Keyzar Jewelry Reviews Summary & Rating [2023]

Keyzar Jewelry

Keyzar jewelry – Getting engaged is a very personal moment, so using a ring that many other people have might not feel right. Personalizing the ring is a good choice, but which brand should you choose? Keyzar Jewelry lets you make your own ring, from the band to the type of gemstone.

Keyzar Jewelry is well-known for its unique options, and they have a lot of followers on Instagram (108k) and have been featured in Yahoo Finance and Fine Magazine.

Your partner is special, so it’s a good idea to propose with a special ring, right? If you’re interested in this brand, keep an eye out for my Keyzar Jewelry review.

When we think about jewellery stores, we often picture places with a long history of mining diamonds, doing million-dollar business, and working with fancy fashion brands.

But there’s another side to the jewellery world that’s more cosy and easy to connect with. Keyzar Jewelry is a great example of a small online jeweller that became successful.

It all started on Etsy, and Shalom (Shalva) Khotoveli runs it. They focus on making wedding rings and bands, and they let customers design their own special rings for their big moments.

Key Points:

  • Make your own engagement rings for a fixed cost.
  • Lots of options to personalize, from the ring’s design to the type of diamond.
  • Information about the quality of diamonds and valuable metals.
  • They also have ready-made jewellery available.
  • They can deliver their products anywhere in the world.

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Keyzar Jewelry Review

You can buy jewellery from Keyzar in two ways. You can choose from the jewellery they’ve already made, which is high-quality, or you can design your own custom jewellery.

You can only personalize engagement rings, though. They already have wedding bands, necklaces, and earrings ready to go. They organize the choices by the type of precious metal, how the diamond is cut, and the price. This makes it easy to find what you want.

If you’re unsure where to start, Keyzar has information to help you pick the perfect design. They also have a neat feature called “drop a hint.” This lets you send a subtle message to the person you want to give the ring to if they’re having difficulty deciding on a style.

Every order has a certificate and an appraisal to ensure it’s real and valuable.

If you still have questions, you can schedule a virtual meeting to get more information.

But if you’re eager to know how customization works, I’ll discuss some details in my Keyzar Jewelry review.

How Does Keyzar Jewelry Work?

Making a special ring for your future partner shouldn’t be stressful. It should be a fun and exciting process.

Luckily, with Keyzar Jewelry, you get to make all the decisions. You can choose how the ring looks, like the setting and the diamond cut. You can also pick a style you like, whether it’s a vintage look or a single diamond.

In this review of Keyzar Jewelry, let me tell you about a custom ring I created. First, I chose the setting. They have many beautiful styles, like The Alex and The Eve. I liked The Jasmine, and it cost $1,200.

Who Can Use Keyzar Jewelry?

Keyzar Jewelry is a great choice if you want to be part of creating your jewellery. They make it easy to see how much each part costs, from the setting to the quality of the diamond. Plus, if you’re not feeling very creative, they also have ready-made jewellery for you to choose from.

Keyzar Jewelry Reviews: What Customers Say?

When it comes to wedding and engagement rings, you’re making a big decision that will last a long time. So, it’s really important to do your homework before you buy. Luckily, I found that this online jeweller gets mostly positive feedback.

Many happy customers like using Keyzar Jewelry because it’s easy, and they offer a lot of great choices. People are pleased with the quality of the rings they bought, the prices, and how well the brand’s customer service works.

One person wrote on Trustpilot, “My experience with Keyzar couldn’t be better. They’re flexible and turn my ideas into reality. The prices are fair, and the quality is fantastic.”

Another customer on the brand’s website said, “Everything was better than I expected, from shopping online to their customer service. I made an order and then changed my mind about the setting. I contacted customer service, and they helped me right away.”

So, many customers seem really happy with their Keyzar Jewelry purchases.

Remember, when you propose, you’re saying yes to two things: one to your partner and one to the brand you choose. Based on the reviews, I can confidently say that Keyzar Jewelry is a good choice.

Is Keyzar Jewelry Trustworthy?

People often search online to find out if Keyzar Jewelry is trustworthy or a fake brand. The good news is, based on my research, this company is trustworthy.

Although there were some complaints about issues like poor quality control, not-so-great customer service, and deliveries taking longer than expected, I didn’t find any major problems that would make me doubt the credibility of Keyzar Jewelry in my review.

Is Keyzar Jewelry a Good Choice?

Shopping in physical stores has advantages but might lack that special feeling. Buying a ring that’s made for many people can feel impersonal. If you want a design made just for you, you should consider Keyzar Jewelry. They have reasonable prices, and you can make your unique jewellery.

Their website is easy to use, and they have a lot of choices. In this review of Keyzar Jewelry, I can only say it’s a great option with two thumbs up.

Keyzar Jewelry Special Offers

We all like getting good deals. So, I want to tell you about some discounts in this Keyzar Jewelry review. I discovered that you can get 12% off your next purchase if you enter the promo code HOLIDAY12 when you check out.

Where to Get Keyzar Jewelry?

To propose the ideal ring, visit to see what they offer.

Some Questions

What kind of jewellery does Keyzar sell?

Keyzar sells a variety of jewellery, including engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. They offer natural diamonds, lab diamonds, and moissanite stones.

How long does it take to make Keyzar jewellery?

Most Keyzar jewellery is made to order and takes 2-3 weeks to ship. However, some items from their Ready to Ship collection are available within 4 business days.

Does Keyzar offer free shipping?

Yes, Keyzar offers free shipping on all orders within the United States. Orders outside of the United States are shipped with FedEx International Priority and may incur shipping fees.

Does Keyzar offer a return policy?

Yes, Keyzar offers a 30-day return policy on all jewellry. You can return your jewellery for a full refund minus shipping costs.

Does Keyzar offer a warranty on their jewelry?

Yes, Keyzar offers a one-year warranty on their jewellry. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.