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. In 1958, Stardust launched a fashion show featuring clothes designed by the famous fashion designer Edith Head. The show was a huge success and attracted a lot of attention from the media and the public. The collaboration with Edith Head was a sign of things to come, and soon other casinos followed suit.

Flamingo Casino and Bill Blass

The tradition of casinos cooperating with fashion companies grew in the 1960s. The Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas hosted a fashion show displaying clothing made by Bill Blass, a well-known fashion designer. The event was a big success, garnering much attention from the media and the general public.

The History of the Casino in the Fashion World

The 1970s saw a shift in the casino-fashion connection. Casinos were no longer merely places to gamble; they were also becoming entertainment hotspots. When casinos began to offer concerts, shows, and other forms of entertainment, fashion became an even bigger part of the experience.

The trend of casino partnerships with fashion labels peaked in the 1980s. Many well-known fashion designers, like Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, and Valentino, began to work with casinos to develop unique collections. The ensembles were frequently featured in casino fashion shows and were offered for purchase in casino gift stores.

The casino-fashion link declined in the 1990s. Casinos began to prioritize gambling above entertainment, and fashion became less essential. Some casinos, however, continued to partner with fashion labels, and the practice remained until the early 2000s.

New Casino Trends

Today, the relationship between casinos and fashion is still alive, but it has evolved. Many casinos still host fashion shows and events, but the focus is now on promoting the casino brand, rather than promoting fashion. Casinos also collaborate with fashion bloggers and influencers to promote their brands on social media platforms. 

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of casinos collaborating with streetwear brands. Streetwear has become increasingly popular in recent years, and many casinos are looking to tap into this market. For example, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas collaborated with streetwear brand, Kith, to create a limited-edition capsule collection in 2019. The collection featured clothing and accessories inspired by Las Vegas and was sold exclusively in the Cosmopolitan gift shop.

Furthermore, the connection between casinos and fashion goes beyond apparel. Many casinos have also created special goods in collaboration with premium accessory firms. The Wynn Las Vegas, for example, teamed with a premium watchmaker, Franck Muller, to develop a limited edition watch series incorporating the Wynn emblem. The timepieces were only available in the Wynn gift store.

Casino-Branded Clothing

Casino-branded clothing designs often take inspiration from the glamour and excitement of the casino world. The designs can feature bold prints, flashy embellishments, and luxurious fabrics. Some casino-branded clothing designs also incorporate elements of the casino’s branding, such as the logo or the color scheme.

For example, the Bellagio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas teamed with fashion designer Missoni to develop a limited edition collection with Bellagio’s characteristic colors and patterns. The line comprised gowns, scarves, and accessories and was only available in the Bellagio gift store.

Casino-branded clothing designs are not just limited to women’s wear. Many casinos also offer men’s clothing, such as dress shirts, jackets, and ties, featuring the casino’s branding. These clothing designs can be worn for special events or as a way to show support for the casino.

Casinos’ Fashion Brands

Some casinos have gone beyond collaborations and established their own fashion labels. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, for example, developed its own clothing brand, Hard Rock Couture, in 2007. The collection featured rock-inspired graphics and was only available in Hard Rock Cafe gift stores. 

Palms Casino Resort, for example, debuted its own apparel brand, Palms LV, in 2019. The collection included streetwear-inspired designs and was available online as well as in the Palms gift shop.


The impact of the casino and fashion relationship on the world of fashion has been significant. The collaborations between casinos and fashion brands have brought attention to both industries and have created unique experiences for consumers. The fashion shows and events at the casinos have provided a platform for emerging designers to showcase their work, and the exclusive collections created for the casinos have become collector’s items.

In conclusion, the history of casino cooperation with fashion brands has been an interesting and significant one. Casinos have played an important role in the fashion world, and they have helped promote and support the industry. While the focus of the relationship has shifted over the years, the impact of the casino and fashion relationship on the fashion world is undeniable.