Kurt Cobain’s cigarette-burned sweater sells for $334,000


Twenty-five years after grunge’s perplexing rhapsodist ended his own life, Kurt Cobain’s notable cigarette-scorched cardigan worn during Nirvana’s 1993 “Unplugged” execution has sold for $334,000.

The worn-out, olive-green, Manhattan-brand, button-up sweater, which has never been washed since Cobain wore it, accompanied dim stains and burned hole. 

The dealer, Garrett Kletjian, proprietor of Forty7 Motorsports, got it four years back for $137,500.

“This cardigan, it’s the holy grail of any article of clothing that he ever wore,” said Darren Julien, CEO, and president of Julien’s Auctions.

“Kurt created the grunge look; he didn’t wear show clothes,” Julien told AFP at a New York exhibition preview.

The auction house had anticipated it would bring $200,000-300,000. 

The music channel MTV started its “Unplugged” series in 1989, recording live exhibitions of acts that by and large played their typically zapped music on scanty acoustics. 

Cobain’s frequenting “Unplugged” execution with Nirvana – recorded under a half year before his suicide at age 27 – is viewed as one of the most famous shows of the arrangement and was discharged after death. 

Adequately profound into an enthusiastic, drug-addled downward spiral, the burdensome, however particular ability with sea-blue eyes supposedly deplored to “Unplugged” programmer Amy Finnerty after the set that the crowd appeared not to like the show. 

“Kurt,” she let him know, “they think you are Jesus Christ.” 

Cobain’s left-handed Fender Mustang guitar, which he utilized during the band’s “In Utero” tour, sold for $340,000.