The Truth Of Crip Mac: DP Gang Meaning


Rapper Crip Mac is in trend these days after he asserted that he was “DP’D.” People want to know the DP gang meaning. Let us know the context of the given statement…

Living a gangster life is not a piece of cake. This decision affects your past, present, and future. You have heard about many artists’ involvement in gangs. Once they get revealed, it affects their whole career as nothing else can do.

A similar case has happened with the famous rapper Crip Mac.

Before coming to the news, some of you still don’t know about Crip Mac. First, let us see about this personality.

Who is Crip Mac?

Crip Mac is a famous incredible rapper known for his excellent composition of raps. Living in Los Angeles, California, his personal life is still anonymous. There is not much information available about Crip Mac on the internet. He has a Twitter Handle, No Jumper. He is known for songs like The fifty-fifth Road(55th road), Opp Goblin, Trenches, The honest ones, Hammer time, and many more.

Why did he go viral?

Recently, on 7 Feb 2022, his Twitter, No jumper, tweeted that Crip Mac was jumped by his own homies. Crip’s tweet contained a video where you can see his face covered with cuts and bruises; in the video, the rapper has claimed to be “DP’D.” Cuts and bruises on his face claim his affiliation with a gang.

People here are curious to know the DP gang meaning.

DP Gang Meaning is explained here…

DP meaning in gang terms, is said to be Disciplinary Punishment. This punishment is typically imposed when the member affiliated with any gang breaks the rules.

Also, as per the meaning of the urban dictionary, DP’D means a person jumped by the members of another gang. 

There are some other DP gang meanings…..

  • DP in gang terms means something disrespectful that more than one person agrees to do in your gang.
  • DP in the urban dictionary means Double penetration.
  • DP on social media refers to Display Picture, which you know very well.
  • DP also stands for Dynamic Programming, which means the breakdown of large or difficult problems into smaller ones. So that one can easily solve it.

What is DP gang meaning in gang culture?

Many people are bewildered by the phrase DP gang. Why is the phrase related to the rapper Crip Mac?

As per information on the internet and the posted video, the rapper belongs to a particular gang, and he was jumped by the members of another gang. It can be estimated by watching his video as his face was scratched and roofed by the blood, moreover, some names of gangs were also written on his face, which clearly shows that he belongs to a gang. 

All the matter was assumed to be started from the old FB post, which shows that the rapper Crip Mac is rapping another set. Some sources have mentioned that he was harshly bitten by some other gang members.

His followers felt sorry for him and were concerned about his well-being.

After that video was posted on Twitter, his followers showed empathy towards the rapper and wrote…”My man spreads nothing but love and positivity.”


This is all about the viral case of Crip Mac and the DP gang meaning.

Whatever happened with Crip Mac, his fan following still praises him for his well-doing and amazing contribution to the music industry.

We hope you understand it more clearly and need not visit any other page on the internet. If you have any questions regarding this article, you can mention them in the comment box.