IS GANG BEASTS CROSS PLATFORM – It’s likely that The Gang Beasts will come to mind at least once when you hear the phrase “beat ’em up a multiplayer game.” The buzz for the game, which has been available since 2014, is still as strong as it was eight years ago.

There are only a few silly-looking minions to be seen in the game instead of many fancy characters. The graphics of the game aren’t that impressive, and the plot isn’t particularly compelling. Players are nonetheless hooked to the screen because of something in the game.

The simplicity of the game and the enjoyment you get from playing together with your friends are its main themes. And cross-platform gameplay makes beat ’em-up multiplayer games even better. Is Gang Beasts cross platform, though?

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1. Which platforms are Gang Beasts compatible with?

It’s a multiplatform game, but we’ll discuss whether it’s cross-platform or not a bit later in this post. It doesn’t matter what platform you can think of; Gang Beasts is playable there.

Starting with the platforms, the game is playable on the Xbox One and PS4 of the last generation as well as the Nintendo Switch. The game can be played on the PC using the Windows, macOS, or Linux operating systems.

The PS4 or Xbox One versions of the game, however, may be played on the PS5 & Xbox X/S, respectively, if you’re ahead of the curve and have the most recent generation of consoles.

2. Gang Beasts is cross-platform, right?

Let’s address the big question: Is Gang Beasts cross-platform? The quick answer is “yes,” but there are restrictions.

Players had been waiting a while for a game to be cross-platform because there is always that one person in the team who uses a different system. If your pals can’t play, there’s no pleasure in games such as Gang Beasts, which are solely multiplayer.

The game’s makers have been promising cross-platform gameplay in future updates for a time, and up until recently, I hadn’t noticed them beginning to abide by their word.

You can now play Gang Beasts across platforms with your buddies if you’re in the Microsoft environment. This indicates that the game may be played on both the previous and current Xbox console generations as well as Windows.

However, for a cross-platform capability to function on a PC, you must purchase the game through the Microsoft shop. There isn’t a cross-platform option available in the game’s Steam version yet.

3. Why Gang Beasts is not a cross-platform?

There are a few challenges in creating a cross-platform game, despite the fact that they attract a larger user base and a more wide range of audience.

Simply said, creating a game on a single system is far easier and less expensive than creating one for several systems.

Games must be recorded using standard code that can operate across all platforms, especially for those that were originally written without any aim of being multi-platform. This may end up costing the developers a lot of money and time.

Second, creating a cross-platform game involves political and marketing ploys. A device that is dominating global sales would never want a title designed for that console to be played on a console from a rival company.

These include the reasons why we won’t be seeing a platform-neutral version of Gangs Beast.

4. Can I play Gang Beasts on my PS5?

The game’s latest generation consoles have not yet received any versions from the developers. This indicates that the PS5 and Xbox X/S are not supported by the game. You may still use your PS5 to play the game, though.

Fortunately, the PS4 version of the game is also playable on the PS5. Contrary to popular belief, the game does not then function the same way as it does on a PS4.

Even though the game is the same, the PS5 version will offer significantly better performance and graphics.

When Gang Beasts join Xbox Game Pass, cross-play will be added, yet not with PlayStation.

The game is currently playable on both Xbox systems and Windows. This implies that you can all play the video game together if your pals own Xbox One, Playstation X/S, & the PC version, all of which were acquired via the Microsoft shop.

However, in terms of PlayStation gaming systems, is Gang Beasts cross-platform? Gang Beasts are the first cross-platform game from PlayStation, and there’s a good reason why Xbox players are the only ones who can use the function.

To provide cross-platform features on its console, PlayStation levies a significant fee on the creators. And this has been the case for a while.

While popular games like Warzone & Fortnite were prepared to pay the fee and make their game available on PlayStation platforms, some creators think that doing so places them at a financial disadvantage.

Therefore, it will take some time for the subject whether or not cross-platform will be accessible to PlayStation players.

5. Is Mac & other platforms compatible with Gang Beasts?

Although the Mac is a generally fragile gaming platform, Apple lovers are not completely out of luck. Gang Beasts is available on Steam for Mac users to play alongside Windows PC players.

With consoles, it’s a totally other stories. Players utilizing Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles cannot engage in Gang Beasts matches alongside Mac users. They are now shut off from a sizable chunk of the player community, but having access to PC users is still preferable to having none at all.

6. Final judgment

Although the game is eight years old, it still has a sizable user base and is constantly expanding. Considering that it has started to go cross-platform, it will undoubtedly grow much more during the ensuing years.

You’re in luck if you have an Xbox or a Windows PC because these devices already support cross-platform capability. You’ll be waiting a little longer if you use a PlayStation, though.


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Q1) Can we play Gang Beasts on a PC and a Switch simultaneously?

Ans. While Gang Beasts on the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen is a tonne of fun, it can only be played with other Switch users. There is no cross-play for the Switch.

Q2) Do PCs support multiplayer for Gang Beast?

Ans.Steam’s Gang Beasts. A funny multiplayer party game known as Gang Beasts feature rough streets of Beef City and gory comedy battle scenes, snarky gelatinous characters,, and absurdly dangerous surroundings.

Q3) Is crossplay a gang beast?

Ans. This question has a dual yes/no response: Since Gang Beasts presently support cross-platform play between the Xbox system family and the Microsoft Store for PC Client, you can quickly queue up and play with your friends if you’re engaged in the game on a PC and they’re using an Xbox console.