Here are 27 fictitious people who all have the INFP personality trait.

infp characters

Infp characters – Here we take a look at 27 fictitious INFPs. People with infp characters are one-of-a-kind thinkers who spend a lot of time in their brains. This list of fictional INFPs indicates that they are so immersed in their thoughts that they seldom look directly at the camera.

Introverted, introspective, emotionally focused, and perceptively oriented people are infp characters. Their original thinking, moral fibre, and need for deep connections set them apart. Because of their natural empathy and compassion, INFPs often take on the role of career or mediator.

INFPs want to improve the world and are idealistic and self-reliant. They may feel adrift without intimate personal ties because they crave deeper connections and closeness. Those with the INFP personality type are fiercely loyal to their principles. They often give their actions careful consideration. In addition, they are naturally expressive and creative individuals. Art, music, and literature have a special place in the hearts of infp characters. They typically do this to convey their most profound sentiments and ideas.

Extreme idealism, perfectionism, and self-criticism are unhealthy characteristics of INFPs. Since INFPs are sometimes extremely sensitive, they may have difficulty taking constructive criticism. They may retreat inside themselves, finding it hard to interact with others and adapt to new situations. Whether it’s Luke Skywalker, who never compromises his principles, or Frodo Baggins, who braves the perils of Middle-earth to destroy the ring, INFPs always do what they believe is right.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker.

The INFP Luke Skywalker. He avoids confrontation until his beliefs are questioned, and he lives a peaceful life. He follows his moral compass and acts consistently with his principles while making choices. Because of this, Luke Skywalker is saved from succumbing to the Sith’s allure. Luke Skywalker is a classic example of an infp character, a personality type recognized for their idealism. 

He is the kind of person that looks for the best in others, even if they have wronged him. In Return of the Jedi, we witness this as he forgives Darth Vader. Like Luke Skywalker, infp characters are known for being self-reliant and alone. He constantly goes against the organization’s wishes to aid those who need it.

Harry Potter’s Luna Lovegood

It’s no secret that INFP Luna Lovegood exists. Compared to the other Harry Potter characters, she has the wildest imagination. She spends a lot of time there instead of in the real world. Luna is kind and always looks for the best in others. INFPs, like Luna Lovegood, are noted for their empathy and independence. Luna is a misfit, too.

 She is an outlier among the Hogwarts student body. People with infp characters tend to stand out from the crowd due to their unconventional viewpoint, yet they’ll always keep who they are and what they believe in just to fit in. The fictional character Luna Lovegood exemplifies the INFP personality type quite well.

Lord of the Rings’ Frodo Baggins.

INFJ character Frodo Baggins. Like Frodo, infp characters are unselfish people who put the needs of others above their own. He put himself in harm’s way in his perilous trek from the Shire to Mordor’s Mount Doom. Frodo was willing to put himself and his companions in mortal peril to shatter the One Ring and save the world from Sauron’s wickedness. 

Frodo’s independence was also on display, given that he was the only one capable of destroying the One Ring. Frodo was never wavering in his resolve to destroy the ring, even in the face of intense temptation from the ring. Many other characters in Lord of the Rings lacked the strength of will to do this. Like many INFPs, Frodo is kind, romantic, and self-reliant. He has a high standard of morality and never compromises his principles.

Lord of the Rings, Arwen.

In The Lord of the Rings, Arwen is another INFP character. Arwen is a classic example of an INFP, a personality type commonly characterized as “idealists.” She is thoughtful, kind, and constantly seeking new ways to improve the world. Arwen is a hopeless romantic who dreams of marrying Aragorn.

 She abandoned her family and the ancient Elvish custom of immortality to pursue her passion. Arwen, like other INFPs, has excellent listening skills. She actively seeks conversation with those she encounters since she values learning about others and their experiences. Even though she did not know Frodo very well, Arwen was there for him when he needed her and helped him through a difficult period. Arwen exemplifies the sympathetic and idealistic traits of infp characters.

Illustration from a Book

Known by his stage name Joker, Arthur Fleck

Joaquin Phoenix, who plays Joker, is also an INFP, like the character he portrays, Arthur Fleck. Misunderstood and drawing on his own experiences, Joker has a lot of sympathy for the underdog. This INFP Joker is quite unlike the classic ENTP Joker from the Batman series. The ENTP Joker is far more devious, dishonest, and malicious than the others. Unlike his ENTP counterpart, the INFP Joker is not very evil, but he is nonetheless dangerous. He has a keen mind and plenty of resources, which allow him to assess problems and devise original answers. His sense of humour is unparalleled, and he never lacks a witty retort.

INTJ Amélie Poulain. She is so immersed in her imagination that she has trouble relating to the real world. She has a generous heart and always puts the needs of others before her own. Amélie is a romantic who appreciates the good in the world and thinks love conquers everything. She is someone who chooses to go against the grain of conventional wisdom. INFPs tend to be this kind of rebel. Amélie is very resourceful and original in her problem-solving approaches.

Known to the world as Spider-Man, Peter Parker

The Spider-man characters have been adapted into other media. However, the classic Spider-Man and Tobey Maguire portrayals of the character are INFPs. Like any infp character, he relies on his emotions to guide his actions and tends clumsiness. Spider-Man fights crime because he wants to make a difference in people’s lives and because doing so gives his life purpose. Idealistic and sympathetic, INFPs are well-known personality types. Because he is willing to risk everything to protect those he cares about, Spider-man is the quintessential INFP. Even when they don’t deserve it, he gives them the benefit of the doubt. INFPs are like Spider-man in that they are selfless and self-sacrificing. 


Like Ariel, Aurora is an INFP from Disney. She is a free-thinking optimist who is blissfully oblivious to her actual circumstances. She feels things deeply and is caring. Aurora, like other infp characters, also likes to sleep a lot. They are frequently exhausted by the intensity of their thoughts and emotions. Aurora, however, has had this problem since she was cursed. Aurora is an INFP; like all INFPs, she has a vivid imagination. She’s searching for more in life and finds it in Prince Phillip, her true love.

The name Edward Scissorhands is a reference to the movie.

Like Johnny Depp, who portrays Edward Scissorhands in the film, Edward is an INFP. Edward is a one-of-a-kind and sensitive human being. Despite being quiet, sensitive, and kind, he frequently feels alone and unloved because of the fear others have of him. Kim can see beyond his scissorhands, and they quickly get close. The INFP mind is a fertile one.

 Edward has a fantastic sense of creativity. He is passionate about topiary carving and hopes to use his skills to improve the world. Edward has the INFP trait of being empathetic and sensitive. Even though he inspires fear in others, he never intends to harm anybody. In the end, all he wants is to be loved and appreciated.

Viktor Hargreeves, aka “Number Seven”

INFJs like Viktor Hargreeves. After being ignored as a “normal” child, he had an identity crisis and a lack of family belonging. Viktor is a profoundly emotional person. He thinks ahead and acts independently of conventional wisdom. He has a strong capacity for empathy and is emotionally attuned, yet he also suffers from severe depression. He has a lot of ideas and a vivid imagination, much like an INFP. He has the sort of personality that is characterized by frequent daydreaming and a passion for creative writing.

Elio Perlman (You Can Call Me Elio)

Elio well represents the INFP personality trait. He enjoys nothing more than escaping into a book or his thoughts. In addition, he is a very emotional guy who chooses to follow his gut rather than his head. INFPs are imaginative people who like disappearing into their creations. Elio is a very emotional person. He feels deeply and expresses his feelings openly. Because of this, he is a sensitive and kind guy, but it also makes him vulnerable.

Cassandra (Skinner)

The INFP in Cassie. She adheres to a strict moral code even if her peers always indulge in frivolous behavior. Throughout the series, Cassie develops, and one of her primary goals is to find lasting love. She was always ready to stand up for what she thought was right, even if she wasn’t sure what that was. People of the INFP personality type care deeply about the well-being of others around them. This describes Cassie to a T. She has a knack for seeing the best in others and is often the catalyst for that realization in those around her. Daydreaming is another defining characteristic of INFPs. There was no doubt that Cassie was a dreamer. 

She was always preoccupied with her ideas and relished the opportunity to withdraw into her head. She was always dissatisfied since she could never find what she sought. That is until she started dating Sam. Sam was the first person except herself to get it. She considered him her greatest friend since he constantly read her mind.

Directed by The Perks of Being a Wallflower’s Charlie Kelmeckis.

This guy, Charlie Kelmeckis, is an INFP. INFPs, like Charlie, are often imaginative and love to think outside the box. Charlie has a strong imagination and an early interest in reading fiction. He often sheds tears and has no problem expressing his feelings. He kept a diary and wrote letters to his crush when he was younger. People of the infp characters type are known for their empathy and compassion. 

They tend to be extremely decent people who have high ideals. This holds for Charlie as well. He has a big heart and is sensitive to everything. He has a very accepting and open attitude. Being a genuine INFP, Charlie was a naturally curious youngster who often inquired about the nature of the “bad thing” that had occurred to his Aunt Helen and the subsequent relocation of the latter to their household. After seeing his aunt’s angry response to this inquiry, he decided to stop asking it.

Beauty from Beauty and the Beast

Because of her love of books and her tendency to get lost in her imagination, Belle is the quintessential INFP Disney heroine. She does not feel accepted in her “provincial town,” therefore she seeks out experiences beyond the norm. Belle demonstrates her empathy and courage by rescuing her father from a monster that has kidnapped him. 

Selflessness is a common trait among INFPs. Also indicative of her independence, Belle refuses to be ruled by anybody. Even after being locked up by the Beast, Belle remains unaffected and authentic. When he gives Belle the keys to the library, she finally feels at home. INFPs are usually found in occupations or settings that provide them time to think creatively and in solitude.

Mike Ross (Morton Law)

An INFP, Mike Ross. He’s laid back up to the point when his morals are questioned. When convinced of something, he battles tooth and nail for it, coming up with novel approaches to old challenges. Mike is the kind of guy who will go out of his way to aid the weaker party. 

He’s constantly looking for methods to improve the situation and despises the thought of unintended consequences. The INFP’s ability to step back and look at the broad picture allows them to develop novel solutions to problems. Mike is often given the responsibility of seeking an advantage by Harvey, and he always seems to succeed. Like many INFPs, Mike is genuinely compassionate and emotionally invested.

The Vampire Diaries Elena Gilbert.

An INFP like Elena Gilbert. She has tremendous compassion for her family and friends and is always selfless in her service to them. She has a positive outlook on life and always looks for the best in others, even when they repeatedly let her down. When it comes to her loved ones, Elena will never abandon them. Like many INFPs, Elena often puts the needs of others ahead of her own. Elena made a pact with Elijah to become bait if he would protect her companions and save Stefan when he was locked in the tomb with Katherine. When faced with adversity, Elena always manages to persevere and emerge even stronger than before.

Stranger Things Will Byers

Because of his INFP personality type, Will Byers has a vivid imagination. As a bonus, his expansive intellect served him well in the Upside Down. Will is an emotional man who often wonders whether his friends understand him. But he is faithful and unwavering in his defence of his principles. And he’s very selfless when it comes to his loved ones. He watches out for eleven all the time. Individuals with the INFP personality type tend to be imaginative, romantic, and intuitive. All of these characteristics are present in Will Byers.

One Tree Hill’s Peyton Sawyer

INFJ Peyton Sawyer. Peyton, like most INFPs, is a very emotional person. She has never felt the need to change who she is to fit in with others, and she is quite content going her own way. Peyton is the epitome of the INFP stereotype of the original and quirky thinker. Peyton is known for being slightly moody and is not your standard cheerleader. 

She’s also quite into drawing and music. She’s always down for a good time but can go serious when the moment is right. Peyton is a dependable friend who won’t abandon her friends in need, as Brooke and Haley can attest. Like most people, Peyton is a hopeless romantic who believes in genuine love, which she does with Lucas. She has gone through a lot, yet she always looks for the best in others.

Fantastic Beasts author Newt Scamander.

The INFP personality trait best describes Newt Scamander. He’s an imaginative idealist with a heart for animals, and he loves to explore the globe in search of them. Newt’s unique perspective as an outsider helps him connect with mystical creatures. Because of his thoughtfulness and emotional vulnerability, he often takes on more than he can handle. 

On the other hand, Newt is a courageous and selfless person who fights for his ideals no matter the cost. Characteristics of infp characters include idealism, empathy, and originality. Want Newt Scamander? You probably want to be alone in the great outdoors, where you may contemplate the wonders and mysteries of nature. Your principles and morals likely guide you.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Willow Rosenberg.

The INFP Willow Rosenberg. She exudes an air of mystery and is surprisingly inventive in casting charms. Willow’s close circle of pals is intimate and genuine. Willow may be timid, but she steps up to the leadership plate when it matters most.

INFPs are dedicated individuals with high moral standards. Willow is always eager to provide a hand to Buffy and the group in their fight against vampires and demons. Willow is the mastermind behind everything Buffy does. She’s always willing to lend a hand and has brilliant ideas for defeating the antagonists. In every situation, Buffy can count on Willow to have her back.

Game of Thrones Bran Stark

The INFP Bran Stark. Bran is very wise and can see issues that others overlook. After meeting Jojen Reed, he accepted his abilities and realized the Three-Eyed Raven in his nightmares had more significance. Bran is completely disengaged from reality. People with Bran’s infp characters type are recognized for their vivid imaginations. He is always distracted by his ideas and daydreams. In addition to being kind and caring, he also has firm convictions about what is and is not acceptable behaviour. Because of this, he was the best option to rule the Seven Kingdoms from the Iron Throne after the show.

Harry Potter’s Dobby

As an INFP, Dobby is a rare breed. He has a kind heart and is always willing to provide a hand. Dobby is the epitome of an INFP because of his sensitivity to others’ emotions and willingness to put their needs before his own. He may be little, but his spirit is enormous. Dobby, like most INFPs, has a solid moral compass. Dobby has a habit of looking out for the welfare of others. Many times throughout the years, he has come to Harry Potter’s rescue. Dobby is as unselfish as they come, from attempting to protect Harry from the Chamber of Secrets to helping Harry, Ron, and Hermione flee Malfoy Manor to ultimately giving the ultimate price. Dobby exemplifies that one individual, no matter how little, can profoundly impact the world.

Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda Maximoff (Marvel Comics’ Heroes).

Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) is a prime example of an INFP heroine. She’s kind and cares about making the world a better place. Like most INFPs, Wanda is motivated by her ideals and principles. INFPs are creative thinkers and typically have their distinct perspectives on the world. It’s the same with Wanda. 

She often employs her illusory abilities to prove a point or fool her opponents. One of her finest qualities is her out-of-the-box thinking. Wanda is also a very strong-willed and self-reliant person. Not only does she dislike being controlled, but she also dislikes being told what to do. This makes her a formidable opponent, but it also makes her a magnet for danger. Wanda can’t be stopped when she’s fighting for something she cares about. The INFP personality type is well-known for its perseverance and resolve. The Scarlet Witch is a fantastic representation of an INFP superhero.

’13 R’s’ Clay Jensen

INFP describes 13 Reasons Why’s Clay Jensen. Clay is a high school senior grappling with the meaning of life. He makes choices by his principles and emotions like any genuine INFP would. He is unafraid to go against the grain to defend his convictions. Clay is a nuanced protagonist who is always investigating new possibilities. He stands up for what he believes in and is a trustworthy friend. Clay is a perfect example of an INFP since he is both an individualist and an idealist. Clay has made many public comments emphasizing his distaste for fakes and his preference for the real thing.

The Incredibles’ Violet Parr.

INFP describes Violet Parr from The Incredibles. She’s reserved, delicate, and vulnerable. She also has a strong sense of loyalty and morality. As an INFP, Violet’s tendency towards independence is entirely in character. INFPs are naturally curious and eager to learn more about the world. Violet indeed wanted to experiment with her surroundings once released from her family’s restrictions on utilizing her skills. 

Violet’s “shrinking violet” metaphor from Disney is commonly how INFPs define themselves. They tend to be shy and reserved, making them easy to misjudge. Once you get to know one, though, they reveal themselves to be among the most devoted individuals you’ve ever met.

500 Days of Summer by Tom Hansen.

Put bluntly, 500 Days of Summer’s Tom Hansen is an unhealthy INFP. It’s not that he doesn’t desire love, but instead wants it too much. He longs for a happily-ever-after romance, like those in Hollywood films. Tom becomes completely consumed by his affections for summer, and he takes the breakup extremely hard. He exhibits all the undesirable traits of an INFP, including being too emotional, overly sensitive, and resistant to change.

The archetypal Eeyore exemplifies the INFP, who is predisposed to poor health. Eeyore is a sensitive figure who is always glum and pessimistic. It’s characteristic of infp characters for them to be cynical about good fortune and too sensitive to misfortune. Eeyore is also a very feeling, sensitive soul. Like any genuine INFP, Eeyore’s bad traits tend to outweigh his positive ones, although he has some admirable traits, such as loyalty and kindness. 

Comparing renowned individuals’ personalities to fictional characters is a more concrete exercise. Personality traits are stable across a lifetime in a genuine individual. Personality development may be affected by traumatic experiences and other life events.

However, fictional characters may evolve through time and between iterations, depending on the whims of the show’s creators. Some infp anime characters in television shows have developed distinct personalities during the show.

Betty Cooper from Riverdale, for instance, was initially an ISFJ but has subsequently evolved into an INFJ and is included on our list of fictional INFJ characters. Also, in the original film, Willy Wonka was an ENTP, but in Johnny Depp’s version, he’s an ENFP.


What are INFP characters?

The personality type known as the Mediator (INFP) includes introversion, intuition, emotion, and hope. The uncommon individuals who possess these traits are often reserved, curious, and innovative in everything they do.

Is love possible for INFPs?

INFPs tend to fall in love fast. While members of this personality type are known for their vivid imaginations, they are also often described as hopeless romantics. Due to their rarity, INFPs frequently experience feelings of alienation and miscommunication.

Do INFP women show loyalty?

Since INFP love is meant to last a lifetime, the INFP will remain faithful to the partner. The INFP is driven by a desire to fulfill its partner’s wants and needs. When an INFP falls in love, they tend to be kind and attentive. The INFP personality is adaptable and willing to work with others.


How well do you identify with these made-up INFPs? When it comes to compatibility, INFPs should seek out ENTJs and ENFJs.