Workers Dental Injury Compensation (Teeth, Jaw, & Mouth) Settlements

Workers Dental Injury Compensation

What will the workers do if they suffer a dental injury during the work?  Most of the time, whenever we hear about the injury that happened at the workplace to any worker, we usually think about the casualty like a shoulder injury, meniscus tear in the knee, or back sprain. However, there may be workplace injuries like jaw, mouth, and teet. So, whenever such injuries happen, there is an immediate need for medical assistance. 


So, workers’ injury compensation claims for dental accidents is similar to that of any type of workers compensation claims and benefits given to the workers in Virginia. However, dental care in Virginia is so expensive, and workers need a lawyer to recover all the compensation benefits that he owed from their employer. Insurers pay the complete attention for the worker’s compensation claims that are involved in the dental injuries as the dentist does the complete mouth treatment to repair all the damages caused during the injury.


The worker’s compensation commission said that all the dental treatments like a replacement of the damaged teeth and any other dental-related repairs covered by the medical benefits provided to the workers for workplace-related injuries. They also cover the prescribed medication for dental problems that are other than that of workplace-related injuries by the Virginia Workers Compensation bill regarded as compensable for all the industrial accidents.


When any work-related injuries happen, workers should seek medical assistance from the organization.  Depending on the severity of the injury, workers should immediately be taken to the local hospital. Many of the local hospitals do not have such tools that can help them in repairing the work-related dental injuries, so they do not take the case and refer it to the dentist.


If you got any type of mouth, jaw, or teeth injury during work, make sure that your file should have been documented with a dental injury suffered at work. If not documented, then the employer and insurance company deny giving the claims for your dental injury that happened at the workplace. 


Some workers may get a dental injury at work, but they have shown up after the days, weeks, or even months. 


Common Dental Injuries Happened At Workplace


Most of the worker’s compensation claims involve all the types of dental injuries compensation that is due to car accidents, slips, falls, and assaults. Here are the common dental injuries happened at the workplace are:


    • Broken or Chipped Teeth: Teeth ache and decay can occur due to small tooth chips. A dentist treats them by filling, veneers, or crowns if the damage is significant. However, the large tooth chips can lead to exposure of the nerve. In such situations, a dentist saves your tooth by using a root canal. 
    • Loose Teeth: If the tooth of the worker loosened after the injury, it means that the root of the tooth has broken. Dentists either suggest repairing it through the root canal or removing the whole tooth. 
    • TMJ Symptoms and Disorder: Most of the insurance companies fear TemporoMandibular Joint diagnosis that takes place after the workplace accident. The trauma causes it to the jaw or due to post-traumatic stress that leads to grinding of jaw and teeth mostly during sleep. However, the symptoms of TMJ can go over on their own sometimes, and workers need regular physical therapy, professional massage, or occlusal guard appliances to help their jaws get to normal. In some cases, the workers also need injections or need a joint replacement in order to treat their TemporoMandibular Joint.  


  • Tooth Intrusion
  • Surgery or Stabilization For Broken Jaw
  • Knocked-Out Teeth
  • Dislodged Teeth



Some Dental Procedures Used During The Treatment of Workplace Related Injuries For Mouth, Teeth, and Jaw


Here below are the standard dental procedures that are required during the workplace injuries are as follows:


  • Bridges
  • Caps
  • Bonding
  • Crowns
  • Braces
  • Fillings
  • Dentures
  • Tooth Implants
  • Sealants
  • Root Canals
  • Gum Surgery
  • Extractions
  • Veneers


Lawyers For Dental Injury Compensation Claims For Workers In Virginia


Lawyers for dental injury have helped injured various workers in obtaining each of the types of dental injury treatments for workers compensation claims in Virginia. These lawyers help in l developing the evidence that allows workers to receive their lifetime medical compensation and award for all types of dental injuries like teeth, jaw, tongue, or mouth.


As the injuries to workers on jaw and teeth can cause disfigurement or make them unsightly, such workplace accidents can also lead to mental health illnesses like depression and anxiety. It is very common for the person who deals with such dental injury to also deal with psychological problems like depression or anxiety, at least till the time period, their dental injury gets resolved. Such mental problems are true in the case of workers who work in sales, the retailing industry, and nursing who have to communicate with other people for business frequently in their jobs. It is also very common that the worker who has a dental injury to miss a lot of time from work due to the pain and side-effects caused due to medication. 


Lawyers have helped many of the workplace injured employees to obtain their wage loss benefits, which comprise temporary partial disability and temporary total disability when injured workers kept out of work or only assigned with light duty due to the dental injury. Such lawyers also help in getting the benefits of permanent partial disability and negotiate for workers compensation settlements to the injured dental employees in Virginia. Sometimes the settlements of dental injury can go further about six-figure bills as the cost of teeth, jaw, or gum treatment of the dentists in Virginia are high. 


So we recommend you to look for a lawyer soon after you have any workplace dental injury that helps you in filing the worker’s compensation claims quickly and help you find the appropriately skilled dentist. If you go to your regular dentist for treatment, it may be possible that he may not treat you as the patient based on workers’ compensation. Thus, an experience holder attorney will help you in finding the best dentist, periodontist, endodontist, or oral maxillofacial surgeons to treat your work-related dental injury.