Pastor Keion Henderson Goes Instagram Official with partner Shaunie O’Neal

keion henderson pastor wife family

keion henderson pastor wife family – Recently, Pastor Henderson grabbed the limelight by making announcements about his partner on social media. Pastor is highly famous for his motivational advice about marriage, life, and relationships, and he also tries to solve the dating issues of people while going on a date. 

Recently, the pastor posted a collage of pictures of the moment he lived with his partner, Shania O Neal. Shania o Neal first shared this series on her Instagram, and later it was reposted by the pastor. Many people are unaware of the keion henderson pastor wife family, and however, he recently had a divorce.

The top picture in this series was where both were celebrating the pastor’s birthday. She posted a series of pictures when the pastor turned 40 years old. At the age of 40 years pastor revealed his relationship on Instagram for the first time. Many people ask about keion henderson pastor wife family, as he recently faced issues in his married life.

Later she thanked the pastor for always being there for her and correspondingly told how grateful she was that the pastor accepted him as her partner without passing any judgment about her past life. Finally, in a post, the pastor thanked Shaun for making his birthday so special and said he would never forget this birthday.  

Many people congratulated the beautiful couple in the comment section. Still, some people were unhappy with the pastor’s decision as they thought the pastor’s ex-wife was much more compatible with the pastor and the couple was beautiful. 

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Who is Shaunie O Neal?

Many people are familiar with the upbeat personality of the pastor; Shaun appears to be of the same persona on and off the screen. Shaunie has an Instagram handle with 1.6 million followers. You will be shocked that she is a mother of five children yet is so young and fit. By profession, Shaunie is a real estate investor and creator. However, rather than just being a real estate investor, she is correspondingly executive producer of two famous shows named basketball wives and Shaunie’s home court. 

Out of the five children, she had four of them with her ex-husband, and she has not yet revealed the father of her fifth child. The fifth child of Shaunie is named miles. 

Pastor keion henderson married.

Very few know that the pastor was previously married to Felicia Henderson. Many people might be familiar with this name as she is a famous politician. For those who don’t know about Felicia, she was previously the first lady of the lighthouse.

Keion Henderson Daughters

 Felicia and the pastor tied the knot of togetherness in the year 2010, and subsequent two years of their marriage, they were blessed with a daughter named Katelyn. She was born on the 18th of July in the year 2012. If you notice the social media handle of the pastor, you might find that the Pastor and Felicia shared a happy married life until 2015. In 2016 pastor shared a picture with his wife on her birthday and wrote a caption priceless treasure under that post. 

However, he deleted that post when he faced hurdles in his marriage life. After three years of this post, the couple finally agreed to file for a divorce. The keion henderson pastor wife family has faced numerous regarding the pastor double dating his wife. These all seemed rumors as no one believed such a lovely couple would file for a divorce; however, the pastor busted all these rumors and myths in 2020 when he announced his divorce from Felicia. 

He shared his experiences while going through a divorce. Then, in a podcast, he mentioned that he was scared to death and always felt like falling apart. However, now it seems like he has moved on with his life, and his fans are extremely happy for him. Although Pastor Henderson was born into a family of seven children, he still struggled a lot in his life. 

Who Is Pastor Keion Henderson?

Keion Henderson was born to parents Gerome and Ella Henderson on the 6th of July, 1981. After that, the young pastor had to start doing odd jobs such as washing cars, selling newspapers, and helping neighbors with house chores to earn enough money to buy clothes for himself and necessities.

The Future Pastor’s Hard Life

At the age of 7, Keion Henderson, who was then called by his real name Gerona became a Christian in church. However, it did not change his life as he continued doing odd jobs to put food on the table. At age 8, Keion’s mother had to send him to live with his grandmother. He started attending high school at Central High School in East Chicca, acquired his college degree from Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne, and majored in communication. He correspondingly has a degree in Bachelor of Arts. 

Pastor Keion Henderson, who is also called Pastor K. H. by his fans, attended a Christian school called United Community Church of Gary, which was also cited in the Guinness book of world records as the largest congregation of any church in the world; it was founded by Pastor Henderson’s father, Gerome and his brothers. The church, which is popularly known as “the biggest church on the planet”, is located at 1569 W. 27th Street, Gary, Indiana 46403-2300.

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Career as a motivational speaker

Before Pastor Henderson started his career as a motivational speaker, he earned his communications and performing arts degree. After finishing his education, Pastor K. H., who was married to the beautiful Felicia Henderson, devoted all his time to a young couple’s ministry he was leading at the time and putting all his efforts into serving the church just like many other pastors do.

Pastor Henderson started in charge of the young couple’s ministry at the United Community Church of Gary, where he served for two years. He is the founder of The Lighthouse Church and Ministries based in Houston. Although he started his career as a motivational speaker by giving speeches at church and civic organizations, he was also a guest speaker at different churches and local events in different states. 

Keion Henderson has inspired many people all over the world through the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The pastor posts motivational videos on YouTube where he encourages people to keep pushing toward their dreams no matter what they are going through in their lives. Pastor K. H. is also the founder of Keion Network, his official Facebook page where he posts inspirational videos encouraging people from all walks of life; it has nearly 100 thousand likes.

You should know everything about the keion henderson pastor’s wife family.

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