4 Fun Ways to Work Out with Your Dog


Dogs love exercise just as much as humans, and there are plenty of fun ways to get active with your furry friends. They obviously love a good walk every day, but several different workouts can release your energy and make you feel great.

Before you decide on what exercise you fancy, it’s best to ensure your dog is up the challenge. Walking is a great way to provide regular fitness without too much stress on the body, whereas other exercises are more strenuous. If you have a young, active dog, you could also go for some more adventurous activities to stimulate the body and mind.

Check out some fun ways to get fit with your dog below:

Stand-up paddle boarding

Paddle boarding has risen in popularity in recent years. Although it might seem easy, it’s a killer workout for your core. The beauty of this exercise is that you can take your companion with you, of course, if they are comfortable sitting or standing while you paddle along. To make it easier when you begin, start on your knees, and get your dog comfortable. If your dog loves the water, they’ll probably be a natural, and you can play fetch while you’re relaxing in the water.


Cycling is an excellent way for dogs to run flat out while you ride alongside them. If you have plenty of open space, they often won’t need a leash and will comfortably keep up as you cycle the route. If your dog tends to wander, that doesn’t mean you can’t cycle with them. Several leashes attach to your bike and absorb the force of they decide to try and dart in a different direction.


Another water-based sport that dogs can get involved in is kayaking. Although this isn’t too strenuous for them, they still have plenty of stimulation as you paddle the waters. If they are hesitant to get in the kayak at first, offer them some positive reinforcement with a healthy treat. There are lots of options at ceebeedoo.com. Your dog might want to jump in and have a swim too, so make sure you’re in calm waters, and they can quickly get back in when they’re finished.


What dog doesn’t love chasing a ball around! So, what better way to work out than by having a kick about with your furry friend. Some dogs love soccer balls, and breeds such as working dogs have a natural herding instinct that sees them dribble and kick the ball without training. There is a range of perfect balls for dogs, so their teeth don’t pierce the material. Plus, you might find they love it so much, they’ll be hogging it from you. Before kicking it, allow them to release the ball before racing them to it, that way, you’ll both be worn out in no time.

There are lots of fun and unusual activities to try with your pets. So have fun exploring what they love.