How do you upgrade the Lightning staff in bo3?

lightening staff upgrade

Do you want to learn the right way of Lightning staff upgrade? If yes then keep reading this post to find out how to upgrade lightening staff.

How do you upgrade Thunder fists? 

To upgrade the Thunder Fists, go to the bottom of the Excavation Site, an area where the staves were built originally. Every layer will have to kill around 20 Zombies with Thunder Fists. After they kill, an Iron Fist Power Up will appear on the screen. You have to pick it up for thunder fists.

What’s the best staff in origins bo3?

The fire is best to be used non-upgraded with wind better for 18 rounds. Also, ice staff is the best staff to be used on high rounds.

How do I get the ice staff? 

To get your hands on Staff Of Ice, players have to gather three parts for staff along with elemental crystal, correct records, gramophone to access the Crazy Place, and low levels of Excavation Site.

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How to do the lightning staff upgrade?

To upgrade lighting staff, players have to gather three parts of the staff, correct records, gramophone to access Crazy Place, and low levels on the Excavation site.

What happens when you fill all the soul chests in origins?

Zombies spawned by dig spots do not count towards filling the soul’s chest. When the soul’s chest gets full, it disappears.

Now that you have filled the four soul chests, players can complete the Rituals of the Ancient Stations and be rewarded with One Inch Punch looking like an energy ball.

What is the easiest zombies map?

Black Ops is the first DLC. Ascension was one of the easiest Zombies on the map. Ascension has plenty of open space which even four-player games can play with each in their own area. 

What is the best staff in origins?

Wind Staff is the best origins staff and has been acquired early but may also take a long time whether robots wish to be corporate or not. It has low ammo but can be beneficial in saving you during times of need.

Where is the crazy place for the ice staff?

Fire is a crazy place for ice staff. It is located to the left of Rituals.

Lightening is located near the generator opposite the soul chest side.

The wind is near generator four and next to Lighting staff upgrade panels.

Ice can be found across generator 6 to the left side of the existing church.

Where is the ice staff disk?

It is located in the building the Staff near Generator 2, inside the Tank Station.

What is the charge of a lightning bolt?

Each lightning bolt contains around one billion volts of electricity. A typical cloud-to-ground lightning bolt starts when a series of negative charges known as stepped leaders race down from a storm cloud towards the Earth at the speed of 200,000 mph. 

How do I get the wind staff?

To get Staff of Wind, players must get all the three parts of elemental crystal, staff, gramophone, correct records to access the Crazy Place and low levels on the Excavation Site. You can find the staff parts on Giant Robot heads and each of the holding robots. 

Can you pack a punch knife Cold War?

Yes, you can at any level and also keep the raking in bonus melee points. 

Can you pack a punch on Nacht der Untoten?

Once the corruption engine activates, players must hold on to the USE button on the control panel when Apothicon flies by to drop it. 

Players can easily access the Pack-A-Punch on the control panel from Natch by entering into the Apothicon for the remaining game. 

What does the golden shovel Do origins?

The shovel is a utility in the Zombies Map Origins. It helps the player to dig a pile of bones and dirt. Plates simply have to press the button when close enough to use it, and it will yield a random result like powerups, random weapons, and even zombies at times.

Can you get iron fists on easy origins?

Yes, you can get iron fists without having to do an Easter egg. You just have to fill the soul’s chests, upgrade them and get the staff.

One of the players needs to get a napalm monkey, and then all remaining players need to put their staff in robot heads. 

Why is verruckt so hard?

Verruckt is difficult to map due to a number of reasons, like the CotD not having a reliable weapon in the WaW version.

Also, it is extremely close-quarters and is not viable for training or camping. The only strategy you can have is continuous activation of the electric traps. 

Does the wind staff do infinite damage?

The nice staff and wind are only two methods to charge shots with infinite damage for higher-round players. The lighting and fire staves can damage the drops off in the 20s and 30s.

What is the code for the fire staff?

The code for fire staff is Solve The Fire Puzzle. The first number is always a 5 or 11, and the last is always a 4.

You can now downstairs near the tank to shoot torches on the wall. Make sure to do it in the correct order of numbers displayed on the wall.

How many people do you need to beat origins?

In Origins, Little Lost Girl is the main character of the Easter Egg for Zombies Map. It is beneficial to have four Elemental Staffs during Easter Egg. 

What does the upgraded ice staff do?

When you upgrade the lighting staff with ice staff, it becomes ULL’s Arrow, an extremely powerful weapon to freeze the hordes of zombies. 

You can also charge the weapon, and it can help to block the ice, blizzards to freeze zombies for 10 seconds in the area.