Japanese Eating Habits- Why Are Japanese The Healthier Than The Rest Of Us

Japanese eating habits


Japanese people are considered the healthiest and free from major illnesses and diseases. Japanese eating habits are the main reason behind their flawless skin and a healthy body. They prefer to consume fewer calories and have the least obesity rate as compared to the rest of the world. 

Let’s dive in healthy Japanese eating habits and food secrets.

Always Carry Home cooked meals – Japanese people prefer eating home-cooked meals instead of fast foods. Japanese people are very strict about their diet. Japanese make sure they combine vegetable meals with rice and fish. They typically Tofu, soba, sushi, seaweed, natto, edamame(fresh soya beans), green tea in their meals.

Fermented food on the sides– Consuming fermented food benefits the overall health, and the Japanese abide by this eating habit. Tsukemono, pickled vegetables, are Japanese people’s favorite. Fermented food allows the growth of probiotics, which prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, dementia. Pickled radish, cabbage, and kusaya (fermented fish) are some of the popular fermented side food.

Eating rice with every meal – the Japanese eat rice with almost every meal. They do not consume wheat in any form. Eating rice in breakfast with vegetables is very common in Japan. Japanese mix rice with fish, vegetables, beans, and seaweed. Rice minimizes the risk of cardiovascular diseases and does not clog arteries, unlike wheat.

Consume fresh food – Japan has lots n lots of fish, seafood and vegetables. Japanese eating habit includes consuming fresh food. Japanese people believe in consuming fresh food. Food is dated by their time, after every 30 minutes, in the markets. Fresh food has a maximum level of nutrients and vitamins.

Eating loads n loads of veggies – Japanese eat five times more vegetables than the rest of the nations. Japanese consume cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, sprouts, and watercress. It is very common to have vegetable soup and salads at breakfast. These vegetables are rich in fiber and Vitamin C and also help fight cancer. Vegetables are usually stir-fried or steamed, with olive oil, salt, and pepper dressing.

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