Where to Watch the Tinkerbell Movies in Sequence

tinker bell movie order

Tinker bell movie order – DisneyToon Studios’ Tinker Bell fantasy films are a fan favourite and a staple of the Disney Fairies canon. The series is a prequel to the classic children’s story Peter Pan and consists of six films and a TV movie. Here is a complete list of tinker bell movie orders, should you be interested in watching them.

Tinker Bell (2008)

Bradley Raymond directed the animated adventure film tinker bell movie order for the big screen. Released in 2008 for 1 hour and 18 minutes, the film stars Mae Whitman, Kristin Chenoweth, and Raven-Symoné. Tinker Bell, a baby fairy swept away by the winds to Pixie Hollow, is carefully taught by Queen Clarion how to use her specific gift as a tinker to make and repair things. 

Tinker Bell wants to go to the mainland with the other fairies, but she learns that only fairies with talents in nature may make the trip. Tinker Bell, who doesn’t believe in her abilities, takes her hand at gardening and causes a disaster.

A Lost Treasure: Tinker Bell 2 (2009)

Klay Hall directed the animated adventure film Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure. Starring Mae Whitman, Jesse McCartney, and Jane Horrocks, it is notable for the prominence of these three actresses. The 2009 film lasted 1 hour and 21 minutes during its first release.

Before the autumn celebrations can begin, tinker bell movie order must complete her work on a ceremonial sceptre to house the magical moonstone. Blue pixie dust is created when light travels through the moonstone for the first time in eight years, reviving the pixie dust tree.

After an unfortunate event, Tinker sets out on a journey to protect the things that the people of Pixie Hollow value most.

The Great Fairy Rescue: Tinker Bell 3 (2010)

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, an animated adventure released in 2010, was produced by Disneytoon Studios and directed by Bradley Raymond.

Vidia inadvertently smashes the door on Tinker Bell’s homemade fairy dwelling, jamming it, leaving Tink trapped. Lizzy, who lives in the fairy home, eventually meets Tinker and tells her how much she loves fairies.

Bradley Raymond directed the short animated film Pixie Hollow Games.

The film, starring Megan Hilty, Brenda Song, and Jason Dolley, took 21 minutes to complete and came out in 2011. 

Chloe and her companion are determined to break the garden fairies’ long losing streak in the Pixie Hollow Games. Chloe offers her services during selection, and her pal Rosetta is picked to be her companion. They both play in every game and continue to rise in the rankings after each victory. Meanwhile, the storm fairy Glimmer is so upset by their victory that she vows to throw the game.

Five (2012) Secret of the Wings

In search of a good movie to watch? A choice like Secret of the Wings is possible. Starring Mae Whitman, Lucy Hale, and Timothy Dalton, this 2012 film lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes and was directed by Bobs Gannaway and Peggy Holmes. 

Tinker Bell and her buddy Fawn herd all the animals into the fairy-protected Winter Woods to get ready for hibernation. Fawn tells Bell that warm-weather fairies aren’t allowed in the forest because the cold makes their wings shimmer. It is one of the best movies for tinkerbell movies in order. 

Tinker goes to Winter Woods in search of the book’s author after failing to acquire sufficient information about dazzling wings there. Tinker Bell and Lizzy’s kid begin to connect, but she quickly realises that Lizzy’s father isn’t there for her and tries to teach him a lesson.

The Pirate Fairy

In 2014, theatres showed the first version of The Pirate Fairy. Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks, and Tom Hiddleston top the bill in this film directed by Peggy Holmes. Give this one a go if you’re a fan of action-packed animated films.

 IMDb gave The Pirate Fairy a 6.5 and Metacritic gave it a 51.

The misunderstood fairy Zarina joins up with a band of pirates after stealing the magical Blue Pixie Dust. Tinker and her faerie pals journeyed to return the blue pixie dust to its proper home.

The NeverBeast: A Legend of Tinker Bell and the Never Land (2014)

2014 the first screenings of tinkerbell movies and the Legend of the NeverBeast were shown. Ginnifer Goodwin, Mae Whitman, and Rosario Dawson star in this film directed by Steve Loter. Give this one a go if you’re a fan of action-packed animated films.

 IMDb gave Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast a 7.1, while Metacritic gave it a 52.

Fawn, a fairy animal, becomes friends with a vast unknown beast called the NeverBeast. While tinkerbell movies and her pals are still determining whether the beast should stay in Pixie Hollow, the elite Scout Fairies have decided to catch it before it does any damage to Pixie Hollow.

As an animal lover, Fawn is sure that the NeverBeast is blameless and does all she can to persuade Tinkerbell and the others to save him before it’s too late. Zarina makes sure this doesn’t happen by dousing the fairies in a rainbow of pixie dust, which causes a reversal of their abilities. As they squirm to accommodate one other’s skills, the window of opportunity to preserve Pixie Hollow closes.


What is Tinker Bell’s actual age?

Peter Pan never reveals Tinker Bell’s actual age. Since Tinker Bell is a fairy and not a human, her age is up to interpretation. But Tinker Bell can’t live forever. In the book, she passes away, and Peter quickly forgets about her.

Do Tinker Bell have princes and princesses?

Tinker Bell’s time as a princess was limited since she eventually stepped down. She has now been included into the 2005-launched Disney Fairies series.

What kind of fairy is Tinker Bell?

Tinker Bell, often known as Tink or Miss Bell, is the lead character in the Tinker Bell film series and a Tinker-talent (or pots-and-pans-talent) fairy.

The above portion explains everything you should know about tinker bell movie order.