Is Target Open on Easter Sunday?

Target on Easter

We are always looking for excuses to pick up some groceries or decoration stuff for your home office. You can find everything you need as soon as you walk through the Target Doors. Before you head to Target to grab any last-minute Easter essentials you should know that is Target open on Easter Sunday 2022.

Is Target open on Easter Sunday?

No, Target has been closing down on Easter Sunday for the past few years to give its employees a day off. So if you plan on buying decorations or candies for your easter celebration get them before the holiday. 

Is Target open on any days leading up to Easter Sunday?

Yes, Target will be open on every day leading to Easter including Holy Saturday, and Good Friday. You can get your hands on some delicious Easter treats and candies. Target also offers delivery and pick up so you do not have to visit the store every time you need groceries.

What stores are open on Easter Sunday?

Now that we know Target is not open on Easter Sunday, if something slips your mind at the last moment you can stop by these stores during the holiday.

Are you surprised to see many big store names on this list? Most big stores including Target are always closed on Easter Sunday like H-E-B, Costco, Publix, and Sam’s Club.